Sat.Jun 18, 2022

10 Great Apps for Dyslexia (teacher-tested)

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Updated in June 18, 2022 The purpose of this post is to provide you with a collection of some teacher and parent-tested apps to use with kids with dyslexia. The apps cover various learning areas more. Apps for students with dyslexia

A Dissertation Narrative: What's the Real Purpose for Pursuit of the Doctoral Degree?

The 21st Century Principal

Even some college professors in Educational Leadership Departments view everything people do through the lenses of Business and Utilitarian perspectives. I am reminded of this when I recall an event before I completed my doctorate, where one of my professors asked, "What is your dissertation about?"

What Really Bothers Politicians and Government Leaders About the Arts and Humanities? It's About Their Power

The 21st Century Principal

“Without symbols of art, in all their many manifestations—painting and music, costume and architecture, poetry and sculpture—man would live culturally in a world of the deaf, dumb, and the blind.”