The massive experiment in New Orleans schools that few have noticed

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What’s different about the trend today is that educational technology companies are eagerly marketing software under the “personalized learning” label. It also invested in software like ST Math and the reading program Lexia, created by the Rosetta Stone company.

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Here are the education technology companies that have raised money from ISPs. I’d totally forgotten that Zynga was still a thing, but apparently the company has enough money to subsidize gaming courses. Via Edsurge : “ Pearson , an Investor in Knewton , Is ‘Phasing Out’ Partnership on Adaptive Products.” Here’s a look, from Edsurge , at the company’s involvement in education, so that’s just swell.). Education Politics.

Education Technology and the Power of Platforms

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At the time, I wrote about the importance of APIs; the issues surrounding data security and privacy; the appeal of platforms for users and businesses; and the education and tech companies who were well-positioned (or at least wanting) to become education platforms.

Hack Education Weekly News

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According to excerpts of speeches published by Wikileaks – stolen data – Clinton called the Common Core a “political failure” in a speech she gave to Knewton. Neither Knewton nor the Clinton campaign have confirmed the veracity of this leaked speech. Via The New York Times : “Tech Companies Expect Free High-Speed Internet for Poorer Americans to Pay Off Later.” The company has raised $420 million total.

The Long Life of a Data Trail

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Within educational technology, tech companies can acquire data via multiple routes. Examples of services like this include many EdTech products out there, including Edmodo, Remind, ClassDojo, Schoology, most digital text offerings from traditional publishers like Pearson and McGraw Hill, learning programs like Agilix Buzz, and app ecosystems like Amplify tablets, iPads, and Chromebooks.

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The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The Rise of the Low-Cost Tablet & the Promise It May Hold for Learning BYOD: Does It Solve or Does It Worsen K-12 Tech Woes? Ethics and Legalities The New York Times continues its investigation of education giant Pearson and ethics concerns surrounding lavish trips that the company''s foundation has sponsored for state education officials. Valve , the company behind the video game hit Portal, is working on an educational game.