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The Top 7 Technology Trends Dominating 2014 5 Ways to Help Your Students Become Better Questioners Five Smart Habits to Develop for Back to School This Guy Just Built a Mind-Controlled Robot Shortchanged: The Hidden Costs of Lockstep Teacher Pay Use BYOD strategies to prepare for BYOA Adult Education: Finally Hip to the Game Why Students Prefer to Learn From a Machine Top ed-tech stories to watch: Maker movement makes waves Conversations Classroom 2.0

MC Assessment = Meta Cognitive Assessment

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Socrative is my choice for BYOD-esque assessments in class. Don''t just be a robot following commands. Does it align with Common Core Standards? assessment assignments BYOD BYOT common core cross-curricular edmodo flipclass flipped flipping literature paperless PBL project based learning Reading writing To be a progressive teacher, you find and do what works. Period.


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169 Tech Tip #127: 12 Tips on Hard-to-teach Classes

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here are twelve ideas: Teach programming with Scratch, Alice, robotics, and Minecraft. These are like the games students love and teach important to Common Core standards as well as the demands of life. Consider a BYOD approach in your classes so students can use the devices they have easy access to and are comfortable with (if your school IT folks and infrastructure support this approach).

BYOD 155

Discovering the “Ultimate Classroom”: A Student Led Project Based Learning Inquiry


With the Common Core, state testing, interventions, and all else that goes on in the elementary day, how would I find time for my students to investigate and inquire into their interests? While some studied robotics and social media, others dived into different learning disabilities and schools around the world. At the beginning of this school year, I joined EdTechTeam’s Teacher Leader Cohort.




The line supports up to 8th Generation Intel Core processors, up to 16GB of DDR4 memory, many storage options, and more. BARCO WICS-2100 ( WWW.BARCO.COM ) wePresent’s WiCS-2100 is a simple to use wireless presentation collaboration solution that allows presentation, interaction, and collaboration between users with any BYOD device. Judges liked the moderation and control features, the Chromecast and AirPlay integration, and the BYOD functionality.

30 Examples Of Disruptions In The Classroom

TeachThought - Learn better.

First, some quick clarification so that we have a common language. Common Core standards (this one’s not sexy, but few factors impact education more than this index of academic content). District-level BYOD programs. Robotics in the classroom. 30 Examples Of Disruptions In The Classroom. by Terry Heick.