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Technology Integration, 1 to 1, and Student Centered Learning… Ten Free Resources and Tools

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

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Curation Situations: Let us count the ways


When my colleagues and I wrote our Social Media Curation Library Technology Report for ALA, we struggled with a definition. Along the way they experience collateral benefits of developing learning agility, building social capital and demonstrating creativity.

Global Leadership Week Next Week - Join Us!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

These series of presentations, interviews, and panels will highlight leadership practices from a range of experts, and will take place between 12:00 - 4:00 pm US-Pacific Daylight Time. You can participate actively in these events by posting comments and ideas to Twitter using the hashtag #globaled16. If your organization is a sponsor or a non-profit, we will promote your event through social media.

The 2015 Global Education Conference Starts Today - All Online - Full Session Listing - Join Us!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

presenters. Volunteers gather throughout the whole conference in a special virtual lounge and work to make sure that presenters and attendees are given help whenever they need it. Our social media page is HERE with links to Facebook , Google+ , Twitter , and more.