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Empowering Superintendents to Connect Technology and Learning

In fact, many school technology plans fluctuated depending upon the latest fads and what someone learned at a conference and had little connection to curriculum or learning goals. Overall, they implored listeners to move away from using “tech for tech’s sake” and to become intentional adopters of technology that enhances teaching and learning. Technology allows teachers to expand their lessons outside of the classroom and make connections beyond their communities.

Essential Elements for Moving to a 1:1 Environment

Moving to a 1:1 environment requires an overhaul of every district building and technology resource. Whether the school’s tech-savvy teachers have the new tool first or everyone receives it at the same time, the speakers agreed that all teachers need to have the technology in their hands at least six months before the students. In addition, inevitably, some staff will leave, and schools should have a plan for onboarding new hires in regard to their technology and learning goals.

Five Steps to Ensure Accessibility for All

Educators need to perform regular evaluations of how the policies, teaching strategies, technology, curriculum, etc., He earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and teaching at Southeast Missouri State University; a master’s degree in education at Webster University; a master’s degree in educational leadership and administration at Southeast Missouri State University; a specialist degree in education administration at University of Missouri St.