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COVID-19 Is Accelerating the Digital Blending of Working and Learning


Restaurants have rapidly shifted to online and mobile ordering, and are speeding up the deployment of digital kiosks that replace human workers. Retailers such as The Gap are accelerating the adoption of robots in their warehouses. Learning is increasingly happening in the workplace, or “ in the flow of work.”

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CHALK AND WIRE MYMANTL ( ) Chalk & Wire announced that its learning recognition network, MyMantl, is now fully available for students, educators, employees and employers. Wonder Workshop ( ) previewed a middle school solution that brings coding and applied robotics into the classroom.


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Hack Education Weekly News

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Salesforce has filed a patent for “ Digital badging for facilitating virtual recognition of an achievement.” ” Robots and Other Ed-Tech SF. – “No need to spend money on teachers – I’ll help you learn English effectively and for free!” ” Exclusive!

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The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

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In 2018, Mozilla said it would retire Backpack, its platform for sharing and displaying badges, and would help users move their badges to Badgr, software developed by the tech company Concentric Sky. He told NPR in 2015 that Knewton’s adaptive learning software was a “mind-reading robo tutor in the sky.”

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