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What the flip?

Learning with 'e's

What 'flipping the classroom' boils down to it seems, is the creation of online content including videos that offsets the need for students to physically attend class. But by any stretch of the imagination, just watching a video cannot be seen as a viable substitute for good learning, and should not be used to replace campus based education just for the sake of it. Another objection to the flipped classroom is the digital divide. This is active, participatory learning.

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Online Education (The Once and Future “MOOC”). “In the Leeds offering, for example, each course certificate will cost £59 and there are five taught courses; the sixth assessment course, which leads to 10 credits, is priced at £250 – making a total cost of £545 – which will also cover access to online library content,” The Guardian reports. (It’ll This week: “ OpenStax Partners with panOpen to Expand OER Access.”