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Take Flight to Accessibility with the AEM Pilot


This is a guest post written by Cynthia Curry, Director of the AEM Center at CAST. SETDA continues an on-going partnership with CAST to support access to instructional materials and tools for all learners.

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Today’s Innovations are Tomorrow’s Practices: Adapting Learning to Meet Students

Digital Promise

The pandemic amplified an opportunity for school districts to truly enable students to participate in the design of their own learning. Read blogs on other roundtables hosted by Digital Promise, SETDA, and CoSN: SETDA: Equity of Access. Jean Tower, Director of Media and Digital Learning at Needham Public Schools, Massachusetts.


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A new teacher’s perspective: Today’s best edtech resources

eSchool News

If you are interested in joining an amazing organization, I highly recommend joining the Civil Air Patrol as an Aerospace Educator ( CAP AEM ). These experiences provide students access to diverse environments and professionals, regardless of their location. To say that the year has been a whirlwind is an understatement.

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We Have An Ed Tech-Accessibility Partnership. So Can You!


Guest Post from Cynthia Curry is Co-Director of the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials for Learning (AEM Center) What do you get when you combine a state educational technology director with a state accessibility expert?

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