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How does an intelligent learning platform help teachers create a truly personalized learning environment?


Modern edtech such as an intelligent learning platform (ILP) can help you achieve this by creating a personalized learning environment. . Personalized learning is currently emerging as one of the biggest trends in education. What is personalized learning? Students’ individual learning goals.

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Edtech Trends From 2020 And Beyond

Ask a Tech Teacher

However, due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus and the global lockdown, distance learning became vital in 2020. That led to a rise of different e-learning platforms and solutions such as learning management systems (LMSs) , learning experience platforms (LXPs) , learning analytics platforms (LAPs ), and so on.

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Top 5 LMS benefits for HE students


It took a while, but many systems today can offer student-centered learning experiences. And they continue to be developed to reach constantly higher levels of personalized learning. Various and engaging learning content. Learning as a student means so much more than attending lectures. Self-paced courses.

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7 Edtech Trends to Watch in 2022: a Startup Guide for Entrepreneurs


Early stage edtechs are also participating in the AWS EdStart program, the AWS edtech virtual startup accelerator, designed to help entrepreneurs build the next generation of online learning, analytics and campus management solutions on the AWS Cloud.

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Top 5 Benefits of Digital Textbooks You Never Knew About

Kitaboo on EdTech

Table of Contents Five Surprising Benefits of Digital Textbooks Increased Accessibility Increased Engagement Personalized Learning Data Analytics Updates Summing It Up Five Surprising Benefits of Digital Textbooks Digital textbooks continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing needs of students and educators.

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Current Trends in Education

eSchool News

Key points: Current education trends point to personalization and accessibility Keeping up with current trends in education is essential for educators Learn more about K-12 Tech Innovation News In the dynamic landscape of K-12 education, several trends are shaping the way students learn and educators teach.

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Education Technology Thought Leader Interview – D2L Founder & CEO John Baker


Adaptive Learning Technologies Education Technology Success Stories Future of Education Technology Interviews - Education Technology Thought Leaders Learning Analytics Learning Management & Course Management Systems desire to learn ceo interview education technology leadership d2l gamification in LMS increase retention with personalized learning (..)

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