Sun.Oct 02, 2022

Humble Leadership

A Principal's Reflections

Suppose you were to research or Google the qualities of effective leaders. In that case, all you would come up with are the typical characteristics such as good communication, ability to make difficult decisions, having a vision, models, and listening intently, to name a few.

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Fakebook- Create Imaginary Profiles for Teaching Purposes

Educators Technology

Fakebook is a tool from which allows users to create unreal Facebook profiles. Fakebook is an awesome tool to use with students in class.

104 Organizations That Offer Student Discounts

TeachThought - Learn better.

It’s tough out there for students. Tuition rates are high, student loans are looming, and chances are, you barely have two pennies to rub together. Retailers can sympathize with that, and many of them offer discounts of 10% or more for students, if only you ask or know to take advantage of the offer.