Sun.Sep 17, 2023

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Making Learning Personal: 5 Steps for Success

A Principal's Reflections

Learning is a deeply personal journey and tailoring it to individual needs and preferences is essential for fostering meaningful and effective education. Personalized learning increases engagement and helps learners develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter. It all begins with understanding the learner's interests, something I dive deeply into in Disruptive Thinking in Our Classrooms.

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100+ Philosophical Questions to Enrich Classroom Discussions and Boost Critical Thinking

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Infusing classroom discussions with philosophical questions can significantly elevate the depth of thinking among students. It helps them grapple with abstract concepts, ethical dilemmas, and even seemingly “unanswerable” queries that prompt deeper consideration. From my own teaching days, I can say that tossing a well-timed philosophical question into the mix can bring even the most lackluster discussion back to life.

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Teachers, Get Your Google Drive Sorted!

Teacher Tech with Alice Keeler

There are new ways to show folders in Google Drive. Use this new feature to help you access your files more quickly. The post Teachers, Get Your Google Drive Sorted! appeared first on Teacher Tech.

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100 Engaging Philosophical Questions for Kids

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

We all know kids are natural-born philosophers, always probing with those relentless ‘why’s and ‘how’s. So, why not channel that curiosity into some thought-provoking discussions? In this post, I’m serving up a list of philosophical questions designed just for young minds. These aren’t your average dinner table questions but prompts to explore the worlds of ethics, metaphysics, and even existentialism with the kiddos.

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Enhancing School Device Management for Improved Learning

Schools face increasing challenges as technology becomes integral to education. Efficient device management is essential for maximizing technology use and safeguarding investments. Our article discusses the importance of tracking devices, outlines current challenges, and suggests modern solutions that go beyond traditional methods like Excel. Learn how advanced tracking systems can streamline operations, improve maintenance, and offer real-time updates for better resource allocation.

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My 3 Teaching Intentions for the New School Year


At times we can be overwhelmed by all the fresh ideas we want to try out in a new school year. By narrowing her goals down to three top priorities, Megan Kelly aims to make lessons more meaningful for students, improve family engagement, and do better at tracking individual progress. The post My 3 Teaching Intentions for the New School Year first appeared on MiddleWeb.