Real Questions About Artificial Intelligence in Education


It’s how Google solved the AlphaGo challenge. Can adaptive platforms (such as ALEKS or Knewton) help students learn the facts and enable the teachers to guides? You’re better off going to the district and saying: Because you use this product I can do a case study and show an increase in efficiency and less wasted time in the classroom. Don’t doubt it: Machine learning is hot—and getting hotter.

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The non-speakers: James Damore, the fired Google engineer, and Lucian Wintrich, a journalist with Gateway Pundit. From the Knewton blog : “ Introducing Knewton Product Updates for Fall 2017.” “ Girls in the Middle East do better than boys in school by a greater margin than almost anywhere else in the world: a case study in motivation, mixed messages, and the condition of boys everywhere.” (National) Education Politics.