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The Emergency Home Learning (& More) Summit - 110 sessions + 80 replays #homelearningsummit #learningrevolution

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Online Learning ? Open Source and OER ? Practical Student Tools (Email / Calendars / Organizers) ? Alice Keeler : Interview Amany Kheriba : OER: A way out through pandemics and beyond Amna Manzoor : Veni, vidi and vici: Ingenious, Making the Most Out of the Pandemic! Libraries and Librarians ? Managing Stress ?

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The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

Hack Education

At the time, David Wiley expressed his concern that the lawsuit could jeopardize the larger OER movement, if nothing else, by associating open educational materials with piracy. This “reverse engineering,” the publishers claimed, violated copyright. See David Kernohan’s excellent keynote at OpenEd13 for more.) Apple sneers about this.

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