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Transitioning Edtech to the Cloud

At the beginning of the edtech wave, superintendents saw many benefits from using digital resources in the classroom. For administrators looking to take the focus of edtech away from upkeep and back to learning, moving to the cloud could be the answer. First, all programs are accessible to all students and teachers.

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Essential Elements for Moving to a 1:1 Environment

However, the more successful schools focus on improving teaching and learning first with edtech being just one of the tools to support it. Make equitable access a priority. Typically, one goal of a 1:1 environment is 24/7 access to learning for both students and teachers. Join the Community.

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Key Questions and Recommendations for Online Assessment

Create and Sustain a Cross-Functional Strategic Planning Team: Both Wright and Robbins said their schools had a lot of silos, not just edtech and instruction, that needed to come together and understand how their specific skill sets are necessary to the process. In addition, leaders need to bring parents in early during these conversations.