Magic of the Everyday: Southern CA Educators Share 10 Best Teaching, Technology Practices


Many leaders spoke about the importance of collaborating across districts for a variety of initiatives—from planning a technology implementation to creating buy-in from teachers and providing professional development opportunities. Many districts have signed the Future Ready Pledge , but what comes next? If new technologies or practices can help support a teacher’s goals towards accomplishing their school’s mission, then they wholeheartedly support their efforts.

On the importance of making a (reopening) plan


After seeing Cathi’s message on the Future Ready Librarians’ Facebook Group , librarian Kim Borden, from the Penn Argyl (PA) School District, responded to the call. technology

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?Expanding Access to Edtech Isn’t Enough. We Need to Make Sure It Works, Too


In an economy that is moving rapidly in the direction of more independent workers executing high-level projects for a variety of employers, navigating an ever-changing ecosystem of new technologies will be a fundamental skill for workers. School, district, and state leaders make technology decisions every day that will affect student tech fluency, not to mention learning outcomes. A focus on college and career-training readiness. Rapidly emerging technologies.

What Makes Professional Development Work?

Technology and Professional Development. Whether face to face, virtual, or both, technology has the potential to personalize professional learning for teachers. Jeff Mao is an education technology leader with over 25 years of experience.