Personalized Learning and CBE: A Partnership and a Toolkit

Education Elements

When I’m on the road working with school districts across the country on everything from personalized learning to competency-based education (CBE), I often hear the same question: “Well how do other districts approach these issues?”. Thankfully, this year Education Elements partnered with Digital Promise , a national non-profit authorized by Congress, to document and share lessons learned on CBE from school districts across the country.

Jarvis Middle School Student for a Day

Education Elements

It’s been awhile since my last blog post as I try to document many of the great things going on at Central Valley on my twitter account, @CVThunderSuper. What follows is my account of March 23, 2017 as best as I can recall. Personalized Learning Blended Learning Education Education Elements School Districts communications

Belief—the first key to blended learning success

The Christensen Institute

In our recent case study, “ Blended (r)evolution ,” my colleagues Clifford Maxwell and Jenny White document how Mattivi and four other teachers’ in Greeley and Washington, D.C. As we consider how best to scale practices like theirs more broadly across the K–12 education sector, what can we learn from their examples about motivating teachers to embrace change? She then found her sense of efficacy to affect change with the support of consultants from Education Elements.