Educators Discuss Keeping Student Data Safe

Gaggle Speaks

There’s perhaps no other edtech topic discussed more these days than student data privacy. “The issue around security and privacy is not new. “We need to be proactive about what is going on with student data.”

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edWeb and CoSN Partner to Support Superintendents and District Leaders

Collaboration with peers is one of the most effective ways to learn about effective ideas and practices. Krueger, CAE, Chief Executive Officer for CoSN, commented, “Superintendents are responsible for ensuring that their school districts embrace transformative digital learning.

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LRP launches Special Ed Tech eNewsletter!

FETC Converge

You can now turn to LRP’s Special Ed Tech eNewsletter to help you find ways to raise achievement for students with disabilities using emerging and assistive technologies. This includes insights from the field to help you adopt or enhance efforts to differentiate instruction, promote universal design for learning practices, address accessibility and accommodation issues via mobile learning devices, and keep up to speed on student data privacy issues.

The Marriage Between IT & Curriculum


Learning. IT – Do you solemnly swear to being open to new ideas, as long as it furthers the learning of our kids? ….in The IT side of the relationship wants to be open to these new programs and applications, but also is concerned about security and data privacy.

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