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Reasons and Research – Why Schools Need Collaborative Learning Spaces


Creative Commons license image source There are Many Reasons Why Flexible, Active Learning Classrooms Should be Widely Adopted We’ve converted a few classrooms to more collaborative spaces over the. Collaboration & Brainstorming Future of Education Technology Mobile Learning Resources Social Media & Social Learning benefits of collaborative learning spaces how active collaborative classroom encourage facilitate learning reasons to implement active flexible classrooms why flexible collaborative learning spaces help learning

Collaborative Learning Matters

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The post Collaborative Learning Matters appeared first on Where Learning Clicks. In early 2001, Steve Jobs, then the CEO of Apple, summoned a motley crew of employees and contractors to meet in a secret boardroom. Jobs tasked the team with an ambitious assignment: create a new MP3 player in six weeks. By all accounts, the group should have failed.

Guide offers collaborative learning insight

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Mimio’s new guide, Collaborate to the Core! 2, is a follow-up to its 2013 instructional resource. A new resource aims to share tips on how to establish a collaborative environment in classrooms, and it also provides relevant and engaging lessons, organized by subject matter and grade level. Digital Learning and Tools News Top NewsAvailable for download at [link].

20 Collaborative Learning Tips And Strategies For Teachers

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The post 20 Collaborative Learning Tips And Strategies For Teachers appeared first on TeachThought. Teaching Experienced Teacher General

Collaborative learning in a country without borders – Josane Batalha Sobreira da Silva, Brazil

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Josane Batalha Sobreira da Silva is passionate about the benefits of collaborative learning. The school’s focus is divided into three areas: investment in software and hardware/equipment (such as electronic whiteboards and tablets); development of virtual learning environments; and, the most important, teacher training. The project, which took place over several weeks, enabled the students to learn about each other, and to explore how different cultures tackle similar challenges. We learn with each other, physically or virtually. Here’s her Daily Edventure.

Collaborative learning for even the youngest students – Kaylyn Dorland, Canada

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Participating in efforts like the #WHOtoYOU global experience project, she has exposed her grade 2 students to the joys of collaborating with peers in other classrooms. That enthusiasm for collaboration paid off in last year’s Education Empowered Conference, where Dorland’s team took home a first-runner-up prize for the “Sways of Hope” project. What inspired you to become an educator?

Using Google Drive Apps for Real Time Collaborative Learning

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Digital tools have given us an exponential number of ways to collaborate with our students, colleagues, peers and community. Collaboration that can help us build, communicate and learn together. But there are few tools available that take collaboration to the amazingly natural, intuitive and effective level  as Google Drive Apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides). Overview.

Emerging Trends in Ed-Tech: Maker Spaces, Collaborative Learning

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Cross-posted from the Digital Education blog Over the next few years, schools will increasingly count on technology to try to spark student creativity, independent learning, and innovation, rather using digital tools in passive, rote ways, a new report predicts. Ed-tech Conferences Innovation Online Learning Social Media edtech iste2015 makerThat's.

Two Promote Collaborative Learning Tools I Used To Motivate Students

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Two Promote Collaborative Learning Tools I Used To Motivate Students  by Derek von Waldner As many educators know, students often come into a classroom ranging below or above a certain. The post Two Promote Collaborative Learning Tools I Used To Motivate Students appeared first on TeachThought. Learning Elementary School Experienced Teacher Tools resources

Creating Collaborative Learning Spaces


The US Department of Education and the Illinois State Board of Education had already recognized our schools in Kildeer Countryside (IL) School District 96 for academic excellence. Techlearning Resources

10 Innovative Ideas To Provide Time for Professional Development and Collaborative Learning

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Finding time for teachers to meet and learn together is often very difficult, but a resourceful school team can utilize creative ideas that have worked well in other schools.  It is important to put these structures in place early in the year. Here are some ideas for providing time for educators to learn together. Organize some regular large group activities for children. want more ».

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Collaborative Learning with ThingLink - Wagon Wheel

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Yesterday I created an interactive image to demonstrate how easy it is to engage in collaborative leaving with ThingLink. If you explore the live image, you will discover the Padlet online board that is being used to assemble collaborator''s thoughts. I''ve pulled some of the ideas together and have been adding them to the ThingLink to define the song through multimedia.

School district invents custom charging solution for all schools

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When we looked to roll out new technology for our schools, we wanted to create collaborative learning environments,” said Dwight Goodwin, director of instructional technology at Denton ISD. To learn more about the Carrier 15 Charging Station, visit LocknCharge at TCEA booth #1935 or About LocknCharge. Media Contact.

The Perfect Storm for Maker Education

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Makers tap into an American admiration for self-reliance and combine that with open-source learning, contemporary design and powerful personal technology like 3-D printers. For example, younger makers can turn to DIY , a safe online community for kids to discover and learn new skills. Education Maker Education collaboration learning maker education STEAM STEM technology integration

Study: Teacher Collaboration Improves Performance, Learning

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This simple conclusion has come from research into how teachers collaborate with one another and why. About 90% said working in instructional teams was helpful in improving student learning. Teachers were asked to explain how the collaboration impacted certain parts of their professional endeavors, such as assessments, instruction, and student behavior.

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Using Google Drive Forms to Power 1:1 Instruction

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As I explore teaching and learning in a 1:1 iPad environment I''m excited about the potential of using Google Drive Forms as a teaching tool. Educreations Expertise - I created and successfully used a form to introduce students to all the features of Educreations prior to a collaborative project with 1:1 iPads. The form functioned like an interactive multimedia powered journey.

Help Wanted: Write Curriculum to Support Collaborative Learning Using Technology

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This week’s post is an open invitation to join our team of writers in creating a new generation of curriculum that explicitly leverages collaboration technology If collabrified apps are truly going to make a difference in the classroom, then teachers need curriculum that shows them how to use such technology.

5 Things Teachers Want from PD, and How Coaching and Collaboration Can Deliver Them—If Implementation Improves


In a nutshell, they want professional learning opportunities that are: Relevant.  As with students, teachers’ professional learning needs are rarely one-size-fits-all. “It looks different in every context,” one teacher told us. “It has to be personalized.” Rather than listening to lectures, teachers want to apply learning through demonstrations or modeling and practice. Teachers value learning most when it comes from other teachers. But it is the chasm between the potential of teacher collaboration and what it looks like today that’s arguably the most striking.

Learning from each other

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There has been extensive work around the concept of students teaching each other - otherwise known as peer learning. Students can even teach their teachers, in an extreme form of flipped learning I mentioned in a previous post. In paragogy, students can exchange knowledge and can be learning from each other simultaneously. Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.

February’s Selected Innovative Learning and Education Technology Videos


Remake Your Class: Planning for a Collaborative Learning Environment Edutopia follows a determined teacher at Roosevelt. Collaboration & Brainstorming Professional Development active learning video best education technology videos best instructional technology videos collaborative learning videos excellent education technology video content Informative Videos From and About Excellent and Innovative Educators! Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

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Collaborative Learning in Technology

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Even though there are so many great apps and programs for younger children, she wanted her students to learn alongside someone they could talk to and collaborate with -- and her challenge was that there weren't enough adults in the room to help students do their best learning. Recently, I was talking to Patty, my friend who teaches pre-K at the International School Bangkok.

How I Took the Dread Out of Grading—and Replaced It With Fun


Making the transition to Project Based Learning (PBL) was, at first, cathartic; then it was confusing, frustrating, then cathartic again. I was instantly charged with a new zeal for my work. became more collaborative as well as a better leader and communicator. At my New Tech high school in Columbus, Indiana , content accounts for 60% of a grade and the other categories (written and oral communication, collaboration, and agency) each garner 10%. Our schools use PBL in almost every class in order to immerse students in authentic learning and the mastery of workforce skills.

Active learning spaces

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Recently I wrote about collaborative learning spaces , and argued that we are entering unfamiliar territory. It appears that it no longer matters where learning occurs, as long as it is meaningful. Some might argue that learning that is situated is the most powerful. It is also important that learning is made to be active and engaging. Unported License.

6 Ways Technology Can Reinvent Parent-Teacher Conferences


And it lacks the enthusiasm—as well as the desire to help kids own and engage in their learning—that defines us as innovative educators. With transformative digital changes happening in classrooms today, basic learning management systems now deliver the answers to most of those well worn questions on parent portals. Give parents resources that will help them support the process of learning and motivation. Min ecraft —a popular game that can easily be used to promote creativity, collaboration and problem solving with students that simply need a different form of instruction.

Survey Shows Schools Should Push ‘Soft Skills’ Needed for Workforce

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” In addition, many of those who participated felt that too much time was spent teaching to the test, and that instead more time should be spent learning to collaborate with other students. The two soft skills respondents said were most important included problem solving (96%) and learning to collaborate (95%). K-12 Schools Collaborative Learning Soft Skills

False frontiers

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Collaboration is where two or more people work together to achieve a common objective. In education, the common objective is usually to learn specific content, skills or competencies within defined areas. Ostensibly, learning is an individual goal, and each student does tend to learn in their own way, using their own favoured approaches and tools. Learning is learning.

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ClassDojo Groups

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This is ideal for educators who like to put their class into groups or teams to spark collaborative learning. behavior management collaborative learning Web 2.0ClassDojo the world famous behavior/positive reinforcement manage system for schools has just released their new "group" feature. This highly requested feature will allow teachers to award points to not only an individual but a group as well. Here is how it works. ClassDojo Groups enables teachers to group students any way they like: table groups, reading groups, house teams, project groups and more.

What Is Your Classroom’s Learning Foundation?


Co-Teaching Fundamentals Two Teachers in the Room co-teaching collaborative learning curiosity Elizabeth Stein foundation growth mindset student engagement two teachers in the room UDLFor Elizabeth Stein, the foundation that undergirds successful classrooms is student engagement. How do teachers measure the depth of their engagement and reinforce it? Stein shares ideas and resources about curiosity-building, effective feedback and more.

5 Tech Tools to Improve Collaboration

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The benefits of collaborative learning with tech tools are many. What our collaborative learning style empowers and enables is a student’s resilience—how do you look to your neighbor as a resource, how do you test your own theories, how do you understand if you’re on the right track or the wrong track?” Mobile Learning Technology collaboration edtech

Empower, enable, engage [webinar]


Does your learning environment inspire students to follow their passions and lead their own learning? Watch the video below to see Carol Webb, learning commons facilitator at Turner Valley School in Alberta, Canada, share strategies for redesigning school spaces. Strategies for incorporating makerspaces into your learning environment. Stories of how the Nureva™ Span™ system changed how Carol’s students are directing their learning. Are you looking for new ideas to encourage every student to create and collaborate? You’ll hear. Join our edWeb community.

Collaborative Learning Spaces: Classrooms That Connect to the World

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As citizens of the world, students in today’s classrooms seek global contexts for learning. Opportunities for networked and international collaborations are bringing both the world to classrooms and classrooms to the world. Uncategorized collaborative learning ed tech education virtual learningWith a focus on international standards of instruction, globally-minded programs inspire students to be curious through investigation and reflective in analysis of thought. Read more at Edutopia.

Live from UB Tech 2015, Where Student Success is the Emphasis


Free Tools & Resources Making the case for Education Technologies Professional Development Workshops & Conferences conference adds focus on student success flexible collaborative learning space design resources models of student success retention excellence ub tech conference reviewThis is my third consecutive. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post.

Wikis for collaborative learning

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A wiki is a website that allows visitors to easily add, remove, and edit content, making it an effective tool for collaborative authoring which allows students to construct knowledge. There''s no need for software, all you need is an Internet-connected computer to contribute, which makes a wiki a great tool for the classroom that''s open 24/7. Uses in education are abundant.

ClassFlow launches new teacher-parent communication app

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ClassFlow Moments , a new free app for teacher-parent communication, is the latest addition to Promethean ’s collaborative learning software ClassFlow. With the ClassFlow Moments app, teachers can easily share classroom assignments, announcements, and awards with parents so they can proactively engage with their students’ learning. According to a report from the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL), “Programs and interventions that engage families in supporting their children’s learning at home are linked to higher student achievement.”


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Poetica is a new (private beta) for collaborative writing. This is great for Collaborative Learning, reviewing rough drafts, and more. collaborative learning Collaborative writing This is a site where users can import any Word, PDF, or RTF file to edit w/ another another person in real-time. It has really nice tools that allows two people to work back and forth and see all edit while working together. highly recommend checking out Poetica by clicking here !!!

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Student Engagement and Closing the Opportunity Gap: An Action Plan, Part 2

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My previous two posts have described how schools can improve access for students of color and students living in poverty to follow their passions and have more voice in choice in their learning. Promoting risk-taking is beyond a leader simply stating “Try it out” to a teacher curious about exploring a new approach to teaching and learning. And mistakes will be made!

The Importance of Teaching Through Relationships


Stacey Goodman Collaborative Learning What happens when students and teachers converse, share experiences, and participate in activities together