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Innovative district expands access like never before using E-rate

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The FCC’s historic E-rate modernization in 2014 paved the way for districts to expand their high-speed broadband and wi-fi and increase digital learning opportunities for students. “We were able to do a lot of this because of E-rate funding,” Dickerson said. Could your district do the same?

Digital Promise Supports E-rate Modernization

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billion for the federal E-rate program that connects schools and libraries around the country. Digital Promise applauds the Federal Communications Commission's vote today to increase the funding cap by $1.5 Demand for these services far exceeds previous funding levels and approving this increase – which amounts to an additional $2 per year on Americans' phone bills – will help thousands of schools improve the opportunity to learn for students. that can personalize lessons for students at a variety of learning levels.

Making a Plan for E-Rate Funding

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By David Hutchins Technology creates increasing demands on networks, so districts should plan now for E-Rate help for the coming year. Compliance Funding Leadership Management

Why E-rate expansion is a must for our schools

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With some districts and schools still struggling to meet bandwidth needs, keeping E-rate strong is more vital than ever. That’s why especially pleased when, recently, the Federal Communications Commission and the Universal Service and Administrative Company extended a crucial filing deadline related to the high-speed internet program in schools and libraries, commonly known as E-Rate.

Revamped E-Rate Program Is ‘Custom Built’ for Connectivity

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By Heather B. Hayes Experts offer tips on how to maximize funds for robust broadband and wireless networks. Access Points Bandwidth Management Networking Wide Area Networks Wireless

Schools, Libraries Miss Out on Millions in E-Rate Funds

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By Meg Conlan Nearly 30 states across the country failed to claim E-Rate funding for schools and libraries. Funding Management Mobile Broadband Mobility Networking

E-Rate Funding Requests for Schools, Libraries To Be Paid In Full, FCC Says

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After reforming the E-rate program, and increasing its budget, the Federal Communications Commission said all eligible applications from schools and libraries will receive funding. rate erate fcc federalcommunicationscommission jonwilkins libraries wifi

The E-Rate Aftermath

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What Good is E-Rate Modernization if Schools Can’t Pay for What’s Connected to Broadband? The dust is starting to settle from the recent changes to the federal E-Rate program. In the months since E-Rate reform was announced, we’ve been busy talking to our customers about how they can continue to work with us. Solutions not built for K-12.

What do educators want from E-rate? Voice service, more C2 funding

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Eighty-six percent of E-rate applicants participating in a recent survey said they are concerned about the Federal Communication Commission’s phase-out of support for voice service, according to recent data. The survey is based on 652 participants, representing roughly 3 percent of applicants from a representative cross-section of E-rate applicants. billion.

E-rate Filing Strategy: What School Districts Should Know

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As schools and libraries plan their E-rate strategies under the new rules of E-rate 2.0, They also must consider whether to use E-rate money to replace current voice services because discounts for voice services will continue to be reduced 20 percent per year until they are phased out in three years. Since this is year two of E-rate 2.0,

Schools Focus on Infrastructure After Securing E-Rate Funding

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By Wylie Wong Districts take advantage of federal funds to upgrade or build out their Wi-Fi networks. Internet Management Mobile Broadband Mobility Networking Wi-Fi

How Do You E-Rate?

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By David Andrade With the application deadline looming, we take a look at the program and changes that could be confusing to some districts. Funding Management

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Educators Across the Country Challenge the @FCC to Bring #Internet4Schools to ALL of Our Kids!


We need your help to convince them to vote "YES" in order to expand E-rate so that our students can benefit from the access they need in our schools. Internet4Schools access for schools Alliance for Excellent Education e rate E-rate FCC Internet for Schools Wi-fi schools Your Voice Matters How Can You Help ? Here''s my video. Videos can be simple. video!

Why the New E-Rate Program is the Key to Your School's Wi-Fi Success

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With planning and a little help from E-Rate. Rate School Wireless Network K-12 Education Mobile and wireless technology have redefined the educational environment. With these advances school Wi-Fi has become one of the most important resources inside every school and frankly, everyone needs it for their students and teachers to be successful. So how do you pay for it all?

E-Rate 2.0: Advice for Companies Navigating Changes to the Program

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Businesses working with schools can help themselves by closely monitoring applications to the E-rate program, and their use of federal discounts made available, a newly published guide says. rate For-Profit Education Online Learning Procurement broadband erate edtech

How to Maximize Your District's E-Rate Spending

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By EdTech Staff E-Rate changes help ensure schools can spend funds effectively. Classroom Internet Management Mobile Broadband Mobility Wi-Fi

E-rate funding toolkit aims to make applying easier

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Common Sense, SETDA unveil toolkit to help states, schools apply for billions in federal aid under the E-rate program modernization. A new E-rate funding toolkit from Common Sense and SETDA explains the changes to the federal program, available funding, and best ways to apply for it. Material from a press release was used in this report. rate News Top News

E-Rate Funding Applications Total $3.9B for 2015

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Frank Smith 'These requests reflect long pent-up demand' says FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. Classroom Funding Management Mobile Broadband Mobility Networking Online Learning Wireless

New Mexico school districts take advantage of E-rate state match and special construction to fund fiber upgrades

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However, through the E-rate Modernization order , not only is the cost of upfront construction eligible for reimbursement, but the FCC program also provides additional funding to match state funding for special construction charges. Local service provider, Valley Telecom, took advantage of the E-rate special construction funds, as well as the state match funding to connect Columbus Elementary School to the district hub. The high cost of new fiber construction and the shortage of Internet service providers in these remote areas contribute to this connectivity gap.

Looking Inside the E-Rate Overhaul

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By Wylie Wong Changes made in 2014 are intended maximize spending, simplify administration and make sure that schools have affordable broadband. Budgeting Management Mobile Broadband Mobility Networking Wireless

How E-Rate 2.0 Helps Schools Afford Broadband and Wi-Fi

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By EdTech Staff What K–12 schools and districts need to know about changes to the E-Rate program. Funding Leadership Management Mobile Broadband Mobility Wi-Fi

Security, Cybersecurity Lead K-12 Purchasing Categories

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The fastest growth in procurement solicitations in the third quarter of 2016 was for "public safety" equipment and services, while cybersecurity gets E-rate funding. Marketplace K-12 Data Privacy districts E-rate RFPsThe post Security, Cybersecurity Lead K-12 Purchasing Categories appeared first on Market Brief.

7 Essentials to Successfully Apply, Secure and Get E-Rate Funded


Event status: Not started ( Register ) Date and time: Thursday, October 15, 2015 2:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00) Change time zone Duration: 1 hour Description: E-rate planning sea. Techlearning Events Webinars

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Filing for E-Rate? Check This List of Eligible Services First

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By EdTech Staff The E-Rate application process can be daunting, but this list shows school districts exactly which services and products that are eligible for discounts. Big Data Business Intelligence Funding Leadership Management Mobility

Ajit Pai, Opponent of Net Neutrality and E-Rate Policies, Named FCC Chair

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Appointed to the Federal Communications Commission by former President Obama, Ajit Pai is a Republican who voted against E-rate changes and net neutrality before being tapped as FCC chairman. The post Ajit Pai, Opponent of Net Neutrality and E-Rate Policies, Named FCC Chair appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12

E-rate: A Historical Perspective

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Though this year's E-rate Form 470 deadline has passed, the E-rate process and buying season for U.S. Now that we're in the second year of the revised E-rate program, let's take a look back at where we came from and why E-rate needed a major overhaul. schools and libraries are not yet over. Denial of service attacks did not exist then.

K-12 Districts to Get Price Transparency on Broadband Rates With New Tool

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The post K-12 Districts to Get Price Transparency on Broadband Rates With New Tool appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12 bandwidth broadband E-rate EducationSuperhighway price transparency

4 Tips for Making Your E-Rate Application Smooth

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By EdTech Staff When applying for E-Rate, schools and districts should plan ahead. Funding Management Mobile Broadband Mobility Wi-Fi

Q&A: Learn E-Rate Application Tips from an Expert

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Frank Smith One of our latest webinar panelists takes readers on a deep dive into E-Rate applications. Funding Management Mobility Networking Wi-Fi

Streamlining the E-Rate 2.0 Application Process

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By EdTech Staff Recent changes to E-Rate help to speed your school’s review process. Classroom Digital Content Funding Internet Management Mobile Broadband Mobility Wi-Fi

How does your district’s broadband stack up?

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Compare & Connect K-12, which launched in beta in early 2016 and is now fully launched and available, displays public E-rate application data and lets users explore bandwidth speeds and compare broadband prices with school districts in a specific region or in any state across the country. Next page: District success stories and highlights of the new tool).

Dark fiber could be the future of school networking

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After taking steps to update and increase funding for the E-rate program in 2014, this year the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) began allowing applicants to apply for discounts for dark fiber and self-provisioned fiber. sees E-rate’s expansion to include dark fiber provisioning as yet another way for U.S. Is it the future of networking? What is dark fiber?

Report: Schools expect faster internet within 3 years

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Seventy-two percent of E-rate applicants participating in a recent survey said wi-fi is critical to fulfilling their organization’s mission. Twenty years after the Telecommunications Act of 1996 created E-rate funding, significant measures are underway to update the program that has become vital to schools and libraries across the United States.

Before going one-to-one, this district is helping every kid get home wi-fi

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Consider this gap: some 99 percent of K-12 public schools and libraries in some form or fashion (thanks in large part to the E-Rate program) yet 30 percent of Americans. Best Practices Blended Learning internet broadband classrooms e-rate home access home internet access schools wi-fiLittle Falls Central School District in Little Falls, N.Y., The root problem.

Top 5 Educator Pitfalls in the E-rate Application Process

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You’re almost there! Help us out by answering just 1 quick question to unlock the presentation. Retired Whitepapers

Get Ready for E-Rate 2.0 with Highlights from the Recent Changes

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By EdTech Staff Changes to E-Rate means greater Wi-Fi and broadband access for K–12 schools and districts. Bandwidth Management Funding Management Mobility Networking Wi-Fi Wireless

State Leaders Advocate for Connectivity at School and at Home


Digital Learning E-Rate Equity of Access FCC LifelineDuring last week’s Washington Policy Summit, co-hosted by SETDA and CoSN, educators visited policymakers focused on advocating for equity in education as related to. read more.