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ROMO: The Friendly, Personal Robot that Learns as You Play!


is a friendly robot from another world, built to teach kids the basics of computer programming and robotics through a series of adventurous challenges. When I first heard of ROMO , I had to have it! I put this friendly robot on my holiday list. ROMO is by far the coolest gift my kids received this year! ROMO by Romotive Inc. ROMO arrives in the Mail! Ummm, yes please!

5 Educational Robots You Can Use in Your STEM Classroom


Image Source The Expanding Variety of Small Robot Kits for Educational Purposes is Ripe With Fun Possibilities for the Classroom One of the most innovative technological concepts currently available. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

Dancing With The Robots


Meneghetti’s Lego Robots (photo by Danny Silva). He taught sixth grade science for most of his career, but four years ago, he decided he wanted to develop a new, exciting engineering and robotics course for students at Stanley Middle School. To get students on the same page when it comes to robotics and programming, he created the Dancing with the Robots challenge.

Can robotics teach problem solving to students?

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This can be done using hands-on learning tools like robotics, which intuitively teaches students how to problem solve using critical thinking. The question is: how can teachers create a robotics curriculum that not only breaks students out of the “worksheet generation” mentality, but also shows them the possibilities of learning with trial and error?

EXCLUSIVE: They’re here–robots are teaching your children

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Unbeknownst to parents, all first-grade classes in a suburban Los Angeles elementary school were successfully taught by teacher robots during the 2015-2016 school year. “We’ve been working on some super cool artificial intelligence (AI), and in lab tests, the AI robots demonstrated instructional capability,” Miller said. Only one parent was in on the secret.

Robot alligators

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The Team Neutrino First Robotics student helpers from Ames High were of great assistance. ’ Other camp activities this week appeared to include making LED bookmarks, learning circuitry by playing with Makey Makey and other electronics, creating objects with the 3D printer, and goofing around with robots. Since then she has been busy putting them and her students to work!

Racing robots and learning

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In small groups they were asked to design and construct a Lego robot , and then program it to race around a circuit, with a prize for the winners! What features do racing robots need, to achieve success and win the race? How do you program your robot to turn corners, and is there any way to stop it from veering into walls, or worse - into the other robots?

Emerging Industries – The Robots Are Here (in all Shapes and Sizes)!


(Image Source) Robots, Robots, Everywhere – Beside you, Above you, Even Inside You This week we’re examining the recently published book, The Industries of the Future, by Alec Ross. Book Reviews Future of Education Technology _ Miscellaneous Tools and Topics elder care robotics emerging industries and degrees emerging industries and education expanding higher education programs in robotics robotics and education robotics industry of the future robots and the future of workThanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

Top 10 Educational Robots to use in your STEM Classrooms by @SamPatue

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Beyond The Hour of Code Podcast Host Sam Patterson shares his Top 10 Robots for his STEM Education Classroom. The post Top 10 Educational Robots to use in your STEM Classrooms by @SamPatue appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network. Robotics TeacherCast Top 10 Robots in Education STEM Education

Robotics and Computer Science for Elementary Level Learners

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I absolutely love all of the new robotics toys that have been coming out for elementary age learners.  I have been using them for my summer maker camp, with my gifted education classes, and for my upcoming Saturday morning program. One of my gifted girls noted, “Where do all of these robots come from?” My robotics-type devices include: Sphero. Jimu Robot.

Learning with Robots Ep7

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The school year is kicking off and I am excited to share a terrific series of podcasts with you about teaching with robots. Lesson Design in Three Dimensions, Learning with Robots The idea of teaching […]. The post Looking for a fun way to use Robots in Makerspaces? lesson design with robots is a breeze when you know how to think about the role of robots in the lesson. Join Sam Patterson in this introduction to the super fun work of using robots to support learning in grades k-5.

How a telepresence robot is changing some classrooms

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A new technology enables both interactive communication and observation capabilities with a telepresence robot platform. Thanks to recent strides in robotics and mobile devices, telepresence technology has opened up numerous possibilities at both the K-12 and higher-ed levels, where remote observation and communication can come in handy. The tablet sits on a robotic platform.

Rise of the Robots: STEM-Fueled Competitions Gaining Traction Nationwide

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Frank Smith Robotics competitions have become official high school sports in two states, and two more may soon follow suit. Classroom Collaboration Curriculum Management STEM

Robots as Coaches?

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Robots to raise our children? University of Michigan and IBM launch a new project that will in essence replace an advisor’s role with technology: “ Called Project Sapphire , the multiyear partnership combines IBM’s resources with scientists and students at the University of Michigan’s Artificial Intelligence Lab. We’re not entirely sure if this $4.5 Learning is a relationship. What’s next?

Robots deliver multimedia lessons to teach STEM

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Content platform turns content, including robot-delivered lessons, into custom learning challenges to promote play and learning. Its newest platform partner, Famulus Robots, offers step-by-step multimedia lessons using various robots to teach science and engineering concepts. Next page: How students use CWIST modules to program robots.

Robots in STEM

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Chapter seven of my book exploring the instructional models most useful for robot-based learning in […]. The post What can we learn about STEM Education … FROM the Robotics? | by @SamPatue appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network. This lesson is a great template for using robots as an experimental tool. Explore how consumer robots can support hand's on STEM learning with primary grade students. Sam shares his "Robot as Constant" approach to elementary science and STEM. This episode is about. You know Sphero.

Robots That Teach: Using Sphero in Class

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By Sam Patterson The company that inspired Star Wars' BB-8 droid has already won the hearts and minds of K–12 students with a similar ball-shaped robot namedSphero. Classroom Digital Content Game-based Learning STEM

Infographic: Robotics And The Future Of STEM

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Infographic: Robotics And The Future Of STEM. Local school districts plan to use that funding to train students as early as junior high in robotics, engineering design, and 3-Dimensional printing, according to the article. Educators and students have the opportunity to be trained using advanced robotic technology. Technology robotics stemby  KUKA KORE Staff. Sources.

How Can I bring Robotics Into My Curriculum? Programming Robots with SPRK Lightning Lab #AskTheTechCoach


Lightning Lab will make it even easier to use the SPRK robot in the classroom because students can access te instructions and starter code inside of the app. Sphero makes app-enabled, teachable robots. To get started users download the mobile app to program their robot. Sphero’s programmable robots and SPRK Lightning Lab offer exciting, fun, educational experiences.

Robot Teachers at New International School

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Abu Dhabi: Robot Teachers will soon be instructing students in basic math and other subjects at a private school in Abu Dhabi. Merryland International School in Mussafah has launched what it claims is the first robotic lab in a UAE school, with more than 30 cutting edge robots including humanoids with built-in intelligence. NAO: The Next Generation of Robot. Aisoy Robot.

Learn Why @ModRobotics Are A Great Solution To Teaching Robotics In Your Classroom


Jeff sits down with Eric Schweikardt of Modular Robotics to talk about STEM education in todays classrooms. Learn how your students can learn programming skills through Modular Robotics interlocking Cubelets to create amazing robotic projects. About Modular Robotics Modular Robotics is home to more than 50 people who design, engineer and manufacture tiny robots.


Robots in Education: What’s Here and What’s Coming


Nowhere is this more of a reality than in the field of robotics. The post Robots in Education: What’s Here and What’s Coming appeared first on Edudemic. Decades before the computer revolution began to spread in earnest, science fiction’s most creative minds sketched out a future most of us never thought we’d see. And yet between self-driving cars and yes, even hoverboards, that future seems closer than ever. Sure, […]. Articles Featured 21st Century Learners autism Education and Technology featured Future of Education technology

How Can Robots Be Used in a Classroom?

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Robots have a certain way of mesmerizing students. The post How Can Robots Be Used in a Classroom? Did your students watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Was anyone indifferent towards BB-8? We all love that droid. Children, in particular, are crazy about it. This technology is powerful because it gives them insights into the future. It makes them dream about the ways technology can […]. appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network. Editorial

Learning with robots

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One of the first uses for LOGO was to enable children to program a floor robot, giving it instructions to move around the room and perform simple tasks. This remains a very effective learning device - children love the idea of robots, and enjoy being able to control them. Unported License. Based on a work at Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.

Robots teach coping and programming

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Students with special needs respond to interactive robots. One New Jersey school district here has a new member of its teaching staff: Nao, an interactive robot that works with students who have autism and those with language impairments. Next page: How students and teachers are using the robot. Deymos.HR / McClatchy News Special Education Top News

Unlocking the Code for Robotics in the Classroom


Dweck Coding in the Classroom Teaching robotics to elementary students can enhance sensory learning, improve socialization, provide opportunities for hands-on innovation, and raise the level of rigor Photo credit: Jean-François CAUCHE via flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) Julia L.

Can a wall-climbing robot teach your kid to code?

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Last month, a few hand-sized, hexagonal robots took over a third-grade classroom in Southborough, Massachusetts. Meet Root  — a robot being beta-tested by its creators at Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. Bringing a really cute robot into your kindergarten classroom is great,” said Zivthan Dubrovsky who heads the robotics group at Wyss.

Meet Codie, a New Robot

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The newest robot I know of is Codie. Checkout their I ndiegogo campaign and be the first to get your hands on the wood-trimmed robot! From the perspective of a K-5 tech teacher, this is an exciting time. Everyday new tools come to market. Codie looks like it will be easy for kids to program and one of the first functions they highlight is the ability to program it to dance.

3 Things People Can Do In The Classroom That Robots Can't

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Artificial intelligence is getting stronger. Education must adapt. Here's a framework for separating out the things schools can and should teach that are uniquely human

Kickstarter campaign funds new programmable robots

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Programmable robots for kids exceed Kickstarter goal. A new Kickstarter campaign has already exceeded its funding goal to produce programmable robots that can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet. Similar to Spheros, Cannybots , as the robots are known, help teach kids about robotics, programming, design, and 3D printing while they are playing.

Students Learn to Write by Teaching This Robot

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Frank Smith A new robot-powered app exemplifies learning through teaching. Classroom Digital Content Mobile Apps Mobility STEM

Educational Fun: 8 Build-Your-Own Robot Kits For Kids

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Teaching basic robotics to kids is an excellent way to foster a love for science and engineering that will hopefully continue as they get older. Fun robot kits for kids are a way to introduce children to simple robotics engineering concepts. When choosing a robot kit, consider your child’s age and interest level. Build-Your-Own Robot Kits For Kids. 1. 

OzoBot, a Robot that Follows Written Commands

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The robot uses 2 different programming modes, one follows just written lines on paper. At the end of the class, my robot was still awesome and the kids had marker on their arms clear up to their elbows. My biggest challenge with tech is to make sure the activity remains social. I was surprised with how quickly the kids when from sharing the robot to working together. review

Programming Robots in 2nd Grade STEM by @SamPatue


This week Megan gave me my best robot lesson yet.  It came in a text, I think she was riding the train home. The robots allowed us to quantify our exploration, as one of the students observed “We could go up that ramp at 30, but the other one we couldn’t do even at 100.” ” What science concepts could you explore with robots?

A Kid-Friendly Introduction to Robotics


Serious robotics programming with seriously adorable robots. Techlearning Resources App of the Day

PE Robotics by @AVPhysEd

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PE Robots Blog Post Why I Teach Robotics in PE  Guest Blog Post by Brett Slezak For ages Health & Physical Education (HPE) has carried the stereotype as being a place where survival of the fittest and dodgeball have reigned supreme. Robotics pe robotsUnfortunately, that narrative is still alive and true in more physical education programs than […].

Teaching Language Arts with Robots

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Chapter seven of my book exploring the instructional models most useful for robot-based ELA learning in the primary grades. Robot as Actor A robot in the classroom can be a simple programmable puppet. The post How can we use Robots to Teach Language Arts in our primary grades? Robots can be useful tools in English class in the primary grades. Beyond the Hour of Code My Paperless Classroom Programming Robotics STEM Education Tech of the Week Beyond The Hour of Code Podcast Robots in EducationStudents can […].