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Top Tips, Tools and Techniques for Easy Formative Assessment

The CoolCatTeacher

a Talk with Tony Vincent From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. secret to great teaching is to understand what students know. I’ve had times when one or two students begged me to move on because what I was teaching was “so easy” or they were “bored. We need them to master the material. We need to teach it. Lesson flow. That is it.

CommonLit-Free Informational And Literary Texts For Any Classroom

The Web20Classroom

Recently, I was talking with my friend and literacy expert Shaelynn Farnsworth about the shifting definition of literacy and how we are all teachers of literacy. When I was teaching middle school science one of the most challenging tasks I faced was finding grade-appropriate texts for students to see how the concepts we were discussing in class worked in the real world. Best part? It’s free!

Create Quizzes with Learnclick to ask Questions in Context

Educational Technology Guy

With you can easily create online cloze tests like fill in the blanks, drag & drop and dropdowns as well as traditional multiple choice quizzes. It is an ideal tool for asking questions in context as you can ask your students to fill out the missing words in a text. Create logins and assign your quizzes to a class in order to track progress. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

The five things no one will tell you about why colleges don’t hire more faculty of color

The Herchinger Report

“ The reason we don’t have more faculty of color among college faculty is that we don’t want them. We simply don’t want them.”. While giving a talk about Minority Serving Institutions at a recent higher education forum , I was asked a question pertaining to the lack of faculty of color at many majority institutions, especially more elite institutions. We simply don’t want them.” will do so here.

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

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5 Great Digital Tools for Teachers

Educational Technology Guy

Planning for the first month of school can take on average 16 hours of prep, research, practice and refinement for every one hour of actual teaching time. In the hopes of giving teachers some hours back this month, here are 5 digital tools that teachers can use to lifehack their course planning. #1 BRAINSTORM IN THE CLOUD: Always forgetting great coursework planning ideas you have outside of class? Jot your brainstorms on your phone’s Evernote app. Trello mimics your wall of Post-Its so you can drag and drop course ideas and to-do’s, big questions or due dates for projects.

3 Attributes of a Dynamic Classroom

The Electric Educator

The modern classroom is agile Teaching is less like a marathon and more like an obstacle course. Each year, group of students and class presents new and unique challenges. One of the most important competencies you can develop is the ability to adjust and adapt to the unique needs and situations of your students. The typewriter, laserdisc, mimeograph, and scantron were not designed for agility.

Free coding classes for girls grows, gets nod from White House

eSchool News

With a shout out from the White House, the efforts to teach computer coding to more Kanawha County girls expanded Wednesday, with plans for an initiative that started with just female students to further grow and, eventually, expand beyond women and Kanawha’s borders. On Wednesday, the Institute class became the first new one to open. Right now, she’s the only instructor for the four locations.

10 Tips About Using Images in the Classroom You Don’t Want to Miss

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here are ten of the top image tips according to Ask a Tech Teacher readers: Photos For Class–Robust, Student-safe with built in citations. Quick Search for Plagiarized Images. What Online Images are Free? Where Can I Find Kid-safe Images? Image Apps for your Classroom. My Picture’s a TIFF and the Program Needs a JPG. Wrap Text Around an Image. How to Move Pics Around in Documents. Images Tech tip

Join SETDA: Affiliate Memberships Now Accepted

SETDA's Affiliate program connects non-profit education membership organizations with state leaders. SETDA's mission is to build the capacity of education leaders to improve learning through technology policy & practice. Benefits include: SETDA conferences, webinars and news feeds.

Sixth Grade Is Tough. It Helps To Be 'Top Dog'

NPR Learning and Tech

A new study says sixth-graders do better when they attend K-8 schools, so they're not the youngest

Study 13
Study 13

5 Reasons You Should Definitely Volunteer at the Math Fair

MIND Research Institute

Autumn, the best season of all, is upon us! Some people look forward to finally busting out their sweaters and others are waiting for that first sip of pumpkin spiced latte. For me though, fall has come to mean one thing: Math Fair. look forward to it all year, but the excitement really ramps up around this time. Math Fair is a massive event, to be sure. It cannot be done alone. It’s true!

Our digital future 4: Pervasive computing

Learning with 'e's

A few years ago I presented a keynote for the Reform Symposium. Now, for those who are unfamiliar with the Reform Symposium, let me explain: It's a 72 hour live web based symposium that follows the sun. Participants can join in and leave at any time, as the rolling programme of keynotes, discussions, panels and seminars/workshops plays out in real time on screen. So what next? It will come.

Survey: Most schools still haven’t tried virtual reality but many would like to try

eSchool News

Twenty-three percent of schools in a recent survey said they have tested virtual reality or tried it in classrooms. More than half of those surveyed said they are actively investigating virtual reality for classroom use. Ten percent said they are planning to use it over the next year or two. It also touches on some of the obstacles associated with its use. Digital Learning and Tools News STEM

Swift Playground: Apple’s free app that teaches kids to code!

iLearn Technology

What it is: Swift Playground is an awesome new app from Apple that teaches kids how to code in Swift. This free app for iPads uses games to teach kids Apple’s coding language used to create apps. Students can drag and drop code, and easily edit the code to customize it. The code can be instantly run so students can test out their code and see if it works. Tips: Everyone can code!

Protecting Students in the Age of the Cell Phone by @hejames1008

My Paperless Classroom

When I left the teaching profession, cell phone technology was in its infancy. Many of them were still clamshell-shaped and few could connect to the Internet unless the contract owner was paying exorbitant fees. They were also few and far between, so much so that if I saw one in the classroom, it was still […]. Editorial cell phone cyberbullying innovation law sexting Technology

9 Essential Digital Skills for the 21st Century Teacher

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

In a digitally focused world, education is getting more and more digitized pushing us, teachers and educators, to re-conceptualize what it really means to be a teacher in the 21st century. more. Repost

3 More Critical Questions For the Innovative Educator

The Principal of Change

I originally posted “ 5 Critical Questions for the Innovative Educator ” in September of 2014. Here are the original five questions that I still think are crucial: Would I want to be a learner in my own classroom? What is best for this student? What is this student’s passion? What are some way that we can create a true learning community? . How did this work for our students?

6 ways to bolster STEM education for the future

eSchool News

The ideal future of U.S. STEM education would emphasize problem-solving, interdisciplinary approaches and the value of discovery and play, according to a new 10-year vision from the American Institutes for Research for the U.S. Department of Education’s STEM Initiatives Team. STEM 2026 suggests ways to reverse such trends, providing examples of promising programs from around the country. News STE

Eligible but got nothing: Hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities blocked from college aid

The Herchinger Report

See the full list of all states/territories. QUEENS, N.Y. Wendy Thompson always knew she wanted her son to go to college, but she didn’t realize so many people would disagree. Her son was born with cerebral palsy, a disease that confines him to a wheelchair but has little impact on his academic abilities. They’re not even given a chance. didn’t want that for him.”. Photo: Meredith Kolodner.

Bloomz App for Volunteer Sign-Ups & Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduling

Class Tech Tips

Looking for an easy way to manage parent-teacher conference scheduling? Need a simple tool to manage sign-ups for volunteers in your school or classroom? This summer I shared Bloomz a fantastic tool teachers are using this school year. It’s a mobile and web-based app designed to increase parental engagement. iPad Apps iPad/Laptop Use iPhone Apps

High School Athletes Protest National Anthem

K-12 Schools - Education News

(Photo: Wikimedia, Creative Commons). High school football players across the country are following San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s lead in his protest of social injustices by kneeling during the national anthem at their own games. While Kaepernick has received mounting criticism for his stance, he continues to play with his team each week.

8 Ways That Blogging Enhances the Brand of the Educator


(Image Source) We are all our own Distinct Brand, Aren’t we? Take Pride in it! Teachers are often master marketers. They need to know how to market content to a classroom of students who might. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].


Technology Tidbits

MathMonsterZ is a super fun, new, free mobile (iOS/Android) app for basic Math skills (i.e. addition, subtraction, etc.). Users familiar w/ the popular card games Pokemon and Magic the Gathering will feel right at home w/ MathMonsterZ, as it follows the same pattern/theme. Also, they can practice by Smashing Pumpkinz or Flying Batz and earn points to advance levels and order actual playing cards.

The mindboggling barriers that colleges create — and that end up hurting their own students

The Herchinger Report

Nancy Lee Sanchez, in red, executive director of the Kaplan Educational Foundation, with students she advises. Sanchez is one of the increasing number of outside coaches finding surprising obstacles that colleges put up in front of students. Photo: Michael Hunnicutt. student at a Massachusetts private college learns midway through a semester that his financial aid is less than he expected.

How Proposed Title I Changes Impact School Funding and Edtech Vendors


Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which Congress reauthorized in 2015 as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), is the federal government’s largest commitment to K-12 education. Congress provides nearly $15 billion in Title I funding every year and, since 1970, the law has been clear that these funds can only be used as a supplemental source of funding, meant to support the academic needs of students in schools with a high concentration of poverty. The funds cannot be used to replace , or off-set, state and local investments in education. Read them. here ).

Cloud Fuels the Advance of Digital Curricula

EdTech Magazine

By Alan Joch As cloud technology continues to make inroads into school districts, educators increasingly see it as a tool for enhancing classroom experiences. Classroom Cloud Cloud apps Cloud Migration Curriculum Digital Content Online Learning

Pirate Resources for Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Teacher Reboot Camp

“Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.”- ”- Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean. September 19th is International Pirate Day, but you can engage your learners all year long with pirate activities. Students Students can learn science, math, geography, history, culture, citizenship, and more by studying famous pirates. They can also learn cartography, the study and science of map making. Below is a slide presentation ( download the pdf ) and a list of resources to get you started.Find this post also on the American TESOL blog.  . Ahoy Matey! Activities and Web Sites.

Grade Inflation, Frugal Librarians, and More: Useful News for 09.19.2016

Management and Strategy issues in DIGITAL HIGHER E

The Typical Undergraduate Takes More Than 5 Years to Graduate The average undergraduate takes between five and six years to complete a degree, according to a new … NEWS


How to Provide Effective Feedback and Improve the Learning Experience

Where Learning Clicks

Help students achieve goals, move forward, and excel by providing effective feedback to improve the overall learning experience. The post How to Provide Effective Feedback and Improve the Learning Experience appeared first on Where Learning Clicks. Inside the Classroom Assessments Blended Learning Student Success Teacher Resources Teaching Strategies

?Preparing For an Unknown Future


This fall, nearly 4 million children are starting kindergarten, enough 5 year olds to simultaneously fill every seat in every NBA arena in the country for five weeks in a row. They will be joining the other 47 million students already in U.S. public schools and learning what it means to be a student. Our 4 million kinders will leave public school in 2029 having spent more than 16,000 hours of their lives doing mandatory classroom time, and if they are lucky, they will enter the job market sometime in the 2030s. Maybe. billion strong. This is not how the world works, it is how factories work.

3 Minute Teaching TOOL-torial: Canva (Awesome Graphics Tool)


Create Top Notch Graphics With Ease, for Little or no Cost (fun for Students too!) This 3 Minute TOOL-torial introduces Canva, a mostly free* app that makes it a breeze to create graphic images. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

My 4 biggest pieces of advice for new podcasters.

My Paperless Classroom

Over the last 6 years I have had the privilege of working with several new podcasters to help them create the shows of their dreams. Here is some advice for anyone wishing to create their first podcast. The post My 4 biggest pieces of advice for new podcasters. appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network. Podcasting Blog Posts

Discriminatory Design in Education and Educational Technology


Twice this week I have seen images of these benches. Public benches that have dividers or armrests. These are what Mike Caulfield called “hostile design” because they implicitly prevent homeless people from sleeping on these benches and therefore pass on a social message and enforce particular behavior. Because we all recognize that the design is not hostile to everyone. To learners? p/4RtgzY.