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Digital Differentiation with Google Classroom

Shake Up Learning

The post Digital Differentiation with Google Classroom appeared first on Shake Up Learning. How to Differentiate Assignments in Google Classroom. I am often asked about differentiation strategies that will work in the Google Classroom application. Google Classroom is a very robust tool that can make differentiating digital assignments a reality. UPDATED January 24, 2017!) NEW Feature! Voila!


Finding ‘personalized learning’ and other edtech buzzwords on the Gartner Hype Cycle

The Christensen Institute

Education buzzwords come and go, just as the fads they sometimes represent. But some endure and come back, much as in the Gartner Hype Cycle —or perhaps as in a metaphorical Ferris wheel, in which concepts take their seats and then rise and fall, over and over. This is problematic. Peak of inflated expectations: personalized learning. What is personalized learning? That’s tougher to say.

How can schools protect student data without training teachers in privacy basics?

The Herchinger Report

 . Gearing up for their district’s password-reset day in October, teachers and school administrators in Raytown, Missouri, watched a spoof video “gym” tour by their tech-support staff, who offered tips for stronger passwords amidst “laptop lunges” and “cross-tech” training. Every few months in Raytown, there’s a new silly video with the serious purpose of safeguarding student information.

Can robotics teach problem solving to students?

eSchool News

Throughout my 35 years of teaching, I’ve watched students grow up in what I lovingly call the “worksheet generation.” In this environment, students are accustomed to a very structured style of learning, where they are handed a worksheet, then asked to turn to page five in their math book and solve problems one through 15. Set the expectation up-front that there is more than one answer.

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

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Ten Tips for Creating a Culture of Innovation

Education Elements

Recently it seems that innovation is a buzzword on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Need happier employees? Innovate! Need bigger profits? Innovate! Need better leadership? Innovate! Over the past six months I’ve explored hundreds of news stories, white papers, and blog posts focused on why and how leaders might foster a culture of innovation. Unfortunately, innovation is too often be touted as a silver bullet solution without even defining what innovation is. Some folks have taken a stand against innovation , given its use as a catchall strategy. Why ten lessons? David Letterman , obviously.

Why innovation must be the new development strategy

The Christensen Institute

“What we measure informs what we do. And if we’re measuring the wrong thing, we’re going to do the wrong thing.”  – Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, 2001. There is no shortage of ideas and strategies that will lead a country from poverty to economic prosperity. And perhaps what is more painful is that their prospects are only slightly better than they were decades ago.

How 4 visionary schools are venturing into a new mixed reality

eSchool News

A new collaboration between Pearson and Microsoft is using a self-contained holographic computer to develop “mixed reality” learning experiences for students. The collaboration will explore how mixed reality can help solve real challenges in areas of learning, ranging from online tutoring and coaching, nursing education, and engineering to construction and surveyor training.

Using @Wacom’s #BambooSlate, @zoom_us, & @SlackHQ to Teach Online #edtech


I wanted to do another quick post on how I am running my Online AP Calculus class this year. As I’ve mentioned before, I am loving my Wacom products (especially my new Bamboo Slate this year). And, my students are absolutely in love with Slack ! Having a class Slack channel is, hands down, what they’ve mentioned time and time again to be their favorite part of taking an online class.

Join SETDA: Affiliate Memberships Now Accepted

SETDA's Affiliate program connects non-profit education membership organizations with state leaders. SETDA's mission is to build the capacity of education leaders to improve learning through technology policy & practice. Benefits include: SETDA conferences, webinars and news feeds.

Comments vs Compliments – a mini lesson

The Thinking Stick

Last week I had the pleasure of running a lab site in an Enumclaw 5th Grade class as part of my work with the district over the past couple of years. It’s a lesson that I first taught in 2009 and is still as relevant today as it was then. The students were working on opinion writing. They were writing in Google Docs which made it easy to have students peer edit with their editing partner.

Colleges are pushed to stand behind what they sell with money-back guarantees

The Herchinger Report

Flatiron School co-founders Adam Enbar and Avi Flombaum in the New York complex where students learn to code. The school has a money-back guarantee that its graduates will get jobs. Photo: Jackie Mader. Free enterprise is also on display inside, where students work in teams and with instructors to learn coding, the kind of computer programming that makes possible websites, apps, and software.

Announcing the 2017 Global Student Conference + Call for Proposals

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The 2017 Global Student Conference , a student-organized event, will be held ONLINE on Saturday March 4th, 2017 , and feature keynote speakers and crowdsourced presentations by students in grades 6-12 and college. There is no cost to participate or attend. The theme for this year is "STEM + Entrepreneurship." Sign up at [link] to register to attend, to be kept informed, or to submit a proposal.


7 sneaky ways to get students reading using technology

eSchool News

We all have had students in our classroom who dislike reading. You can spot them easily during their silent reading time: staring at the wall, using the bathroom, or attempting to sharpen pencils that clearly do not need sharpening. Sadly, the number seems to jump year after year. You attempt to cajole, differentiate, and bring in parents knowing that the only way to improve reading is to read.

How and Why to Use Podcasts in Your Classes

Ask a Tech Teacher

A podcast is a topic-specific digital stream of audio files (in some cases, video or PDF also) that can be downloaded to a computer or a wide variety of media devices. They are funny, entertaining, educational, often short, and rarely boring. They can cover news, current events, history, or pretty much anything the creator would like. You can play the entire stream or select an individual episode.

One Simple Way to Screencast with Office Mix

The CoolCatTeacher

A 2-Minute Technology Tip on Screencasting From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. screencast is when you record the screen. While there are many great options out there, Office Mix is so simple, I’m using it for most screencasting. In this example, students have written a few lines of code in Scratch. Then, they open Office Mix. iPad). How to Guides.

5 Questions to Help People Embrace Meaningful Change

The Principal of Change

One of the biggest errors in leadership is when people aren’t moving forward and leaders look outward first, and not inward.  If you are wondering why people aren’t moving forward, ask how you are changing your leadership first, not why they aren’t changing their practice.  I have seen this mistake over and over again in my travels. Do I know and build upon the strengths of those I serve? Nothing.

How an #EdTech Lens Can Improve a Learning Culture

A Principal's Reflections

I remember the days when I was not a very big believer in educational technology. For one, I saw the use of tools just as a means to become more efficient at delivering instruction. Man, could I rock a PowerPoint lecture. As Chris Lehmann says, “You deliver pizzas, not instruction.” Boy, did I have it all wrong. To say I had a fixed mindset would be a gross understatement.

Does growing student diversity mean a renewed focus on personalized learning?

eSchool News

Research shows  that diversity in today’s students (e.g. socio-economic background, gender, race, and previous learning experiences) is greater than ever before. In fact, a conservative 30-40 percent of students may require an alternate learning path or support during their learning, since a diverse student body means different strengths and weaknesses for each individual student.

Women In STEM Speak Out To Girls Everywhere

MIND Research Institute

The other day, my 5 year-old daughter, Hunter, was playing ST Math and struggling on a level in one of the games. My wife stepped in to help and Hunter got upset, saying, "If you keep telling me the answers, I'll never learn, and I'll be the only one in the family who can't do these things!". I was so proud of Hunter for wanting to do things herself, and wanting to work through the struggle.


How to Use Google Drawings

Ask a Tech Teacher

Google Drawings is a free, web-based drawing tool that allows users to collaborate and work together in real time to create flowcharts, organizational charts, website wireframes, mind maps, concept maps, drawings, and more. It is included in GAFE, Google Classroom, G Suite, and Google Drive (this may vary in managed domains, depending upon whether the administrator turns on access to this tool).

Why you aren’t blogging more…

The Principal of Change

…because you are overthinking. Will anyone like this?”. “Have  I wrote something similar?” ” “Is it good enough?”. What does this make me look like as an educator?”. “I am not sure it is ready to post?”. Maybe I should go over and edit just one more time!”. “I think I need more information…”. My best advice…write for you and don’t overthink.

Coding in the Classroom: Six Tips to Get Even Reluctant Teachers—and Students—Started


“I can barely fix a printer. If there is a non-tech way to do something, I will find it,” says Shanti Williams, a teacher at P.S. 34 Oliver H. Perry elementary school in Brooklyn, NY. Williams may have never considered herself to be a "tech person," but she recognized the value of code and discovered how a supportive community could empower her and her students to learn. Now, she’s referred to as LEGO Lady at P.S. 34, where she teaches science, LEGO engineering, and robotics. Williams is not alone in having had initial reservations about computer science. million computing jobs by 2024.

Report: Broadband access making ‘dramatic’ progress

eSchool News

Eighty-eight percent of U.S. school districts have reached the minimum connectivity–100 kbps per student, as recommended by the Federal Communications Commission–to help students effectively use technology in the classroom. According to the data, this mean that 88 percent of school districts–38 million students–are achieving the minimum connectivity goal.

G Suite: Google Classroom Part 2 Top 10 Tips


Create a "faux class" Set up a fake class full of your reusable assignments and project tasks. Use the Reuse Post feature to pull these out into other classes when needed. Here’s how > taVOsG 2. Managing Class Files Manage class files from inside Classroom, not in Drive itself. Classroom keeps track of everything for you! Learn more > JyEOpK 3. Trusted Domain Feature This tool lets you combine students from different domains (like other schools or districts) so you can work together. Talk to your Admin to set it up for you! Learn more > wCC78

10 Reasons Why Videos are Great Educational Tools

Ask a Tech Teacher

I’ve written a lot lately about the benefits of using videos in your classroom. Guest author, Emily Clearly over at mysimpleshow has ten more reasons why videos are a great educational tool for your teaching: Videos are in line with the technological times and can be accessed on the Internet at any point, from wherever you are in the world. Why not put the two together? News Videos

360 Video Education Spotlight: BBC on YouTube

Class Tech Tips

There are lots of ways to incorporate video into the classroom. From capturing students’ attention as you kick off a lesson, to providing context for a new learning experience, teachers use videos in lots of different ways. Assessment & LMS

3 Ways for #EdTech Coaches to Communicate with G Suite for Education

Kyle Pace

In my previous post , I shared some thoughts about the importance of edtech coaches to be an effective and efficient communicator. Strong communication skills, coupled with building relationships, creates a very strong foundation for success in working with teachers and students. Boomerang for Gmail. This is one of my favorite Chrome extensions for Gmail. Google Classroom. Google Forms. Bonus!

3 K-12 ransomware threats and solutions

eSchool News

In February 2016, South Carolina’s Horry County School District was forced to pay a $10,000 ransom to unlock critical data and systems following a ransomware attack. This certainly came as a shock, but unfortunately these types of attacks on schools aren’t all that uncommon. But one has to wonder – could the attack have been prevented? K-12 is a Prime Target—Here’s Why. Training and Awareness.

3 Ways to Differentiate Learning in the Classroom with Google Docs


This is a post from Guest Instructor  Shaelynn Farnsworth. HyperDocs or “HyperLearning” as I prefer to call it, involves a well-crafted digital lesson for student use which engages them in inquiry-based learning and can differentiate learning in the classroom. but anything with a link can be used in HyperLearning. Process. What:  Process involves how students take in and make sense of content.

Now Available: The Chromebook Classroom Podcast

The Electric Educator

Season 1 of the Chromebook Classroom podcast is now available! The Chromebook Classroom Podcast was created to highlight how Chromebooks are impacting education around the world. Each episode features an interview with someone who is using Chromebooks to improve teaching and learning. Listen to the season introduction below. Season 1 Episodes: ep. always appreciate feedback on my posts.

Alternative Reality: The Propensity for Learning Rather Than the Potential for Learning

User Generated Education

I had the opportunity the learn about Dr. Reuven Feuerstein through Dr. Yvette Jackson at a National Urban Alliance conference almost 20 years ago. The biggest thing I took from that conference, that remains with me today, is that if learner potential is discussed, there is an assumption there is a limit of cap to what can be learned. The apropos cliche becomes the sky is the limit.

Easy Ways to Upgrade an Assignment from 1900 to 2017

Teacher Tech

Upgrade the Worksheet from 1900 I recently blogged about a student’s homework assignment that was 36 DOK 1 math problems. looked up math homework from 1900 and it was pretty much IDENTICAL! So So what are some easy things we can do to teach like it is 2017 and not 1900? 1. Use Bitmoji Maybe it […]. Lesson Design Math math


4 components of your district’s next PD win

eSchool News

As instructional techniques incorporate more digital technologies and blended models, school principals must create and implement carefully-constructed visions for teaching and learning–and a new professional development (PD) program aims to help them on their way. The PD program includes five core sessions combining face-to-face and online components for participating principals and leaders.