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Stop asking whether laptops improve learning outcomes

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It’s a question we hear all too often—from parents, technology critics, and, of course, the news media: Do those pricey laptops schools buy actually improve academic results? Laptops by themselves change little. Introducing laptops while not changing the teaching and learning paradigm is of little use, and may even produce negative academic outcomes. Is there success?

What's inside your laptop? Cool infographic

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Laptops, among other technologies, are both cool and complicated. The infographic below helps people understand the basics of what is inside the laptop and how it works. educational technology infographics laptop It''s a good starting point for teaching students about technology hardware. --. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy.

Do one-to-one laptop programs improve learning?

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A Michigan State University study found surprising results when researchers analyzed laptop programs. Students who receive a laptop computer from their school tend to see a noticeable increase in academic achievement, a Michigan State University study reveals. Correct implementation is key, Zheng emphasized, and simply distributing laptops to students will not boost achievement.

Acer launches no risk laptop seed program

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Digital Learning and Tools Mobile Learning News Top News administration best black chrome classrooms cloud Curriculum Education free K-12 laptop school schools solutions statesK-12 schools can test cloud-based Windows or Chrome OS products for free, with no obligation to purchase. There is no fee or obligation to purchase to participate in the program. based K-12 schools can apply here.

State offers laptops as trade-in for school iPads

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Students, teachers cite increased game-playing on iPads and ask for laptops to use for educational purposes. After hearing students and teachers overwhelmingly say iPad computers are used to play games in class, while laptops are better for schoolwork, Auburn and other Maine districts are sending iPads packing and returning to laptops.

Tablet, Laptop, or Both? Which Is Right for You?

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Laptops with real, not touchscreen, keyboards are better for producing, but while you can certainly read on them, it's not as pleasant an experience. The consumption benefits of a tablet, with the full power of a laptop.   I like it a lot.  I may even like better than the other devices. Now I'm checking out a Windows 8 Surface Pro 3. The best of both worlds. It’s fast.

20 Of The Best Laptops Of 2016

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The post 20 Of The Best Laptops Of 2016 appeared first on TeachThought. Technology General New Teacher

How to Keep Your Laptop from Overusing Bandwidth on the Road


solution that’s really helpful is TripMode , which gives you app-by-app control over what gets to talk to the internet on your Mac or Windows laptop. Productivity Software laptops nice problems to have tripmode working on the roadAs punishment for my various parenting sins, I now find myself in a specific Dunkin Donuts about five hours a week, while my son’s at practice.

Giving Away 5 Acer Switch Alpha 12 2-in-1 Laptops Through Twitter. (Really.)

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I’m partnering with Acer Education to give away 5 of their Switch Alpha 12 2-in-1 laptops. If you’re not familiar with the product, it’s a laptop that converts into a tablet with an adjustable display and full-sized keyboard to help you stay productive on the go. You can do as many retweets as you would like, but only one each day of the 5-day promotion will be counted!

#ThrowbackThursday - One Laptop Per Child

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Today we''ll look at The Innovative Educator''s early coverage of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC). Written : April 4, 2008 Topic : Low cost laptops Background : With the advent of these low-cost learning tools, teaching in a one-to-one environment will become more and more prevalent. Reader question : How have low cost laptops changed what happens where you work?

Finally - Laptops More Affordable Than Back to School Supplies

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Laptops for all children. Neverware makes this possible with CloudReady , a new technology which turns almost any old laptop into a Chromebook with support to ensure the device works. Coming this fall, a new innovation to replace the classroom 20th century pencil-and-paper technology! Schools can become Google Apps for Education schools, with free email, word processing, presentation, spreadsheet drawing and more. All this is  on a collaborative platform (aka students can work with each other and experts). want more ». promising practices

Tech Tip #101: The Laptop Internet Button

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Enjoy! Q: My internet stopped working on my laptop. What do I do? A: First: Make sure the laptop button that allows connection to the internet is on. As a working technology teacher, I get hundreds of questions from parents about their home computers, how to do stuff, how to solve problems. Each Tuesday, I’ll share one of those with you. They’re always brief and always focused. Everyone else’s in the house works, but mine won’t connect. More often than not, that’s the problem for teachers at my school. Questions you want answered?  Click here. Follow me.

9 of the Best Laptop Cart Options For Schools

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In today’s classroom landscape, laptops, chromebooks, and various tablets are a common educational tool. For a school that has its own technology that is distributed to students, a laptop cart is the best way to safely store and charge laptops. laptop / chromebook cart should have a convenient way to store a number of devices and charge them simultaneously.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use 6 Laptops in Your Classroom

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mean, what school would not want each of their students to have access to a personal laptop computer? The problem is that  most schools can't afford to spend the kind of money that it takes to provide each student with a laptop , especially when the nation is trying to climb out of a recession. want more ». BYOD / BYOT project based learning

I'm dreaming of a White laptop.

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My old laptop Keith (named after a Rolling Stone - he's very old and has seen better days, falling to pieces, but is still just about functioning), is just about to pop his clogs I fear. or, OMG that laptop must be almost as old as you! He suffers from the laptop version of arthritis I guess. So it is time for a new laptop. Me with Keith in 2009. or any colour really.

8 Tools to Create How-To Videos for Students

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Chromebook ELA - Reading/Writing iPad Apps iPad/Laptop Use iPhone AppsAre you empowering your students as creators? One of my favorite ways to set a purpose for learning is to have students show off what they’ve mastered. You can use technology tools to create how-to videos! This list… The post 8 Tools to Create How-To Videos for Students appeared first on Class Tech Tips.

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Back to School: 9 Best Laptop Backpacks for Students

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Students are transporting a variety of tech with them each day, and this can include laptops. Rather than just shoving a laptop into an ordinary book bag, laptop backpacks can help to make carrying a laptop more convenient, and hopefully a little safer. Padded straps are a necessity and the laptop pocket or sleeve should offer some protection. High this year!)

Across Continents: A Stolen Laptop, An Ominous Email, And A Big Risk

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24 Hour of Code Resources for Teachers and Schools

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Chromebook iPad Apps iPad/Laptop Use iPhone AppsDoes your school participate in the Hour of Code each December? Looking Looking to integrate computer science into the school day all year long? Here are a handful of my favorite resources for computer science and coding.

iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 4: First Impressions on the Tablets That May Replace Your Laptop

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My interest in this technology stems from the promise both companies make: This is the tablet that will replace your laptop. In my eyes, both Microsoft and Apple are not only looking to replace the laptop, but to actually merge it with a tablet to create something that is the best of both worlds. could see either of these devices sliding easily into my laptop bag. Portability.

6 Reasons the Intel 2 in 1 is the Perfect Fit for Effectively Designed Blended Learning Spaces #intelEdu2in1


Beyond the obvious: it’s a touch screen plus laptop, the suite of resources available are engaging and thought provoking. Brought to you by Intel Education. 2 in 1 blended learning classroom devices Intel Intel 2 in 1 Intel Education laptops for kids tablets for kids teaching As any teacher can tell you, each year is different. Curriculum changes. Students change.

8 Must-Have Websites and Apps for Science Reading Passages

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Chromebook iPad Apps iPad/Laptop Use iPhone Apps Social Studies & ScienceFinding high-interest, informational text is an important part of locating just right resources for your classroom. If you’re on the hunt for digital reading material for your students, there are a few different websites and apps that have science reading passages for kids.

9 Reading Response Apps and Websites

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Chromebook ELA - Reading/Writing iPad Apps iPad/Laptop UseA reading response provides teachers with lots of information on student understanding and sets a purpose for reading. It helps students make connections to what they’ve already read or experiences in their own life. There are a variety of technology tools that gives students creative ways to respond to their reading.

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Apple Teacher Program: Self-Paced Learning and Badges

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iPad Apps iPad/Laptop Use Teacher ToolsThis has been a big week of Apple announcements! No matter how you feel about headphone jacks or the Apple Watch, teachers around the world are abuzz about the new announcements from Apple Education. This week Apple announced Apple Teacher a new program created to support and celebrate educators teaching all levels and subject areas.

How-To Use GarageBand in the Reading Classroom

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English Language Learners iPad Apps iPad/Laptop UseGarageBand isn’t just an app for music teachers! One of my favorite parts of diving into the Apple Teacher program is my new found love of Garageband. This Mac and iOS program is so powerful and has plenty of uses in the classroom.

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“They’re getting their own laptop that they get to take home. They get to utilize it at home and in class. And you know, you can tell by the kids’ faces, they’re excited every day to come in.” – Kamil Kumar, USA

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They’re getting their own laptop that they get to take home,” he says. The first year in any job is full of new experiences – some good, some challenging. For Kamil Kumar, a first-year middle school teach at George Komure Middle School in Manteca, California, it has been a whirl-wind. You know,” says Kumar, “it’s got its ups and downs…but I’m getting better at it. I’m getting better by day.

8 Dinosaur Apps and Websites for Students

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iPad Apps iPad/Laptop Use Social Studies & ScienceIt might be hard to imagine bringing a dinosaur into your classroom. With these online resources you won’t have to look too far to find the perfect app or website for your next unit of study.

New to Computer Coding? Learn How To Teach Your Students

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iPad/Laptop UseYou might have noticed… I strongly believe that learning how to code is an essential skill for students. It doesn’t matter what type of career they choose to enter. Problem solving and critical thinking are critical skills for students. Computer science being taught at all levels and the results are powerful.

11 Websites and Apps for Social Studies Reading Passages

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Chromebook ELA - Reading/Writing iPad Apps iPad/Laptop Use iPhone Apps Social Studies & ScienceHow are you making connections between your English Language Arts instruction and the work happening in social studies? Incorporating social studies reading passages into your instruction can help you address learning goals in both subject areas.

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Adobe Spark: Easily create and share videos, images, and newsletters

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Tips: If you have laptops, the web version of Adobe Spark is best, otherwise download the app! Websites adobe spark app create digital storytelling eportfolio facebook facts inquiry instagram iPad journal laptop make maker meme newsletter one to one photo portfolio quote social media spark storytelling tool twitter youtubeWhat it is: Adobe Spark is a collection of fantastic (free!)

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Project-Based Learning with Drawp for School Student Tool

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Chromebook ELA - Reading/Writing iPad Apps iPad/Laptop UseDrawp for School is one of my favorite tools for teachers and students. It’s a workflow management platform with powerful design tools for kids. Children can draw, paint, add text, and include photos and voice recordings in their creations.

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Harnessing the Power of YouTube in the Classroom

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Android Apps Chromebook English Language Learners iPad Apps iPad/Laptop Use Math Tools for TeachersThere are amazing ways to elevate and energize instruction through using technology tools. One resource that’s popular with students of all ages — from the youngest to the oldest — is the video hosting website YouTube. YouTube lets anyone with a free account upload videos.

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Implementing Mobile Devices With a Focus on Learning

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Edmonton, AB: Athabasca University Press. 1:1 laptop program BYOD mobile learning mobile learning devices Uncommon LearningThe following post is a modified excerpt from Uncommon Learning. Mobile learning provides enhanced collaboration among learners, access to information, and a deeper contextualization of learning. Access alone will not translate into enhanced student learning outcomes.

5 Nearpod Tips and Tricks for this School Year

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Android Apps Chromebook ELA - Reading/Writing iPad/Laptop Use Lesson Plans ScannableTech & Virtual Reality Teacher Tools Tips & TricksThere are so many reasons I love the interactive tool Nearpod. As a classroom teacher in a one-to-one iPad classroom I used Nearpod to create interactive presentations for fifth graders.

How-To Strengthen Student Listening Skills with Podcasts

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Android Apps Chromebook ELA - Reading/Writing iPad Apps iPad/Laptop Use iPhone AppsPodcasts are a great way to help strengthen student listening skills. Podcasts are audio (and sometimes video) recordings similar to a radio program or television episode. wide range of organizations and individuals host podcasts and share their thinking around a topic through this medium.

10 Apps and Online Museum Resources

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iPad Apps iPad/Laptop Use Social Studies/Science museum virtual field tripFinding the time and resources for on-the-ground field trips can be a challenge.

BYOD in the Classroom: Necessary or Nice?


Articles BYOD Bring Your Own Device laptops learning Matt Renwick smart phones tabletsHow can we judge the effectiveness of students bringing their own electronic devices to class? Matt Renwick's checklist looks at whether devices meet all students' needs, how they are involved in choosing devices, and whether they're able to collaborate in class and beyond.


6 Favorite Kid-Friendly Podcasts for Classrooms and Families

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ELA - Reading/Writing iPad Apps iPad/Laptop Use iPhone AppsLooking for kid-friendly podcasts? Podcasts are a fantastic way for learners of all ages to explore new topics. As adults, we might listen to a podcast as part of your daily commute or workout routine, but these audio clips can also inspire young learners.

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10 Creation Tools for Web Browsers & Chromebooks

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Chromebook iPad/Laptop Use Reading & Writing Social Studies & ScienceStudents need to have opportunities to apply what they’ve learned and connect it to the real world. Providing students with ways to demonstrate their understanding and create content is even easier with technology tools. Students who have access to a computer with a web browser – including Chromebooks – will be able to create with the tools on this list. Thinglink lets students upload an image and add tags on top of.

3 Screencasting Resources for the Flipped Teacher

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Read Article → Android Apps iPad/Laptop Use iPhone Apps Teacher Tools flipped classroom screencastingTeachers looking to flip their classrooms can explore a variety of tools. Screencasting is the process of recording what you are doing on your tablet or computer. It’s like taking a screenshot but includes audio and video recording too. There are a handful of great.