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20 Free Online Resources to Upgrade Your Studying Process

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You may see Julie's latest publications and contact her via Linkedin All students would agree that it is difficult to study. When you just have too many assignments and projects to work on apart from the other responsibilities, you really need to develop good studying habits if you want to get good grades in class. the site also has exercises and games to make your studying more fun.

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5 Free and Fun Online Tools for Studying


5 Free and Fun Online Tools for Stress-Free Studying I always give my Scholastic posts a lot of thought. I am excited to share a few of my favorite studying tools with you. I am aware that there are tons of tools available for studying; however, I always use the following to determine if a tool is awesome. What are some of your favorite study tools? They are amazing!

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Successful Studying Tips and Resources for Students

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Study skills are often lacking in many students. Here are some resources and tips to help them learn better study skills to help them learn and succeed. how to study study skillsThey struggle to learn material and retain it, no matter what is done in the classroom. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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A Sesame Study In Kindness

NPR Learning and Tech

A new survey from Sesame Workshop found that parents and teachers worry a lot about kindness — what it looks like, how to cultivate it and why there isn't enough of it in the world

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17 Websites for the Social Studies Classroom

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Here’s a recent presentation that I gave on web tools that can be used to teach social studies. Social Studies/Science Teacher Tools current events social studies websitesIt includes some wonderful websites for accessing multimedia and informational text. If you have a favorite missing from this list add a comment to this post or send a tweet to @ClassTechTips!

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Study: Teacher Collaboration Improves Performance, Learning

K-12 Schools - Education News

A massive study has found that teachers get better at what they do when they work together with other teachers. “Ours is the first study, to our knowledge, to develop measures for the quality of collaboration about different instructional domains and attempt to disentangle the relative impacts of collaboration around different topics,” Ronfeldt said.

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Bringing Project Based Learning to Life in the Social Studies Classroom


(Image Source) Project Based Learning can Enhance Learning in any Subject – Here we Check out an Approach for Social Studies Most adults today, even many educators, were never exposed to. Project Based Learning pbl and social studies pbl for history civics project based learning social studies example true pbl for social studies course

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11 Websites and Apps for Social Studies Reading Passages

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How are you making connections between your English Language Arts instruction and the work happening in social studies? Incorporating social studies reading passages into your instruction can help you address learning goals in both subject areas. Chromebook ELA - Reading/Writing iPad Apps iPad/Laptop Use iPhone Apps Social Studies & Science

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Study Tips: Teaching Kids to Be Excellent Students

The CoolCatTeacher

” “Study hard.” WHAT study tips actually work? What does it mean to “study?” ” How do you study? In this episode, she shares important study tips for students. Study Tip: It is so important to reorganize notes, not just rewrite them. Study Tip: Students need to eat healthy foods, get rest, exercise, and sleep.

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Study reveals elementary math gains

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Study of grades 3-5 students showed improved math achievement with personalized learning approach. A research study from the Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) at Harvard University demonstrates a link between an adaptive learning program and improvement in mathematics achievement for students in grades 3-5. News STEM

How Technology Changed My Social Studies Classroom

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How Technology Changed My Social Studies Classroom. You might also approach thematic learning by helping students learn to investigate how each region of the world developed based on a study of their art, literature, and music. For example, a teacher might ask students to study ancient issues that become modern problems and come up with solutions. by Thomas Stanley.

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Media Literacy in Today’s Social Studies Class


Articles Media Literacy C3 Career & Civic Life C3 Framework in Social Studies Center for News Literacy College Critical Thinking Consortium Election 2016 fake news Frank Baker Frank W. Baker NCSS Position Statement on Media Literacy News Literacy Project photo analysis worksheet social studiesThe NCSS revised Position Statement on Media Literacy supports engaging students in inquiry and analysis as well as developing their understanding of media and propaganda. Frank W. Baker shows how students can evaluate the flood of fake news and the Fall election.

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5 Google Chrome Apps for Social Studies Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

February 26, 2015 Below are some useful Chrome apps we have curated from Chrome web store for social studies teachers. Social studies resources The post comes as response to the multiple requests we have been receiving more.

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Practice Makes Possible: What We Learn By Studying Amazing Kids

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In the age-old fight between hard work and talent, researcher Anders Ericsson says it's no contest. Practice wins the day

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4 Word Study Apps: Letters & Vowel Sounds

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If you’re looking for a new set of apps to support young learners, check out this collection of word study apps. Do you have a favorite word study app to add to this list? Read Article → The post 4 Word Study Apps: Letters & Vowel Sounds appeared first on Class Tech Tips. ELA - Reading/Writing iPad Apps alphabet letter sounds word study

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I LOVE Bella & Harry Books: Teach Social Studies & Add Augmented Reality to Bring the Books to Life!


I''ve been wanting more books for my social studies collection. Cairo Study Guide - scroll through the 9 page document below - Connect with & order Bella and Harry Books The educational value of the series is cleverly disguised amidst dozens of illustrated pages. The Adventures of Bella and Harry! Like many of you, I receive a ton of press releases in my inbox. something amazing!

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Teaching Good Study Habits, Minute by Minute


Heather Lambert Parent Partnership With clear goals, timed exercises, and games, parents can help design home-study habits by tailoring them to their students' visual, kinesthetic, musical, or social strengths Photo credit: Thomas Mueller via flickr (CC BY 2.0)

9 case studies reveal secrets of successful blended, online learning programs

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Evergreen Education Group, in cooperation with FuelEd, has published an executive summary and nine full case studies, “ Outcomes of Blended and Online Learning Programs in Schools Using Fuel Education Curriculum.” Evergreen Education Group details academic outcomes of nine different programs using Fuel Education. Material from a press release was used in this report.

10 Tools That Can Help Students With Case Study Analysis


Image Source A Range of Tools to Lend Efficiencies to Case Study Assignments Case study analysis is a serious work that often demands a lot of time and effort. Free Tools & Resources _ Miscellaneous Tools and Topics apps to aid in case study case study tools free case study toolsStudents need to go through a lot of. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

Exciting Results from Large Flipped Class Study

Turning Learning On Its Head

I had a chance to chat with Kirsty Tonks who did a large flipped learning meta study in the United Kingdom. Listen in to hear the exciting results. link]. Radio Show

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Study: Focus on Empathy, Not Punishment, Improves Discipline

K-12 Schools - Education News

The study found that the number of pupils who were suspended across the academic year halved, from 9.6% The lead author of the study was Jason Okonofua, a Stanford psychology post-doctoral fellow, who joined with David Paunesku, a psychology researcher, and Gregory Walton, an associate professor of psychology. Stanford News explained that the study consisted of three experiments.

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The 5 Best Study Aid Apps for Students


Some study aid sites even offer a ‘study break’ where students can take five minutes to check out the latest celebrity news. The post The 5 Best Study Aid Apps for Students appeared first on Edudemic. For Students How To Reviews app reviews best apps study aids It’s not easy for students to stay on task these days. From Facebook to Instagram and Twitter to instant messaging to pop up, there are so many distractions. But it’s never really five […].

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Lesson Ideas for #Chromebook Classrooms: Collaborative #Math Study Guides

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Each student now has access to a student-generated study guide with dozens of practice problems! Note: this lesson idea is an excerpt from my book, The Chromebook Classroom. If you find this lesson helpful, you will enjoy the 40+ lessons from the book! Pick up a copy on Amazon or at ! The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else!

New study shows variety in teachers’ influences on kids’ futures, and how poorly we measure that

The Hechinger Report

Kraft, co-author with David Blazar of the new research study, “ Teacher and Teaching Effects on Students’ Attitudes and Behaviors.”. For their study, Kraft and Blazar (who work at Brown and Harvard Universities, respectively) used student surveys and test score results and pored through hours of video of teachers at work in four urban school districts. Photo: Julienne Schaer.

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More Testing, Less Play: Study Finds Higher Expectations For Kindergartners

NPR Learning and Tech

Less art and play; more textbooks and tests, say surveyed teachers. As kindergarten becomes the new first grade, some worry that the joy of learning is being lost with higher rigor

4 Significant Apps for Social Studies Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

ipad social studies appsSeptember 5, 2015 Below are four free educational iPad apps we want to bring to your attention. While they can be used across different content areas, these apps are particularly useful more.

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A New Collection of Web Tools for Social Studies Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

November 19, 2015 Below is a collection of some very good websites for social studies teachers which we have curated from Graphite. Social studies resourcesWe have particularly focused on new websites which are more.

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What Studying App is Used by 1 in 3 High School Students?


Assessment Free Tools & Resources iPads and Other Tablet Devices iPhones and Smartphones Mobile Learning Resources best flash card app best review app for students best study app how quizlet keeps getting better multi language study app popular studying software appAnd What do you do to Keep Improving When You are Already one of the Most Widely Used Education Apps Around?

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Book Study Group: #InnovatorsMindset


InnovatorsMindset book study group. Join us! New book each month for school yr P0uJsqFgnc #makered #growthmindset #edchat. Wanda Terral (@wterral) July 31, 2016. Mindset

Ten Engaging Digital Education Sites For Any Social Studies Classroom

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

I took some time to look over my past posts and decided I needed to provide Social Studies Teachers with some great resources for their classroom. Rather than get into any one specific Social Studies area, I thought best to find some resources that might work in just about any Social Studies Classroom. The provided link will bring you to the Social Studies area of the site.

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Gamified Social Studies Takes Off in Fantasy Geopolitics

EdTech Magazine

Frank Smith A game born from a teacher's frustration has blossomed into a new way to teach geography and current events. Classroom Curriculum Digital Content Game-based Learning Mobile Apps Mobility

Teaching Kids How to Learn Without Study Drugs


Culture adolescents brain research featured full-image study drugs How can parents and teachers reduce stress on the teens and young adults in their lives? One way is stop confusing rigor with workload. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

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#3: Classroom observations may hurt teachers more than they help, study says

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The study, published in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis , adds to the ongoing policy debate over when and how teachers should be evaluated. [ Editor’s note: This story, originally published on January 19th of this year, was our #3 most popular story of the year. The countdown continues tomorrow with #2, so be sure to check back!].

Don’t Ignore Teachers in Evaluation Studies of Education Technology


Based on this, we need to study not only software, but what teachers are thinking and doing to make use of the software in their classrooms if we want to understand what important changes are taking place for students. Summary Our experience studying instructional technology has continually brought us back to the key role played by teachers. As a researcher, I recognize the appeal of “gold standard” research that uses random assignment to find out just how much a given digital courseware product helps improve student learning. How Can Teachers Affect Usage?

School of Me: Letting students study what they want, when they want is the latest education trend

The Hechinger Report

Many programs and products produce reams of “research,” but they’re just sales materials masquerading as effectiveness studies. The post School of Me: Letting students study what they want, when they want is the latest education trend appeared first on The Hechinger Report. A fifth grader works on a digital lesson as part of a blended learning program. Photo: Meghan E. Murphy. Ryan S.

Staying Student-Centered in Whole Novel Study


Ariel Sacks' Whole Novels for the Whole Class is "the ultimate teacher-friendly manual for accommodating all students around a single book," says ELA veteran Mary Tedrow, who finds Sacks' practical specificity convincing and her confidence infectious.

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6 Handy Chromebook Apps for Social Studies Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Chromebook apps Chromebook social studies appsOctober 6, 2015 Chromebook is a versatile gadget with a huge potential in education. Several school districts and classrooms have been using them over the last couple of years and they proved to more.