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10 Inspirational Videos for Teachers

The CoolCatTeacher

10 Inspirational Videos for Teachers. If you want to do anything on social media, this is a must-watch video. When I fall off my fitness train and get out of the habit, I watch this video and get back on. This video is an amazing compilation of quotes, many I had never heard before. came across it as I was embedding the videos above. Teachers are important!

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Leading With Video

A Principal's Reflections

There is no denying the power of video in society. In a 2014 Forbes article , Richard Tiland makes some significant points when it comes to video and leadership. For example: The use of video is so ubiquitous in our everyday lives; it has become part of our subconscious. We don’t even realize how much we know and learn from video—news, commercials, documentaries, even YouTube.

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8 Great Web Tools for Creating Video Lessons

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

January , 2017 Video lessons are instructional videos created through a screen casting or video software. The nature of a video lesson differs according to the purpose for which it is created; it more. my freebies Video lesson tools

Big Jump in Use of Games, Videos in K-12 Schools, Survey Finds

Marketplace K-12

The use of online instructional videos in classrooms, meanwhile, has risen over that stretch from 47 percent to 68 percent. T he 2015 Speak Up survey findings  are the latest in a series of reports released each year by the Irvine, Calif.-based “The explosion in teacher interest and usage of videos and game-based learning could be a harbinger of a new awakening for digital learning” said Julie Evans, the CEO of Project Tomorrow, in a statement. The full report offered a variety of reasons for why students grade 6-12 see value in online educational videos.

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14 ways to create great classroom video with Screencastify

Ditch That Textbook

Not too long ago, video creation required bulky, awkward video cameras with big, plastic VCR tapes. And video editing … well, that just wasn’t readily available to the average person. Ed Tech edtech educational technology flipped classroom screencasts video creation video projects webcamMy, how things have changed.

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50+ Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom [Video]

The CoolCatTeacher

Well, recently I had to record a video just in case the weather wasn’t so great in Pittsburg, Kansas for my virtual keynote. If you can’t see this video in your RSS reader or email, then click here. The post 50+ Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom [Video] appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog. Trying to figure out what’s next? Please share!

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My Simple Show: Create your own explainer videos for free!

iLearn Technology

What it is: My Simple Show Video Creator lets students easily create professional level “explainer” videos. The finished product looks just like a Common Craft video, so cool! Below is a video I made quickly today. This type of video can be made over a few weeks using classroom devices as a writing center.  In the final step, students add audio.

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10 Reasons Why Videos are Great Educational Tools

Ask a Tech Teacher

I’ve written a lot lately about the benefits of using videos in your classroom. Guest author, Emily Clearly over at mysimpleshow has ten more reasons why videos are a great educational tool for your teaching: Videos are in line with the technological times and can be accessed on the Internet at any point, from wherever you are in the world. News Videos

5 tips for using live video in the classroom

eSchool News

Videos are attention-getters. One of the major benefits, in fact, is that everybody is familiar with video chat, thanks to smart phones and online media. New video technology is making the video chat option much more flexible and practical, too. good mix of graphics, video chat, and interactions can deliver excellent educational values.

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30 Second Videos for Your Students

Teacher Tech

Personally, I cringe when I hear a teacher mention they are making videos for their students. absolutely advocate for teachers to create videos. Too often I see 10-20 minute videos for students to watch. Google Video YouTube video youtubeHowever, regardless of the medium, student engagement matters.

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Add Questions to Videos and Monitor Student Progress, for Free, with EdPuzzle


Easily Assess Student Engagement With Video Lessons With This Powerful Free Application Being able to take any video and add questions to it that students must answer before continuing to watch is an. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

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Google Classroom: Video Playlists

Teacher Tech

Google Classroom Video Library I am so loving this new feature in Google Classroom to “Copy link” to an assignment. The post Google Classroom: Video Playlists appeared first on Teacher Tech. Advanced Classroom Google classroom google videoOne use for the “Copy link” feature is to link to other Google Classroom classes. Let’s say you have a red Google Classroom class for your main announcements and you have a blue Google Classroom class […].

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ICYMI: Game-Changing Coaching [video]

Fidelis Education

We recently hosted a webinar with Josh Cage, EVP of Greenwood Hall, to talk about jumpstarting a game-changing coaching program, all the way from acquisition of coaches, to best practices in coaching. Check out what he has to say: Uncategorized edtech edtechupdate

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8 Tools to Create How-To Videos for Students

Class Tech Tips

You can use technology tools to create how-to videos! Students can demonstrate what they’ve learned and share their knowledge with others by creating how-to video clips. This list… The post 8 Tools to Create How-To Videos for Students appeared first on Class Tech Tips. Are you empowering your students as creators?

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3 minutes: Redesigning lessons with trudacot [VIDEO]

Dangerously Irrelevant

I’m finally posting the video from my Redesigning lessons with trudacot presentation at ISTE last year. minutes. Happy viewing! Want to learn more about the trudacot discussion protocol? No related posts. Tech Integration

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Be awesome, 7th graders [VIDEO]

Dangerously Irrelevant

The 7th graders at the International School of Brussels had an entire day of technology- and Internet-suffused awesomeness yesterday. I was asked to send them a short kickoff video for their day since they had previously watched my TEDxDesMoines talk. Newell-Fonda students decide to ‘be the change’ [VIDEO]. Here’s what I sent them… Related Posts.

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If, When and How to Use Video in the Classroom


Curtis Chandler can’t help but worry a bit about the ‘video-fication’ of our students. Is academic progress being hindered by excessive and ineffective video use? He identifies best practices and several tech tools that can help make sure videos augment learning. Class Apps Video Clips Curtis Chandler EDuzzle learning goals Vialogues video videos in education ViewPure Vizia

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10 Two-Minute Videos That Pave the Way to PBL in Your Classroom

Brilliant or Insane

The post 10 Two-Minute Videos That Pave the Way to PBL in Your Classroom appeared first on Brilliant or Insane. Brilliant or Insane. Years ago, I decided to convert my boring traditional middle school classroom into a vibrant, student-centered, project-based learning environment. This was a monstrous undertaking that added a lot of stress to an already stress-filled job. Featured edchat PB

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360 Video Education Spotlight: BBC on YouTube

Class Tech Tips

There are lots of ways to incorporate video into the classroom. From capturing students’ attention as you kick off a lesson, to providing context for a new learning experience, teachers use videos in lots of different ways. Assessment & LMS

The backwards bicycle [VIDEO]

Dangerously Irrelevant

What a backwards bicycle can teach us about learning… Fascinating. Hat tip: Will Richardson. No related posts. Learning and Teaching learning

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These Google Forms turn video from passive to active learning

eSchool News

For as long as I have been a teacher, I have been showing videos in class. While not a revolutionary idea, back when I first started I would show a video related to the lesson and hand out an accompanying question sheet to make sure the students were focusing on the main ideas. The Google Form had three embedded videos and six questions prompting students to interpret them.

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Free Evernote Training Videos on YouTube

Educational Technology Guy

just found out about some great training videos on YouTube that show you how to do different tasks in Evenrote. Evernote evernote schools free resources tech training videos Evernote is one of my favorite and most used apps. I use it for project management, task lists, meeting notes, reference notes, web clippings, personal tasks and more. Check them out here: [link] If you don''t use Evernote , check it out. It''s free, easy to use, and cross platform. used it for lesson planning, lesson notes, class notes, student notes and logs, and more as a teacher.

10 TED-Ed videos your students can use today

eSchool News

More often than not, students pick up a mobile device or use a computer to access videos and digital media online. Educators can build lessons around any TED-Ed Original , TED Talk or YouTube video through Ted-Ed. Once they locate the video they wish to use, they next use the TED-Ed Lesson editor to add questions, discussion prompts and additional resources.

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5 Empowering and Inspiring Videos for Students, Teachers from Soul Pancake


Inspire, Amaze, Learn, Change, Grow, Laugh … Need a little lift to get you through the day, the week, and propel you through to the end of the school year? I’ve so enjoyed the videos from. Best Education and Technology Videos _ Miscellaneous Tools and Topics empowering videos for students fun inspirational videos for students teachers inspiring videos for classroom education

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Video for assessment

Learning with 'e's

One recent assessment method I have used is to get students to make videos. They are then asked to create a video (or other form of presentation) and show it to their classmates. In parallel to this, the student presenter is challenged to defend their perspective, to think critically about their own views, and to discuss the process they went through to create the video.

Visions, values and video streaming

Learning with 'e's

Photo by Jimmy Rehak on Wikimedia Commons Visions, values and video streaming by Steve Wheeler was written in Plymouth, England and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 EEES613 education learning live streaming philosophy politics practice school society theories Twitter values video visionsThere are two ways you can join in. Unported License.

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YouTube Offers Free Music for your Classroom Videos

Class Tech Integrate

One of the things that teachers and students often want to add to a video presentation is background music. Of course, this can become difficult when you want to post these videos to YouTube or any social media site. Do to copyright issues, you are not allowed to post videos with just any music added to them. YouTube actually gives you a solution to this problem!

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Best Education-Related Videos of 2014

User Generated Education

I love end of year “best of” lists.  My own list is what I found to be the most powerful education related videos of 2014. They all, in some way, address the mind, heart, and spirit of education.  Each touched me in some way to help illuminate the purpose and core of education. Let me know of any others that you found of value during 2014! Malala Yousuf Nobel Prize Speech. Inspire Her Mind.

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“Not Normal” [Video]

The CoolCatTeacher

The post “Not Normal” [Video] appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher helping educators be excellent every day. From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. We spend way too much time trying to be normal. David Salyers , VP at Chic Fil A says, “Normal can never be amazing.” Normal is every day.

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Adobe Spark: Easily create and share videos, images, and newsletters

iLearn Technology

Produce and share impressive videos for storytelling, projects, or to share to social media. Anastasis Academy Create inspiration Interactive Whiteboard Maker Space Middle/High School Primary Elementary Secondary Elementary Subject Teacher Resources video web tools Web2.0 What it is: Adobe Spark is a collection of fantastic (free!)

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The Mantra of An Innovative Educator (Video)

The Principal of Change

Thank you Medford School District for putting this video together.  It was powerful to see your students and staff sharing together. With this empathetic approach, I will create and design learning experiences with that question as a starting point. believe that my abilities, intelligence, and talents can be developed, leading to the creation of new and better ideas.

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Grammar Lessons: Video & Writing Exercises from GrammarFlip

Class Tech Tips

GrammarFlip contains over 50 instructional videos, each followed by practice exercises and writing application activities. Students learn at their own pace from instructional videos, receive instant feedback from interactive practice exercises, and apply their knowledge through writing activities. Chromebook ELA - Reading/Writing iPad/Laptop Use grammar video lessons

Blubbr - play and create video trivia games

Educational Technology Guy

Blubbr is a free site that allows you to create and play video trivia games. You can use your own video clips or search online for them. educational games video It''s easy to use and there are a lot of games already there that can be used. There is an Education section with over 8,000 "triv''s" there to use. Take a look. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy. Feel free to share summaries and links to these articles, but do not copy and repost entire article. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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Video: When to choose iPads vs. Chromebooks

eSchool News

note : In partnership with Lesson Planet , we asked their professional development resource arm, PD Learning Network , for the most popular videos on their site. Empowering Education with Video Featured on eSchool News Featured Video Gallery Innovation Corner Mobile and Handheld Technologies Professional Development (PD) Top News Uncategorized Video GalleryTwo educators go head-to-head on which device is better for classrooms. We’ll be featuring a limited number of these, one a week, each Monday.

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EdPuzzle 3 Minute TOOL-torial: Add Questions to Videos, Monitor Progress


Minute Teaching With Tech Tip (Video Tutorials) Best Education and Technology Videos Flipping the Classroom (Reverse Instruction) FLN Hub Syndicated Posts Free Tools & Resources Podcasting, Vodcasting, & Video Hosting Screencasting embed questions in videos how can i add questions to videos how to embed add questions to videos

Video 22

20 Web Tools and Apps for Learners to Create Fun Videos

Teacher Reboot Camp

“Humans are incredibly visual and powerful, moving images help us find meaning… video helps capture and contextualize the world around us.” Students enjoy producing short videos and showing their creativity. Planning a video project doesn’t have to be a huge headache. Check out my slide presentation ( download for free ) below for more ideas and find over 1001 video production ideas here. Check out the bookmarks for several more web apps, tools, and resources to get your students learning by producing their own short videos. Bookmarks.

Students Create Video Games by Drawing with Pixel Press Floors!

Two Guys and Some iPads

Pixel Press ''s new app Floors allows students to draw their own video game without programming! JOIN US LIVE TONIGHT AT 9PM EST! We are excited for episode #32 of The Two Guys Show with the Pixel Press ''s Katie Burke! Pixel Press is working with educators to bring lesson plans and more exclusive content this summer in preparation for the school year in the fall.

Video 102

6 Good Apps to Easily Create Video Collages

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

September 30, 2015 Looking for some good web tools to use to create educational video collages? Video collage appsThe collection below has you covered. It features a number of popular tools and mobile apps to more.

5 Great Web Tools for Creating Video Lessons

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

December 2 , 2015 We have curated for you today a list of some very helpful tools to use to create interactive video lessons. Video lesson toolsThese tools are particularly ideal for blended and flipped more.

Video 38

6 Awesome (and free) Video-editing apps.


Science week is coming up at my school and the students have to make a video of an investigation / experiment. Magisto is such an amazing app; it intuitively knows what to do with your videos and photos. This app makes video-editing a breeze. Upload your photos or videos; choose a style and song; add text and stickers; then you’re done! 3)  Splice.

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