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Getting the Most Out of Your District Technology Support Staff


Integrating technology into your classroom can be overwhelming at first—especially navigating the different resources and district technology support staff that are available to you. Below, we dive into three potential resources and their intended purpose, so you can keep classroom devices working and redefine the way you approach your curriculum with the use of technology. Instructional Technology Specialists: Your Instructional Yodas Be sure to take notes of the troubleshooting protocols TOSAs follow to limit the time you spend on those issues.

Starting a Student Technology Support Team

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Whether you choose a BYOD policy or your school or district provides devices through a 1:1 initiative, there will be some aspect of support required. If tech support is not a line item in a budget, the technology plunge might be a scary one. But before you panic, consider starting a student technology team to offset the costs of hiring a full support staff.

Educational Technology Support


I''m proud to be a partner with the following sites and appreciate how they''re supporting educational technology in various forms. Being a sponsor of this site is more than simply having a spot on the side bar, but rather joining a partnership together to support the advancement of technology in education. I''m very thankful for the sponsors of this site. At Worth Ave.

Tips for Transforming Educational Technology through Professional Development and Training

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By Mike Patterson Teachers say they lack proper technology support, but schools can turn the tables on inadequate training programs using these best practices. Classroom Curriculum Management Training

21 education technology recommendations for 2016

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The new National Education Technology Plan offers a vision and roadmap for technology-supported learning. A new federal National Education Technology Plan reveals 21 recommendations for policymakers, administrators, teachers and teacher preparation professionals. The 2016 Plan, Future Ready Learning: Reimagining the Role of Technology in Education , articulates a vision of equity, active use, and collaborative leadership to make everywhere, all-the-time learning possible, according to the plan’s website. Next page: The 21 technology recommendations.

The EDEN Interviews: Bates, Daniel and Moore

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You could say I was still very new to the idea of distance education , even though I had been working in technology supported education for almost 2 decades, and had also obtained my first degree from the British Open University. EDEN Budapest distance education learning Michael G Moore Sir John Daniel Technology Tony BatesUnported License.

New and emerging technologies

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The video below is the result of that interview, in which I answer questions such as: what emerging technology trends have the greatest potential for learning? What tips you you have for people wanting to invest in emerging technology? and should we be waiting until our learners adopt new technology or should we be leading the way as learning providers? Unported License.

The EDEN Interviews: Leslie Wilson

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I wanted to find out her views on a host of digital learning strategies, including the digitisation of content, open academic publishing and the integration of technology into higher education. What needs to be done next to ensure a successful future for technology supported learning? What do undergraduates need in a richly technological age? Unported License.

A New Year of #EDENchat

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In each one hour session, we discuss a topic related to technology supported learning, distance education or innovative approaches to education. Moderated by Steve Wheeler 10 February: Critical thinking and technology. edenchat Distance Education EDEN learning Storify TechnologyAll sessions are between 8-9pm (GMT) on the dates shown. 13 January: Openness in research.

Blended Learning - what is it, pros/cons, tips and resources

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By having online materials available, students have access to support when out of the classroom. Teachers will need training on using this method of instruction to make it effective students will need to be shown how to access, use the technology and what is expected of them Students need to be able to do work outside of school hours do they have access to technology at home?

We Are All Teachers Of Literacy

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Danny Glover At ISTE 2016 I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel, sponsored by Samsung Education , with other educators and industry experts, spending an hour talking about literacy in the age of technology. My role in the discussion was that of a former District Technology Leader and what I’ve seen when implementing district technology programs centered around literacy.

21 education technology recommendations for 2016

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The new National Education Technology Plan offers a vision and roadmap for technology-supported learning. A new federal National Education Technology Plan reveals 21 recommendations for policymakers, administrators, teachers and teacher preparation professionals. Next page: The 21 technology recommendations. The plan that the U.S.

First Student Summit Grant in the Books!


During the years my students and I have produced a live technology support show and presented at hundreds of conferences. Kern Kelley Director of Student Agency EdTechTeam In 2012 I was invited to present at the Google Teacher Academy in Google’s New York City office. At the event, educators receive learning from teachers and Googler's. We called these students Tech Sherpas.

Choosing the Right #EdTech Resources: Consideration 4

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Read more at What the Savviest School Administrators Know About Education Technology _ This is part of a series in my conversation with author and professor Liz Kolb , who is teaching a course at the University of Michigan that addresses ways technology supports modern teaching and learning. Platforms, and standards, and subjects, oh my! Fortunately, those days are in the past.

Join our global #EDENchat

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Contact me if you're interested in hosting and have a technology supported education theme you would like to propose for #EDENchat. edenchat competency EDEN education learning literacy Technology universityWe enjoyed a great first #EDENchat of the season during the EDEN Research Workshop when my colleague Antonella Poce hosted the Twitter session last week. Unported License.

Digital Learning Day Reflections

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Last Thursday Chattanooga Christian Lower School opened our doors for observations of technology integration. We started the day with a brief explanation of technology integration at our school and then gave our visitors an agenda of different things happening throughout the day that they could walk in and visit. It was more a stand alone class for technology. I am supported.

How an #EdTech Lens Can Improve a Learning Culture

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I remember the days when I was not a very big believer in educational technology. As I moved from the classroom to administration, I still saw technology from a mere delivery aspect. From 2004 through 2008, I basically rubber-stamped the status quo while adding a splash here and there of technology. We must always be cognizant of the way in which technology is integrated.

Learning Technologies and Creativity in the Classroom


If newer technologies can foster creativity in students then educators must seriously think about how they can incorporate them into their classroom teaching strategies. Technology supports creativity because it is a medium that requires interaction, unlike the one-way participation of an activity such as watching TV. Learning technologies and creative thinking activities.

EdTech and the accessibility paradox

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That’s given Cox a front seat to a new movement in education, which calls for recreating classrooms in a manner that supports learning for each child. One popular research-based approach to mitigate this failure is to ensure that technologies support Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a framework to help educators and publishers consider how best to design learning experiences and materials for those with and without disabilities. Increasingly, policymakers are suggesting or outright requiring that EdTech products support UDL requirements.

The Scoop on Deeper Learning and Mathematics: English Language Learner Edition

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The full version of the film is worth watching as well to help understand the obstacles teachers and faculty encounter when trying to support ELLs. This infographic on Math Success for ELLs shares some of the challenges facing ELLs when it comes to learning math and ideas on how to maximize technology in math instruction. Supporting ELLs with Visual Math Instruction.


It's complicated

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It's not easy integrating technology into education. I think this discussion highlights many of these factors and reveals some of the complexities of technology supported learning in higher education. e-portfolios FaceBook Games based learning higher education learning LMS Pokemon Go social media Technology Twitter university VLE YikyakIt's complicated. Unported License.

Half of school leaders expect significant impact from ESSA

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New survey reveals how school leaders feel about policy, tech-supported learning. Survey questions ranged across the education spectrum and included the impact of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), technology-supported learning, increasing graduation rates, and serving special needs students. Catapult Learning, Inc. Material from a press release was used in this report.

Lingua Tweeta and other ideas

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I spend a lot of my time thinking through issues and challenges around technology supported learning. I try to come up with new ways to use technology that take learning into another place, or into new directions. When I get some positive feedback it encourages me to work harder to think of more new ideas, methods and strategies for using technology in education.

Why schools shouldn't ban smartphones

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I was asked to write an opinion piece for the Western Morning News earlier this week as a response to the comments from Ofsted and their advisers on the use of technology in schools. Many teachers are left wondering whether personal technologies such as smartphones actually have a place in education and what risks and threats accompany them. Technology has its dangers.

The interview

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We talked about the latest developments in technology supported education and discussed the contents of my new book. education learning podcast Technology Twitter I''ve been doing a lot of interviews recently, live at conferences, by text, and on video and audio. Interviews are great ways to get ideas across, and the more informal they are the better. It was wide ranging.

Cengage sees digital outpace textbook sales for first time

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The recent acquisition of Learning Objects aims to build the right technology and scale to support customers serving students seeking online alternatives to traditional college courses. Cengage Learning’s white glove customer service helps faculty to overcome concerns about digital and get the most out of digital courseware in order to best support student success.

Facilitating Open Debate In and Out of School

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As I continue to grow in this area, I am always on the look out for new tools that I can integrate into my presentations to demonstrate these two points as well as to illustrate the pedagogical link that technology supports in our schools. Often times I will double down and also make the connection of how certain tools can be used to support the work of administrators.

Google Teacher Tribe Podcast | Episode 2 Karly Moura

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Episode 2 Show Notes: Karly Moura is a Teacher On Special Assignment (Instructional Coach & Educational Technology Support Teacher) at Sun Terrace Elementary School, MDUSD. edtech educational technology Free Resources for teachers G Suite GAFE Google Google and iOS Google Classroom Google Expeditions google teacher tribe podcast Instructional Technology iOS iPad podcast

The 2 Biggest Barriers To Learning in Modern Schools - Consideration 7

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It used to be that 1:1 technology access was a novelty. Furthermore with companies like Neverware which can turn most any old device into a high-speed Chromebook, cost and tech support are no longer the barriers they once were. Today, with Chromebooks, it is less expensive to give each child a device than it is to provide all the resources that device provides (i.e. What do you think?

Bloom’s Taxonomy and the implications it has for a digital classroom.


Technology or pedagogy? I would argue that technology is not the tool that makes children creative, instead it is a support. The learning is the priority when planning lessons; the technology is merely a dynamic aid. Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into lessons instead of viewing it as an add-on or afterthought.” – Heidi-Hayes Jacobs. Applying.

Taking Personalized Learning Personal

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I was asked to be a part of this pilot as technology support. We turned it into a blended learning station rotation class with the use of technology to fill gaps. For Chattanooga Christian School, our teachers started off in a blended learning station rotation model with modality stations such as teacher instructed, hands on, technology instruction, gaming, inquiry based.

What is digital learning?

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Over the next two weeks I''m in New Zealand, doing a series of keynote presentations to teachers on the future of education and technology supported learning. The mLearn tour is sponsored by a company called Telco Technology Services who specialise in supporting teachers in New Zealand schools with technology training and provision. Learning is learning.

Don’t forget AV needs for Common Core assessments

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Califone International , a manufacturer of audio technology and sound presentation solutions for schools, industry, institutions and professional use, introduced three new earbud designs, a wireless keyboard and personal voice amplifier to fit the needs of any classroom at the recent 2015 TCEA Convention & Exposition in Austin, Texas. Assessments Common Core News Top News


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Over the next three days, delegates will listen to keynote speeches from a number of thought leaders in the field of technology supported learning, including Pro-Vice Chancellor of the British Open University Belinda Tynan , Maverick US educator Jim Groom , one of the leading lights of the Open University of Catalonia, Professor Albert Sangra , and veteran distance educator Alan Tait.

Role of Tech in Ed: Consideration #1

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Innovative educators know how to move technology from being viewed as a weapon of mass distraction to being used as a tool of engagement, but this isn’t intuitive for everyone. Start with these ideas of ways to use technology to support teaching and learning. Teaching Technology can changes the role of the teacher in meaningful ways. He explains that young people have an advantage when asking adults for support and tells the story of himself picking up the phone at 12 years old and calling Bill Hewlett (of Hewlett Packard). Not sure how to begin?

How to Run a Parent Class

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Parents often find technology a roadblock to helping their children with classwork. help them understand how technology supports the school’s mission and overarching curricula (such as Common Core or Everyday Math). how to decode domain-specific language associated with technology, i.e., cloud . Jacqui Murray has been teaching K-8 technology for 15 years.

A future

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They are a part of a larger group of digital literacy specialists - primary school teachers who specialise in technology supported learning. They are all just as passionate as I am about learning, and each of them has a unique and creative perspective on how to use technologies to enrich and extend children's education. It is incredibly rewarding. My response: 'A future'.