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5 questions to answer about OER use

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As open educational resources (OER) grow in popularity, school leaders are tasked with identifying the best way to find, organize and use these resources. During a CoSN webinar focused on using effective OER use, a panel of educators shared their experiences and offered insight on OER’s impact on education. Next page: Four more important OER questions).

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3 challenges to OER implementation

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Open educational resources (OER) have made their presence known in education, with teachers and administrators voicing their excitement over free resources that are easily shared and adapted. Next page: Three challenges to OER use. In fact, the movement has grown so much that it has received federal attention. The U.S. Digital Learning and Tools Resource

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OER and you. The curation mandate


At the #GoOpen Exchange on Friday, everyone was talking about OER and the need to curate.  But it was clear to our little group, that to the larger majority of the participants, we were not even on the OER radar. Some OER background: Launched in October,  GoOpen is a U.S. What are OER? The new feature allows educators to discover OER even when not signed in.

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ECM #149 OER: Teaching Without Traditional Textbooks

The CoolCatTeacher

Award Winning Science Teacher Amy Pace Shares How She Uses OER Textbooks Amy Pace is a Presidential Award winning science teacher. She is using “free” OER textbooks for all her courses. OER stands for Open Education Resources which are often curated by experts via grants and other means. Visionary states, districts, and schools might find a money-saving resource with OERs.

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Self as OER


When we look at common definitions of Open Educational Resources or OERs (e.g., OER Commons , The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation ) it is clear that there is tendency to equate open educational resources to open educational materials and tools , such as course materials in text, audio, or video format, open textbooks, and educational software. You can read it here !

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OER: Some Questions and Answers

iterating toward openness

Earlier this week I read an  op-ed  – sponsored by Pearson – titled “If OER is the answer, what is the question?” OER often shine in their variety and ability to deepen resources for niche topics. Hilton’s review of this research suggests that this “same or better” outcome for OER users holds about 93% of the time. Absolutely. 5. T =.1.

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Memo to OER Purveyors: Teachers Don’t Want Content, Teachers Want Curriculum!

The Journal

While OER marketplaces tend to tout the amount and types of content on offer, we must remind ourselves that content is not curriculum — and it is curriculum that teachers actually want. We go on to describe the life-cycle of a digital lesson — and argue that support for all the life cycle phases is only just beginning to be provided

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OER 32

Pearson, Efficacy, Credibility, and OER

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This is critically important to understand.  I believe we’re seeing this same effect across OER adoptions, and have labeled it the  Remix Hypothesis. The availability of these data enable truly objective, head-to-head comparisons of OER and commercial products, and set the stage for conversations about students’ academic return on investment in course materials. Thoughts?

[Guest Post] OER 101: Building the Future of Education Beyond Brick-and-Mortar

Education Elements

That’s where OER come into play. Enter: OER. Back in my day, all schools were brick-and-mortar. Back in my grandfather’s day, they were brick-and-mortar with everyone in one classroom, regardless of grade level. Back in my grandfather’s grandfather’s day… well, who knows? The point is: Education is evolving and changing as it responds to the needs of students and the opportunities around us. There’s no room for a huge, dusty textbook with the wrong list of planets in a classroom set in cyberspace. Blended Learning Digital Content

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Teachers Creating and Curating OER-Based Curricula: An Example from Tullahoma City Schools

The Journal

Expanding the conversation around "Reinventing Curriculum": In this week’s blog post, Superintendent Dan Lawson explains how his district is creating OER curricula. Dan's post is a thought-provoking response to our earlier blog post about the challenges teachers face in creating OER materials

Open Educational Practice: Unleashing the Potential of OER


It’s been a good year for open educational resources (OER). made commitments this year to establish entire degree programs based solely on OER. Governor Jerry Brown set aside $5 million for OER degree programs in California community colleges. And scores of school districts throughout the United States committed to adopting OER, thanks in large part to the #GoOpen campaign spearheaded by the U.S. Many of these efforts are driven by the economic benefit that OER provides to students. But “free” is not the only important characteristic of OER.

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Of OER and Free Riders

iterating toward openness

Heather’s post is reacting to this quote from an article she read recently: “There is one additional requirement for widespread OER adoption. If you don’t want to start from scratch as you think about ensuring the long-term sustainability of OER, the empirical and theoretical work already done on the problem of underprovision of public goods can be quite helpful.

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From One to Many: OER-based Degree Programs

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Several years ago I was speaking about OER at a conference in Virginia. There was a great feeling in the room, and though I hadn’t planned to speak about the topic, I felt prompted to end my remarks by stating that enough OER now existed that an entire degree program could be run on OER. He asked if Tidewater and Lumen could work together to make it happen. open content

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CommonLit: OER Curation and Creation


CommonLit is a fine example of OER curation and OER creation that belongs in every librarian’s toolkit. CommonLit literacy literature OER reading technology commonlitAs librarians, wehn we gear up for a new school year, it’s exciting to have a few new strategies for engaging learners with literature and for building our own literature discovery/selection toolkit.

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The Real Threat of OER

iterating toward openness

He writes, “While to an OER advocate faculty are mere pawns to their agenda, to publishers, faculty are critical partners in academic success.” ” The overwhelming majority of OER advocates are faculty, and they have become OER advocates for two reasons. For example, OER give faculty permission to truly personalize their courses.

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SABIER Makes OER Work in K–12 Classrooms: A Conversation with Dan McGuire

The Journal

In this week’s blogpost we explore the Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum, a group of Minnesota educators dedicated to creating and disseminating quality, OER-based curriculum. And we have a Q&A with the founder of SABIER, a nonprofit that provides support services to schools who are adopting OER-based courseware, like that produced by the MPCC

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OER: How to Find, Use and Share Free Teaching Tools and Resources

The CoolCatTeacher

Open education resources (OERs) can help busy teachers everywhere! Today’s guest, Sue Jones, has created a helpful guide to OERs and is using them in her highered classroom. How OER resources can save teachers lots of time. Why teachers are so excited about OER resources. YouTube and copyright /li> OER Commons. An Every Classroom Matters Episode. Use them?

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The digital-first district where OER meets iPads

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Digital Learning and Tools McClatchy Curriculum digital ipads OER open educational resourcesTeachers and students at one district are replacing print with digital. By and large, it’s working. For students at Central Valley middle and high schools, accessing classroom lessons rarely involves opening a book. Pushes like the U.S. The Pennsylvania Legislature is joining the U.S.

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How to Utilize Survey & Polling Tools with Web 2.0 OER!


OER the user''s manual to everything web 2.0.!!! OER (Open Educational Resources) , initiated by Dr. Amin , is dedicated to providing an easy-to-follow guide and just-in-time training on various Web 2.0 OER takes you from step 1 of a project all the way through completion and application. OER is a contributing sponsor of Kleinspiration. Getting stuck on a web 2.0 Web 2.0

OER-based Degrees: Momentum

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Creating and sharing OER did not harm their ability to succeed in accomplishing their core missions – the education of their students. And there are many reasons to believe that their efforts in creating and sharing OER actually advanced their core missions. 18) for the creation of OER-based degrees (see SEC. Fifteen years ago MIT announced its OpenCourseWare project.

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VR, PBL, and OERs: Four High Hopes for Learning with Edtech in the New School Year


High Hope #4: Cleanly Curated Open Education Resources In order for high quality OERs to be combined with high quality instructional design, teachers need tools that allow them to curate the resources. Office of Education Technology launched GoOpen last year, OERs have gotten a big boost. 16 states have signed on to scale the OER model so that more students and teachers have access to them. Not ready to dig through all OERs and curate on your own? Consider encouraging students to research, curate, and design their own lessons with OERs. It is good!

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What the Heck Is OER?


Photo credit: E Livermore via flickr (CC BY 2.0) Heather Wolpert-Gawron Curriculum Planning If you don't already, get to know the sheer volume of free online resources out there available to teachers

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Of Sunlight, OER, and Lumen

iterating toward openness

Because I can’t stop thinking about open, I’ve been pondering the relationship between solar power and OER. ”, “How can you sell OER if they’re free?”, ”, and “If OER are free, why would anyone pay you?” OER are a lot like sunlight. Which OER should you use, and where do you find them? You get the idea.

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The 7 do’s and don’ts of creating your own OERs

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Whether you know it or not, most educators have already started creating their own open educational resources (OER) in the form of tests, handouts, and presentations. But there are best practices creating and sharing OERs, which are resources that are freely shared and able to be modified and redistributed. Do follow these best practices in creating open resources to use and share.

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Some Lessons Learned Supporting OER Adoption

iterating toward openness

The tl;dr: Supporting effective OER adoption at scale has its problems. If OER adoption were to become widespread among the majority of faculty, it became clear that someone would need to do something more than create OER, post it on a website, and give conference talks about it. OER are freely available and come with 5R permissions. Background and Some Problems. We did.

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Personalization in Lumen’s “Next Gen” OER Courseware Pilot

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For almost three years Lumen Learning has been helping faculty, departments, and entire degree programs adopt OER in place of expensive commercial textbooks. We’re making great friendships along the way. It’s been absolutely amazing. Last year we received one of seven grants from a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation competition to create next generation personalized courseware. Milestone.

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OER: Free Like a Beer, or Free Like a Puppy?


Those in the puppy camp argued, with good reason, that free curricula and OER content were hardly free once the related costs and risks were factored in. So the discovery, vetting, and alignment costs inflicted upon the teachers and districts that would try to embrace free and OER content would remain high. And it turns out that a great deal of free and OER content is actually free like a free beer—in fact, like a really good craft beer. Today’s digital materials show that it is possible for free and OER content to be as good as anything else in the market.

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On the Relationship Between OER Adoption Initiatives and Libraries

iterating toward openness

And as the copyright holders we are free to openly license our explanations, thereby creating OER alternatives to the All Rights Reserved explanations published and controlled by commercial publishers. Whenever it is impossible to replace commercial materials with OER for these reasons, we find ourselves in a situation where commercial materials must be used in the course.

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Why Open Education Resources Matter #GoOpen

The Web20Classroom

The US Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology has placed heavy emphasis on the c reation and use of OER resources in the classroom. This short video does a great job of explaining why OER matters. Actually there are tons and tons of high quality OER resources out there, many can replace most of the paid resources educators are using the classroom right now.

An Obstacle to the Ubiquitous Adoption of OER in US Higher Education

iterating toward openness

This break gave me some time to think, worry, and write. I now have no doubt that the overwhelming majority of general education courses and some specific degree programs will transition entirely to OER in US higher ed. spent most of my thinking time last week wondering about obstacles in the way of the ubiquitous adoption of OER in US higher education and how we might overcome them.

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The OER Adoption Impact Explorer

iterating toward openness

(Cross-posted from the Open Education Group blog). I’m very excited to announce the launch of the OER Adoption Impact Explorer. This interactive tool lets users adjust a range of Institutional Settings to match their local context and estimate what the impact of adopting OER would be on their students and campus. Users We’d love your feedback!

Nationwide OER Degree Program Launches Today

iterating toward openness

In case you didn’t see it elsewhere, I’m republishing the press release from Achieving the Dream about the incredibly exciting OER Degrees work that launched today. OER Degree Initiative will accelerate use of openly licensed learning materials in higher education and cut costs to students while improving degree and certificate completion. It’s really happening!

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Personalized learning and sound curriculum—two sides of the same coin

The Christensen Institute

Two weeks ago, Education Next published a blog post I wrote about the need to focus demand and funding for open educational resources (OER) on facilitating personalized learning. While I cannot speak for the entire body of OER and personalized learning advocates, I think Hansel’s emphasis on the importance of consistent, cohesive curriculum is of paramount importance.

SETDA publishes OER case studies from 3 states

eSchool News

Online case studies highlight OER implementation in schools. SETDA has published a series of case studies focused on the implementation of Open Educational Resources (OER) at the school level. SETDA encourages state, district and school leaders to leverage this work as they launch and expand OER initiatives.”. Smith, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Utah.

Teachers gain access to OER math curriculum

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EdCaliber and Mathematics Vision Project integrate OER math curriculum and support materials into Lessoneer teacher empowerment platform. Linda Dilger, Mathematics Coordinator for the Monterey County Office of Education said “In Monterey County, high school math teachers have embraced MVP for three years. These teachers have found the curriculum to be coherent and rigorous.

10 sources of free interactive content for your class

Ditch That Textbook

Ed Tech blended learning edtech educational technology oers online learning open educational resourcesYears ago, textbooks served a different purpose. Information was at a premium, and textbooks filled the void. They were chock full of it — a one-stop shop for the curious student. Today, things have changed. We don’t have a lack of places to learn new things.

5 ways to expand federal educational OER

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In a letter sent earlier this month, a group of ed-tech stakeholders urged the Obama administration to make federally-funded educational materials available as Open Educational Resources (OER). Next page: Five core principles for OER policies. Ed-tech groups rally in support of federally-funded, open educational resources. Open Government National Action Plan.

Part 2… Beyond the Technology Shine… Content Standard Nouns Meet 25 Free OER Education Resources

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Part 2… Beyond the Technology Shine… Content Standard Nouns Meet 25 Free OER Education Resources. That’s right, the identified nouns can give you keywords that will allow you to search a wonderful world of OER (Open Education Resources) on the internet. Listing Of 25 OER (Open Education Resource Sites). Please give this post a retweet and pass it on. Sign Up Now.

Beyond OER: K-12 Needs An Open Standard for 'Deeply Digital Lessons'

The Journal

OER – open education resources are a boon to K-12. But OER is a start, not an end. As K-12 moves to fully 1-to-1 and blended learning, K-12 needs to go beyond digitized versions of paper-based lessons (and proprietary formats) and develop an open standard for the "deeply digital lesson

Transition to Digital: Improving Access, Affordability and Achievement in Higher Education


Future of Education Technology Making the case for Education Technologies Mobile Learning Resources Open Educational Resources OER _ Miscellaneous Tools and Topics digital textbook best practices making transition to digital textbooks successful transition to etexts tips for transition to digital learning materialsOriginal Image Source … and important steps to help you get there!