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How to Sidestep 6 Common EdTech Fails

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Recently, AIR released a brief on the common pitfalls of edtech initiatives. The post How to Sidestep 6 Common EdTech Fails appeared first on Where Learning Clicks. EdTechWhy are these challenges so hard to avoid?

The Four P's—The Future of Edtech


The future of edtech will be algorithm driven. Julie is the owner of Julie Darling Donuts, serves on the board for East TN JDRF, and her blog was named on EdTech Magazines Top 50 must read K-12 I.T. Teaching & Learning Innovation Connected Educators Educational Technologies EdTech InsightsJulie first published this piece on her blog, Thoughts on All Things Edutechie Oriented.

EdTech 110

The EdTech Disconnect

The Christensen Institute

This is the second post in the #WhoYouKnow blog series on the overlap of social capital, EdTech, and innovation. Next time you pick up or read about a new EdTech product, ask yourself a simple question: “Will this product expand or strengthen students’ networks?” Most likely, the answer will be “no”—or a tepid “maybe.”. But looking ahead this stands to change.

“EdTech” is a Leadership Position

The Principal of Change

Developing and Facilitating Leadership edtech Educational Leadership educational technology henry kissinger innovative leadership innovative teaching and learningSessions like “100 tech tools in 60 minutes”, often dominate these conferences.  So many choices, yet so little time to implement.  We quickly move from one thing to the next, waiting for the next big thing.

EdTech and the accessibility paradox

The Christensen Institute

These efforts, however, may be thwarted by how EdTech companies go about building software tools and by the current compliance-driven attitude that many curriculum providers take toward meeting the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 , which ensures software and website accessibility to people with disabilities. Increasingly, policymakers are suggesting or outright requiring that EdTech products support UDL requirements. Summer Cox is an exceptional student education coordinator at Henry County Public Schools in Georgia.

EdTech that connects: Learning relationship management systems

The Christensen Institute

Over the past few years, a new category of EdTech platform has popped up across K–12 and higher education called the learning relationship management system (LRM). As I’ve written about previously, somewhat ironically the EdTech industry is so focused on content delivery and assessment that we rarely see technology tools designed to connect students to peers, mentors, or industry experts. Looking ahead, these platforms could serve as an architectural backbone to an education system that optimizes not only for what students know, but also their access to networks and power.

In Successful Edtech, Pedagogy Comes First—Devices Second

Digital Promise

Educational technology (edtech for short) can play a significant role in mitigating and solving this growing dilemma. An increasing amount of data around personalized educational models like "blended learning" and content-specific software suggests that edtech makes instruction in diverse classrooms more efficient. Yet these student growth gains are not reflected in most edtech implementations. Successful and sustained edtech implementation requires that good pedagogy must first be in play within the classroom. But follow-up studies showed a bigger problem.

EdTech Tool List

Teacher Tech

Tweet If you want some ideas for EdTech tools that teachers are using here is a list of tools you might want to try. The list is crowdsourced so if you have a favorite tool please add it to the list. If you have ideas for how to use a tool please add in teaching […]. Web 2.0

8 teacher-loved edtech tools to try in 2017

eSchool News

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of apps and online edtech tools for that! To help you get a little bit more innovative in the coming academic year, here is a list of proven-effective edtech tools that may be highly useful in the classroom. This edtech tool is another way to get information to prepare teaching materials. Next page: Edtech tools 5-8).

More than One Metric Matters in EdTech

Education Elements

When it comes to edtech I agree with the recent Forbes magazine article that student outcomes matter. Making a difference for students is why I first became an educator, then a school leader, and why I work in an edtech start-up. Personalized Learning Education Education Elements Personalized Classroom #plearning #plearningframework EdTech



What does a Trump presidency mean for the future of E-Rate, ESSA, personalized learning, credentialing, appropriate tweeting, and more? Techlearning Resources

8 Top Influencers in Edtech

Gaggle Speaks

Here’s a short list of leading edtech influencers. Do you have any edtech influencers who you know and follow? The blog also covers varying edtech issues and best practices in the classroom. As new technology continues to emerge, the positive benefits it has in K12 education expands to more people who share their unique insights and expertise. Did we miss any?

What life before edtech can teach us about personalized learning

The Christensen Institute

In many circles, edtech and the future of learning have become synonymous. Yet, with excitement over new gadgets and possibilities, schools and edtech entrepreneurs alike often miss a key step: defining what the ideal student experience should look like absent technology. This question can refocus edtech enthusiasts on the right unit of innovation: instruction.

12 Awesome Edtech Apps


Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher Apps An edtech teaching toolkit should include reliable tools for your needs and circumstances. Photo credit: US Department of Education via flickr (CC BY 2.0) Whether that includes Kahoot!, Screencast-O-Matic, or Scratch, it's ultimately about your teacher-student relationship

Augmented Reality: The Future of EdTech

Two Guys and Some iPads

Head on over to Getting Smart and check out Augmented Reality: The Future of EdTech to see how you can use augmented reality in your classroom. 3D apps apps for elementary AR augmented reality Aurasma edcamp edtech ESSDACK Explain Everything mini lesson podstock podstock13 screencasting Techlandia three ring tutorials 383 Shares! How many people can we reach?!

Requiring Edtech

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I'm in an edtech conundrum. The balance of what looks like edtech integration and what doesn't is a fine line I have been trying to interpret for years! Once edtech rolls off the assembly line it is somewhat outdated. change conundrum culture edtech ISTE standards teacher standards technologyIt's just the nature of the technology beast.

Highlighting #EdTech Projects, PD, & Reviewing Quick Tips!


also wanted to share a couple edtech related readings/PD for over the summer. These fantastic edtech blog for ideas and review. I wanted to close the year with some inspiring projects that I was able to work on with my wonderful colleagues this year:  Bullis Tech Blog. Putting Students in the Driver’s Seat: Public Speaking Self-Critiques. Google Apps Learning Center.

Ten EdTech Conferences to Attend before the End of 2015

Where Learning Clicks

Attending a conference is a great way to network and learn about what’s going on in the education industry, especially when it comes to edtech. The post Ten EdTech Conferences to Attend before the End of 2015 appeared first on Where Learning Clicks. By attending an event, or sending your teachers to one, you’ll also see a huge return on investment in terms of professional development.

Ka’Ching! 2016 US Edtech Funding Totals $1 Billion


edtech companies, which altogether raised an estimated $1.03 edtech companies raised roughly 57 percent of what Snapchat did in its $1.8 edtech startups have increased every consecutive year. Discounting edtech accelerators, which typically invest $20K to $150K in startups, the 2016 seed round average actually surpasses $2 million. (We counted 28 such publicly disclosed seed rounds totaling $60.2 Education Technology Investors Edtech Business  Santa proved a little more parsimonious to U.S. billion across 138 venture deals in 2016. billion Series F round.).

Udemy 30

Can new EdTech tools combat economic despair?

The Christensen Institute

In a recent Brookings paper on social mobility, Melissa Kearney and Phillip Levine illuminate an intangible, yet severe, consequence of income inequality: economic despair. In cities or states with wide disparity between the low- and middle-income brackets, high school students, particularly boys, appear more likely to drop out of school. Identity is largely a social construct.

4 EdTech Experts Explain the Power of Twitter Chats

Brilliant or Insane

The post 4 EdTech Experts Explain the Power of Twitter Chats appeared first on Brilliant or Insane. Featured Social Media edtech TwitterBrilliant or Insane. Want to learn something new, right now? Did you know that powerful information, opinions, and resources are a click away? Where is this wealth of knowledge? In a live Twitter chat. Or, if you see […].

The Top Gun of EdTech Conference

Two Guys and Some iPads

That is why I call the CUE Rock Star Camp the Top Gun of EdTech conferences. We spent a lot of time together meeting edtech start up companies like Drawp , Studyblue , and Remind 101. We found some time to explore San Francisco and completely nerd out talking education, and edtech. She is doing amazing things in Langley teaching a 3/4 split as well as being an edtech coach.

How To Save a Periscope. #edtech


Automatically Saving/Archiving All Your Periscope Broadcasts Periscope is a free app you can download to live-stream video and share with the world. This summer I've shared interviews with keynote speakers from conferences I've attended, brief "how-to" tutorials, and even fun, personal moments. It was great to be a part of the conference, virtually, even if just for a moment. Lots to think about.

Admins: 25 Questions to Ask Your Teachers About EdTech


This includes understanding the gap that sometimes crops up between administrators/IT professionals with purchasing power and the teachers who use the edtech products procured by these individuals. That communication - building buy-in and understanding the needs of classrooms - is vital for admins to make successful edtech choices. Questions are a great place to start.

Google Classroom: Summer EdTech Challenge

Teacher Tech

Tweet One of the things that can be a little confusing about Google Classroom is that the teacher side does not match the student side. It will be easier for teachers to understand how students interact with Google Classroom if the teachers participate in a Google Classroom class as a student. Using Google Classroom for […]. Classroom Google classroom google

Supporting ELL Students with EdTech

Class Tech Integrate

As I have seen the boom in EdTech over the recent years in our district, I have really paid attention to the technology tools that are available to help our ELL students succeed. assessment blooms Chromebooks differentiation edtech ELL extensions GAFE iPad ipaded meta-cognition screen cast speech to text technology also does this function.

EdTech Update - bringing the best news about EdTech to you

Educational Technology Guy

The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) and Aggregage are excited to announce the launch of EdTech Update. EdTech Update --. edtech free resources newsletter website The content is customizable by the user so that you only get what is the most interesting and relevant content for you. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy.

Keeping Our Eyes on The #EdTech Horizon

Kyle Pace

From my own experience, as well as something that can be quickly deduced by chatting with any educator interested in edtech, keeping up with it all is a never-ending challenge. Connected Educator EdTech Education Leadership ProfessionalDevelopment Students edtech education learning professionaldevelopmentWe’re quickly approaching that time. Pat Riley.

The Stories That Shaped Edtech in 2016


Here’s a chronological roundup of stories that made the biggest bang on the edtech industry (and to a similar extent, our web traffic) in 2016. In the case of Teachscape, one of the rare edtech startups that’s stuck around for over a decade, its acquisition by Frontline Technologies marked the end of the road. Imagine K12, the company that sparked both edtech startups and other similar programs, merging with that granddaddy of tech accelerators, Y Combinator. Wait, edtech startups need to make money? We Shut Down Our Edtech Startup. Let history be the guide.

Inspiring Edtech Quotes


Have you got any favourite quotes about edtech? Tagged: canva , edtech , education , educational technology , inspiration , inspiring quotes , learning , quotes , teaching , tech , tech tool , technology. education canva edtech educational technology inspiration inspiring quotes learning quotes teaching tech tech tool technologyShare them by commenting below.

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps—important lessons for edtech

The Christensen Institute

Edtech developers should take note. For edtech companies, the two keys to success are first, to figure out the jobs that schools, teachers, and students need help accomplishing and then, to determine which parts of your solutions’ architecture define your ability to meet those jobs. This is why companies such as Samsung, Dell, and Lenovo can all build hardware for Windows machines.

EdTech You Should Know

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

EdTech You S hould Know is a new show in the Instructional Tech Talk network of podcasts, created and facilitated by innovative educator Jeff Herb. The episodes are less than 10 minutes and they are designed to offer educators a taste of the great EdTech that''s out there. The show features one educational technology tool per episode that is worth knowing about.

Schools ride the next edtech wave

District Administration

K12 sees effectiveness and efficiency increase with automatic grading, automated buildings Brian Nadel As in years past, this new year will bring all sorts of new technology to schools. The question for educators is: To what degree do these technologies enhance education

Rethinking “EdTech”

Philly Teacher

EdTech” should not be solely about building fun toys that “trick” students into learning the same things they were learning before.  To borrow a phrase from Will Richardson , EdTech should not focus only on using tech to teach and learn better than we did before, but rather, it should focus on using tech to teach and learn differently.

5 New EdTech Tools for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

January 9, 2017 Below is a collection of some good educational web tools we are featuring here in EdTech and mLearning for the first time. Some of the things you can do with these more. educational web tools

What Data Will Show That Edtech ‘Works’?


Mathematica breaks down the most common types of evidence that accompany edtech products ( See more details in source PDF ): Anecdotal: Impressions from user experience. Her team is currently working with three school districts and 10 charter management organizations to study the impact and implementation of edtech programs including Achieve 3000 and ST Math. WestEd , a research nonprofit that performs efficacy studies of edtech products, offers a glimpse of the many variable involved in these studies: “We might look at the school demographics at one point. Quicker Fix.

36 Edtech Tools I’m Using Right Now in My Classroom and Life

The CoolCatTeacher

As I was reading The Teacher’s Guide to Tech  last week, I realized that it had been a while since I’d shared my own favorite edtech tools. The post 36 Edtech Tools I’m Using Right Now in My Classroom and Life appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher helping educators be excellent every day. So many of these tools are new to me. love it.

EdTech 100

Teaching Online AP Calculus – Trimester 1 Recap & #EdTech Tool Favs


My students and I have officially made it through the first trimester of Online AP Calculus AB! This has been my first experience designing and teaching a fully online course. Honestly, I could not have anticipated it going as well as it has so far. Teaching an online course is time intensive and I’m still trying to figure out how to balance the workload myself. But, my students are doing an amazing job, and I am so, so proud of them! As well, I am enjoying the challenge to figure out ways to keep the collaboration and personalization alive in an online environment! FlipClass Uncategorized

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Edtech Still Doesn’t Get Diversity and We’re Tired

Welcome to the world of being black in edtech! EdTech Professional Growth diversityHeck, we held a series of invention camps for our students this summer and I would love to share how others can and should do this too. …and digital learning with math??? Oh my gosh, it can be everything and more!!! I’m passionate about digital equity. Like.this is seriously GEORGIA!!!

5 Lessons Video Games Can Teach Edtech Developers

The CoolCatTeacher

Even the most robust, rigorous edtech tool will be usurped by an  engaging ,  robust, rigorous edtech tool. The post 5 Lessons Video Games Can Teach Edtech Developers appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher helping educators be excellent every day. In the movie  War Games , the computer asked: “Shall we play a game?” ”). hacks.