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Tablets: The correct prescription

Learning with 'e's

A total of 27 quantitative studies on the use of tablets in schools dating from 2010 were analysed and the major finding was that the tools are most effective when used in student centred learning, rather than within teacher controlled environments (Tamim et al, 2015a). As with any learning resources, it's not what they are, but how tablets are used that is important. Borokhovski, E.,

6 Benefits of an Android Tablet

Tom Murray

With such metrics and a myriad of innovative upgrades on the Android platform, the market seems to be shifting towards Chromebooks and Android tablets for what I believe to be aIn the overall market, in 2014, Chromebooks outpaced Apple’s iPad in school related purchases.

Tablets and disruptive innovation

The Christensen Institute

Tablets are great for watching videos, reading books and articles, taking pictures, or playing interactive educational games, but they falter when it comes to typing up essays or preparing other documents. And although there is a growing push for schools to go paperless, neither a tablet nor Chromebook is a perfect replacement for old-fashioned paper notebooks. Given the drawbacks of tablets and Chromebooks, I was quite excited when Microsoft came out with its Surface line a few years ago. This means that it needs a faster processor and more storage than a pure tablet.

Why You Shouldn’t Babysit Kids with Tablets! (And What to Do Instead)

The CoolCatTeacher

Advice about Tablets and Young Children: What Works and Warnings from an Expert. Young children engrossed in tablet devices. Today’s guest helps us with balancing the physical world and the virtual tablet-based world many young children inhabit. Show Notes about Kids and Tablets: What risks do tablets pose for young children? You’ve seen it. Diane E.

The @ASCD Arias Series-Teaching With Tablets

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Today we take a look at Teaching With Tablets. It seems like more and more classrooms, schools and districts are embracing and utilizing tablets for learning. Tablets are full of possibilities. The ASCD Arias Teaching With Tablets should be required reading for anyone who is considering buying tablets for the classroom or for anyone trying to figure out how to use them. What to learn more about Teaching With Tablets or any of the other ASCD Arias series? ASCD Arias Tablets Each are less that 100 pages but have loads of quality information.

4 Ways to Leverage Tablets Beyond the Classroom

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Routers on school buses to bring wifi to the poorest parts of the community. District wifi maps indicating free business hotspots throughout the community. Wifi kiosks in low income housing. With the explosion of digital learning over the past decade, school districts are starting to tackle access and connectivity issues, as well as providing anytime, anywhere learning experiences for kids.

Students' Tablet, Smartphone Usage Climbs, With Strong Appetite for Apps

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Seventy-eight percent of elementary school students say they regularly use a tablet, up from 66 percent a year ago, according a survey released by Pearson and conducted by the Harris Poll. Apps Chromebooks Ed-tech Gaming Innovation Online Learning mobile devices edtech mobiledevices poll tablets

Managed Tablet Bundles Simplify K–12 Mobility Initiatives

EdTech Magazine

Mobility TabletsBy EdTech Staff Thanks to provider-managed mobility programs, IT can spend less time setting up, deploying and securing devices. .

Take the Terror out of Teaching with Tablets


The post Take the Terror out of Teaching with Tablets appeared first on Edudemic. How To Tools 21st Century Learners educational apps helping students mobile learning tablets teaching tools tips for teachersA year and a half ago, I became the iPad Man at the international language school where I teach. I imagine myself as some Mega Man character with the ability to shoot lasers with my fingertips. However, the reality is that my school had introduced twice a week iPad classes and our scores were in […].

How Are Teachers Using Tablets? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fractus Learning

The tablet has changed the landscape of classrooms around the world, from flipped learning to augmented reality. A much needed balance between function and affordability, tablets of all shapes and sizes are being embraced by teachers in millions of different ways. It’s one of the most versatile devices in the history of… well… devices. Infographic iPad

TabPilot Tablet Manager


TabPilot Tablet Manager is a combination mobile device management (MDM) and classroom management system for iOS and Android. Techlearning Resources


Tom Murray

You may have seen my friend, Eric Sheninger's recent post, "Finally, an SIS Worth Switching For". Eric and I are both on Alma's Advisory Board and like him, I'm excited about this platform. As an SIS, it's the best-in-class. Schedule a demo and you'll see how much thought and attention went into designing the interface. But let's be honest—the way an app looks doesn't always

Marble Math on Android Tablets

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The amazing Marble Math family of apps are now available for Android tablets and phones. The Marble Math apps blend arcade-style gaming with problem solving, strategy, and math drills for a truly engaging and educational experience. Kids can choose to roll or drag their marble through a series of fun math mazes in pursuit of a high score. Marble […].

Make a 3D Hologram With a Smartphone or Tablet – Pretty Awesome!


Free Tools & Resources iPads and Other Tablet Devices iPhones and Smartphones Project Based Learning _ Miscellaneous Tools and Topics 3d hologram phone project students classroom project smartphone hologram fun science math art project phone 3d projectionThis can be a Great Project for Science, Math, Art, Technology Classes and More This is just so much fun. One of my son’s made one of these a while back and I’ve been meaning to share it. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

Go Paperless with Tech Tools for Chromebooks and Tablets

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If you missed my recent presentation “Go Paperless with Tech Tools for Chromebooks and Tablets” you can view it here! I shared some of favorite tools for teachers and students using Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Window tablets and Amazon tablets. These are perfect for one-to-one classrooms and schools using a mix devices. Go Paperless with.

Tablet, Laptop, or Both? Which Is Right for You?

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I've used tablets before there were iPads, iTouches, Nanos, and iMacs, PCs, Chromebooks, and more. One thing I've discovered despite those who try to make a case otherwise, tablets are better for consuming than producing. The consumption benefits of a tablet, with the full power of a laptop. I love checking out new tech. The best of both worlds. I like it a lot.

Blue Planet Tales: Interactive Storybooks for Tablets

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I spend a lot of time visiting schools and talking to teachers about accessing text from tablets. Blue Planet Tales is an app for iPads and Android devices that places interactive texts in the hands of students. Students can read along with the text and there are questions at the end of each book. Blue Planet […]. Android Apps ELA - Reading/Writing iPad Apps ebooks storybooks

From Notepad to Computer Screen: Projecting Handwritten Work in Real-Time w/out a Tablet PC – Using @Wacom’s #BambooSlate


Tablet PC’s are a popular tool for teachers to project handwritten work in the classroom. Many prefer to use a Mac and many who use a PC prefer a non-tablet PC (especially since these machines are typically more expensive). When I first started teaching, though, I used a tablet PC. However, this is not an option for all teachers. Personally, I use a Mac. I often miss the opportunity I had to handwrite and project my writing from anywhere in the room (my school has wireless projects, so I can easily move around the room with my laptop connected). This got me excited!

MobyMax: Tablet + help differentiating instruction

iLearn Technology

The MobyMax tablet is $69!! Wifi and speakers are built-in and there is headphone input so that your students can use MobyMax Tablet independently without disturbing others. MobyMax is reasonably priced enough that even if your classroom doesn’t have classroom computers, you could have several Moby Tablets. ” The one thing I wished for in the tablet was a camera.

Neck Straps Help Kinders Film with Tablets

My Paperless Classroom

Collaborative problem solving is awesome, and this week I got to experience it at it''s best. One of my Kindergarten teachers and I were talking about how hard it is for her students to hold the ipad up and film. We want them to be able to interview each other in front of their work and film it. Our solution started with her handing me a strip of fleece and saying "Try to do something with this."

Teaching With Tablets, Book Review

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There are four in the series and the first I read was Teaching With Tablets by Nancy Frey, Doug Fisher and Alex Gonzalez. The authors clearly develop a model of what teachers can do with tablets. The bulk of the book is dedicated to discussing tools such as Nearpod which allow a teacher to receive individual feedback from each student via their tablet in real time. hours long.

4 Word Games and Phonics Tools for Tablets

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As teachers explore the best uses for tablets in their classroom, there are a range of possibilities for enhancing everyday instruction. If you have access to just a few tablets you may decide to use these mobile devices in […]. Here’s a preview of my post for Teachability – click on the link below to read more!

Propping Up Your Tablet: Two Portable Stands

Learning in Hand

If you happen to travel with your iPad or tablet and use it to present, you might be interested in a portable stand. To prevent your tablet from falling off, Justand Go has two bars and Belkin Stage Portable has a ledge that can be rotate into position. The stands have openings near the bottom edge of the platform so a tablet’s camera can capture what’s below. Chromebook.

How to Transform Teaching with Tablets – From Tom Daccord & Justin Reich


Over the past century, radio, television, video cassette recorders, desktop computers, laptop computers, handheld devices, tablets, and cell phones have all been heralded as potentially transformative classroom tools (Cuban, 1986, 2003). Over the past four years, we at EdTechTeacher have seen an incredible surge in another type of technology in schools: the tablet computer. Led by Apple’s iPad, and followed at a distance by Android and Microsoft tablets, schools across the United States and around the world have made major investments in tablets.

DigiPuppets Tablet Toy for Interactive Game Play

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DigiPuppets is a new educational toy and app company that combines a simple, classic toy with interactive apps to tell powerful stories that teach. DigiPuppets are classic finger puppets with a twist – they work on your iPad, iPhone or Android device. Kids pop Honey Bunny, or Zip the Zebra, on their finger and then tap […]. Android Apps iPad Apps puppet toy

Hands-Free Tablet Stand from Calloway House

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The popularity of using these new methods and programs for teaching and engaging with students has paved the way for iPad and tablet use in the classroom. Technology has become an important part of today’s classroom, and many teachers, administrators, and students are incorporating the use of new programs, apps, audio, and visual resources into learning.

AP Jeopardy Review – Let’s #ePortfolio That: Using @PearDeck, @Wacom Tablets, and @msOneNote #edchat


Tool 2: Wacom Tablets – I also have a class set of Wacom tablets so that students can handwrite on their screens. Using PearDeck’s drawing question type, I can ask students to use their Wacom tablets + pen to handwrite. Have you ever been super excited about “gamifying” a review session (ie: Jeopardy review) only to realize that the competitive feel in the room becomes overwhelming? Each year, around this time, I play a game of AP Calculus Jeopardy with my class. We have just finished learning “new material” and are ready to hit review mode.

TELL Test of English Language Learning: Tablet-Based Assessment

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Earlier this year Pearson launched TELL (Test of English Language Learning), a tablet-based assessment. It was developed to support schools as they work with English Language Learners (ELLs) to build English language skills. TELL uses automated scoring technology to give teachers quick access to formative assessment data. TELL is an interactive assessment experience where.

Amplify Reported to Be Dropping School Tablet Business

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BloombergBusiness reports that Amplify, which launched tablets for K-12 in 2013, will abandon the hardware business. The company counters that it is "still fulfilling orders" for tablets. Ed-tech SXSW amplify chromebook edtech iste sxswedu tablet

iPad/Tablet Document Camera Stand Version 2

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The stand is heavy, but that''s a good thing because you don''t want it falling over while it''s holding your precious tablet. That clamp also adjusts to fit an iPad mini or an Android tablet. This is a big improvement over the original Justand because relying on your tablet''s digital zoom makes for a blurry picture. Belkin Tablet Stage $200. Justand V2 $99.

The Go-To Tablet Activity Starter Kit


This is a follow up to my previous tablet-focused article, which aimed to ease the nerves of our generation of teachers who were trained in classical classroom management and are now teaching in a very non-classical, pro-technology world. With your nerves eased, let’s get you started with an arsenal of specific tablet activities that can […]. The post The Go-To Tablet Activity Starter Kit appeared first on Edudemic. How To digital tools ipad classroom lesson ideas tablets writing exercises

How Managed Tablet Services Improve Mobile App Selection and Deployment

EdTech Magazine

Mobile Application Management Mobile Apps Mobility TabletsBy BizTech Staff Schools can overcome application-deployment challenges by t urning to experienced mobility architects for help.

Microsoft Surface - Windows 8 Tablet/PC - announced

Educational Technology Guy

Microsoft has just announced the Microsoft Surface , which is a Windows 8 tablet, measuring 10.6 So, is it just another tablet? The keyboard built into the cover is also a nice touch and makes typing much easier on the tablet. Microsoft tablet in and 1.5 pounds. Not quite. The unknowns: launch date and pricing. Initial reviews from tech sites are pretty positive.

Introduction to DNA with a Playful Puzzle Tablet App

Class Tech Tips

DNA Play is a fantastic app from the folks at Avokiddo. I love the idea of introducing students to the basic concept of DNA with a simple and playful game. Kids will learn how to build creatures by completing a series of DNA puzzles. They can get creative and experiment with crazy mutations of different body parts by altering genes.

Send and Receive Text Messages on Your Android Tablet

The 21st Century Principal

You can receive free text messages on your Android tablet by installing the Google Voice app on your device, and by setting up a Google voice number on your Google Apps account. Download the Google Voice app to your Android tablet and set it up. Receive and send free text messages from your Android tablet. Access your text messages from your PC with your Google Voice inbox.

ScanSnap IX100 Review Wireless Mobile Scanning to your Tablet

My Paperless Classroom

I installed the app on my nexus 7 tablet as well as each of the iPads I use at work. My tablets can connect directly to the IX100''s own wifi. One of the first blog posts I wrote was about the power of the scanner option on my school''s photocopier. I have long been obsessed with bridging the paper and digital world. It is a copy I can refer to, but not really reuse. review

OpenEd: Free Online K-12 Educational Resource Site Now Includes Tablet Apps Too

The 21st Century Principal

OpenEd, which bills itself as "the Largest K-12 Educational Resource Catalog," announces the availability of public courses on its web site. Users can now publish any course they have created to the OpenEd community. Here are some of the most notable features of this online instructional resource. Users can use courses already created and located at the site. Resources are assigned to each topic.