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Summer Learning Series-Collaborative Classroom With Edmodo

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First up, Edmodo. So you might be asking yourself, what is Edmodo ? Edmodo is a social network designed for education. Here is where the beauty of Edmodo comes in. The only way that students can connect to Edmodo is through the group code you give. So whether you are an iOS user or an Android user you can download the Edmodo app so you are always connected.

Resources for Using Edmodo in the Classroom

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Edmodo is a learning management system. Edmodo is a great resource for teachers, students, and parents, allowing communication, collaboration and sharing. As a teacher, Edmodo can help you : Provide your students with an enriching writing environment where they can compose, collaborate and share their writing projects with peers, teachers and family. Encourage real-time discussion and extend learning beyond the classroom through using Edmodo as a backchannel. For those of you who have not yet tried Edmodo, the resources below are a good start. edmodo

Edmodo launches a new Resources page for Educators

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Edmodo has just redesigned their Edmodo Discover section. The resources cover all different subjects and grade levels and have been rated and reviewed by other Edmodo using teachers. edmodo In here, teachers can find lesson plans, videos, activities, and other resources that have been shared by other educators. Discover New Resources --. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Why You Should Give Edmodo A Try

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We partnered with Edmodo to create the NCTIES community. So you might be asking yourself, what is Edmodo ? Edmodo is a social network designed for education. Here is where the beauty of Edmodo comes in. The only way that students can connect to Edmodo is through the group code you give. So whether you are an iOS user or an Android user you can download the Edmodo app so you are always connected. My favorite part of Edmodo are the parent codes. There is so much more to Edmodo. We use Edmodo in our district and our teachers are loving it.

Edmodo’s new content marketplace for educators

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K-12 global education network Edmodo has launched Edmodo Spotlight, a content marketplace for educators. Designed to empower teachers, Edmodo Spotlight enables the collection, sharing, and discovery of educational resources to improve student learning. Teacher-sourced content marketplace empowers learners with educational resources. Digital Learning and Tools News Top News

Curriculet & Edmodo: #BetterTogether

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This week Curriculet announced the release of an Edmodo app version that allows teachers and students to use Curriculet using their Edmodo credentials and classlists. The app is a portal or gateway and opens Curriculet inside Edmodo. Now that Curriculet can be used inside Edmodo there is one less log-in for students to deal with. I am ecstatic about this announcement!

Edmodo - first year using it with my students - so far, AWESOME!

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So, this year I decided to use Edmodo with my classes. Edmodo is a free, learning management system that is full featured and easy to use. I am currently setting up parent access to Edmodo. Edmodo even has sample welcome/invite letters and how-to info for parents. Edmodo is easy to read and find things on the page. edmodo free resources Closed system.

Edmodo and Common Sense Media release free Digital Citizenship resource for Educators

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Edmodo, a great educational app , and Common Sense Media have created a Digital Citizenship Starter Kit that teachers can download to use with their students. You can also join the Digital Citizenship Community on Edmodo. In addition to the starter Starter Kit, Common Sense Media and Edmodo are participating in Digital Citizenship Day in New York on October 2nd.

Edmodo & ThingLink: Extend the Walls of Your Classroom

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Edmodo is a free and secure social learning platform for teachers and students to collaborate and connect in the 24/7 classroom. The design and functionality of Edmodo is similar to Facebook, but the focus is on teaching and learning within a protected environment. cool tool edducation edmodo edtech free technology student tools teacher tools thinglink web 2.0

Online Mentoring via Edmodo & Google

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Using Edmodo for the virtual classroom space, teachers and students connected from 1,972 miles away. Joz connected with students on Edmodo and worked with them on collaborative Google Docs. Joz and I communicated via Edmodo, Gmail and Google Hangouts. The biggest thing I took out of mentoring is Edmodo. Edmodo is also great for reducing paper use!

Edmodo Envoys program connects local communities of educators through TeachUps

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Education network Edmodo has launched its latest professional development program for teachers, Edmodo Envoys. Edmodo Envoys participate by hosting a TeachUp in their local area, with support and promotion from Edmodo. Tapping into Edmodo’s vast network of 67 million users, Edmodo Envoys can meet and exchange ideas with educators in their communities whom they might not otherwise have met. Teachers are looking for ways to engage online and offline, and Edmodo-supported TeachUps help power the local community.”. I can Edmodo that.”.

In the Teacher's Lounge: Using Edmodo to Teach Digital Literacy

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I had the pleasure on Tuesday last week to give a webinar on how I use Edmodo to teach my students digital literacy skills and help prepare them for digital assessments. collaboration common core digital citizenship edmodo My students piloted the PARCC last Spring and it became clear that knowing how to effectively navigate through a website will impact student scores on the Common Core assessment. Not only are my students being assessed on reading and writing literacy skills, but they are also being evaluated on understanding how to navigate and use a website.

Hey Edmodo Users, Are Your Groups Secure?

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I''m an avid Edmodo with Edmodo serving as the hub of my virtual classroom, but I learned a valuable lesson two weeks ago concerning the security of my groups and the trustworthiness of my students. Two weeks ago, one of my student shared the code to one of my Edmodo groups with his friend. digital citizenship edmodo security students

Edmodo will host fifth annual EdmodoCon

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This year, Edmodo welcomes Michael Horn, co-founder and executive director of education at the Clayton Christensen Institute, as the closing keynote, during which he’ll discuss how educators can design blended learning environments and harness its benefits—personalization, access, and equity at scale—to unleash student achievement. On August 4, online conference will bring together educators from around the world. On August 4, educators from around the globe will join the online educational conference, EdmodoCon, for a full day of professional development and learning.

Facebook, Edmodo, & Schoology. Oh my! Choosing a social network platform for learning

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Below is a comparison of three platforms, Facebook, Schoology, and Edmodo. The competition: Facebook vs Edmodo or Schoology I want more ». When deciding on a social networking platform to use with your students and/or the school community, there are several considerations to keep in mind. What are the age restrictions of a particular platform? social media social media in education

Link to Posts in Edmodo

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Every post in Edmodo has an unique URL. Grabbing the link to a post in Edmodo is a simple process as shown in the video below. digital citizenship edmodo participation writingWhy would you want to grab a link to a post? This is an easy way to track student participation in a group. I use this method to keep track of participation in our Scribe City writing group.

A Step by Step Guide to Help You Create An Edmodo Group for Your Class

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edmodoMay 24, 2016 Building a virtual space for your class can immensely boost the teaching you do in class and enhance students learning. Over the last few months we have reviewed several more.

Some ideas for Course Management Systems and Apps

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Edmodo - Edmodo is a tool that many teachers already use and more are discovering every day. Edmodo is a free social learning network for teachers, students and schools, providing a way to connect and collaborate, share content, access homework and grades, and much more. blogger classroom edmodo google applications google classroom Google for Educators google sites schoology Many of them cost money. Moodle is free, but you have to pay to host it somewhere, or host it yourself. There are some great, free alternatives available. Here''s a list, in no particular order.

EdmodoCon 2012 - free online educational conference Aug 8th

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Throughout the day, teachers will share ways they are using Edmodo and other digital tools in the classroom. Edmodo is a great resource for teachers and students, providing a secure social learning network for classes. Related: 22 Great Tips on using Edmodo in the classroom 5 Great course management resources for educators Which Social Network should you use? Some more great Android Apps for Education (including Edmodo app). conference edmodo free resources online conference professional development virtual It is scheduled for 10:00am - 9:00pm ET (GMT -5).

Understanding The Top Learning Management Systems


Articles How To Updates classroom tools edmodo featured Learning management system LMS MoodleLearning management systems may have come onto the education scene relatively recently, but they’ve come to play a huge role in many classrooms. As of 2014, the LMS industry was made up of at least 350 systems, worth over $2.5 billion. For schools and districts, that’s an overwhelming amount of choice; but there are a […]. The post Understanding The Top Learning Management Systems appeared first on Edudemic.

Noodle releases list of 32 best free apps for Education

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The list covers some apps that I''ve reviewed before, such as Edmodo , Prezi , Desmos , and Knowledge Graph , but also has some I''ve never covered. edmodo free resources Prezi Web Applications Take a look. Example of a listing: Related: Top 5 Apps for Educational Administrators to Use My most used/favorite Apps and how I use them My Favorite Resources for Teachers and Students -.

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Edmodocon is Aug 7th - free online conference on using Digital Tools in the Classroom

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It is hosted by Edmodo , a free online classroom management system. Edmodo features a social media section, class files, bulletin boards, and much more. Related: Edmodo - first year using it with my students - so far, AWESOME! conference edmodo free conference free resources online conference Edmodocon is a free online conference on using Digital Tools in the Classroom.

On Edmodo Global Connections Just a Post Away

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While I use Twitter consistently for informal professional development and connecting with other educators, the opportunities for making connections on Edmodo are greatly increased. Unlike Twitter where one has to find and follow others (I follow 982, but only about 550 follow me), the communities on Edmodo provide areas for thousands of educators to congregate and post. Crazy cool!

The Best Interactive Web Tools for Educators


Tools best tools collaboration differentiated learning edmodo evernote flipped classroom Google Docs resources TEDEd Web 2.0 Most of us are working at full capacity, and keeping up with technology can feel like one more chore on the to-do list. Still, learning your way around a few of the best Web tools is worth your time. Innovative teachers are frequently using intuitive programs and websites that are easy to learn. These web […]. The post The Best Interactive Web Tools for Educators appeared first on Edudemic. Tools web tools Wordpress

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How to Build Stronger Bonds with Fellow Teachers


Articles How To collaboration edmodo groups sharing teachers tips for teachersAccording to a recent study by the Conference Board, less than half of American workers are happy in their jobs. Of the satisfied minority, an overwhelming 67 percent cite office friendships as a major factor of job contentment, explains Eileen Habelow in her 2010 Forbes article analyzing workplace happiness. From boosting camaraderie to spurring creativity, […]. The post How to Build Stronger Bonds with Fellow Teachers appeared first on Edudemic.

Snow Days & Stomach Bugs in the Paperless Classroom

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Using Edmodo and Google Classroom, students are turning in their work electronically. From submitting links to Edmodo discussion posts to turning in typed outlines on Google Docs, my students are generating an informal online portfolio of the work that can be accessed at anytime with a mobile device or computer. You may have noticed that it has been a while since I last blogged.

EdmodoCon Guest Post #1: L. Monge

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Some were educators, some technology specialists in their school districts, some Edmodo staff. These people speaking were from all over the world, and Edmodo had flown them in for the event. In real time, we, the audience, commented and asked questions on the Edmodo page and on the live stream. edmodo edmodocon Like what you see? Way to go, Laura Monge! Amazing!


Edmodo opens their front doors for the safe use of all your favorite sites!


Use your favorite sites, safely within Edmodo! I posted about Edmodo over a year ago; you can read all about it by clicking here. Now, I''d like to announce that today Edmodo has opened their doors for third party sites to work within their platform. Now, you can have your favorites sites within one home site, Edmodo. edmodo Facebook for students Mastery Connect MasteryConnect safely use websites for students Thanks to my friends at MasteryConnect for telling me of this exciting news!

Sony, Edmodo, partner on math challenge

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will partner with Edmodo, Inc., By working with Edmodo, Sony Global Education will make its Global Math Challenge, a worldwide online math competition, accessible to teachers and students in over 190 countries. Sony’s Global Math Challenge will expand to more than 190 countries. Sony Global Education, Inc. The next Global Math Challenge is being held in September 2015.

Using Google Classroom with an LMS

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Examples of popular LMS’s: Schoology, Edmodo, Haiku, Canvas, Moodle or Blackboard. Tweet Google Classroom is a great companion for classes that are using an LMS. Google Classroom and your LMS are not mutually exclusive. There are great reasons to use both. A Different Role When teachers use Google Classroom and an LMS, Google Classroom takes […].

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Shall We Play a Game (& Learn)?

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Since chatting with Tom Driscoll via Google Hangout and Brian Germaine at the EdSurge RIDE event in the Fall , meeting up with Chris Aviles at Techspo14 , viewing Mr. Lewis'' Edmodo Webinar on Gamification , and engaging with my #TeamMAITs in class, I''m intrigued by the didactic nature of games. I can also use the Edmodo gradebook as my leaderboard for the "game".


COMING ATTRACTIONS! Edmodocon Recaps! Guest Posts!

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JustSayin'' There is one very important thing that was evident during Edmodocon that I can put into words right now: Using Edmodo as a management and communication system has transformed my teaching, learning, and connectivity, but it is the PEOPLE who created, maintain, and use Edmodo that make all this magic happen. It was just. No words, just beaming smiles and goosebumps. Recaps?

#Flipclass Workflow

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Edmodo, Curriculet, and Google Drive are essential to productive workflow in my class. Essentially, this is what I do: Organize students into classes on Edmodo with all resources, agendas, links to edtech tools, assignments, and quizzes are completed in Edmodo. Edmodo Edmodo is my online classroom space. All work is turned in via Edmodo Assignments.

#Flipclass Workflow: Differentiated Instruction

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Thinking about how to use technology to differentiate instruction in the flipped ELA classroom, we came up with the following ideas: In your main Edmodo class, create small groups in which the students are leveled, then post tailored assignments to each of the small groups. Using Edmodo''s quiz feature, create quizzes designed for each small group level. All questions and quizzes are banked in Edmodo, so it is super easy to create custom quizzes for groups of students. Assign the custom quiz to the Edmodo appropriate small group. Share !

The (Nearly) Invisible Portfolio

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There is a lot of learning we can have through these places that many schools are using, but have you ever heard of a potential employer asking a student to see their Edmodo account? Embodying Visionary Leadership blog as portfolio edmodo forward thinking in education innovative teaching and learning rushton hurley social media wayne gretzkyMe neither. Now, what about this scenario?

Some app substitutions for iPad apps to use on a Chromebook

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Chromebooks - apps recommendations and substitutions Many “apps” made for iOS and Android aren’t meant to be used as apps on a Chromebook, anymore than they would be on a Mac or Windows device. You can just use the website. Others have web apps and/or extensions. Google Photos (part of Google Drive) can also be used to organize your photos and do basic editing. More: Google Drive Can use Office Editing web app to edit and view Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Find more here: Google Apps and Chromebooks Web App Recommendations - a whole lot!

Meet ThingLink Expert Educator Jodie Johnston

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Jodie is also the Edmodo Administrator in her school district and an Edmodo Certified Trainer. Today we are celebrating Connected Educator month at ThingLink by introducing our readers to one or our Expert Educators, Jodie Johnston. Jodie is a Curriculum Technology Specialist from Overland Park, Kansas who specializes in Web 2.0 Tools. ce14 #TLexpert Jodie Johnston