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Vernier releases free Graphical Analysis app for Chromebooks

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Vernier, makers of very popular sensors and data collection systems, have just released their free Graphical Analysis app for Chromebooks. The app can then be used to create graphs, create annotations, and perform analysis with statistics. Graphical Analysis for Chrome and its support of Vernier sensors provides schools with an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to further utilize Chromebooks and engage students in hands-on learning in science and STEM classrooms.” Graphical Analysis is available for free. Graphs and data can then be exported into Google Drive.

Critical Analysis and Information Literacy


Judy Willis MD Brain-Based Learning Teach students to evaluate what data needs to be gathered, what characterizes fact versus opinion, and where to find the most current and useful information

Using DataBasic for Simple Data Analysis


However, a lot of the tools for next-level data analysis aren’t particularly easy to use and can be overkill for simple lessons. Have you tried DataBasic, or do you have a favorite tool for classroom data analysis? Reviews Software Teaching data analysis database visualizationAlso, there are some fun sample datasets to play with, like Beyonce’s lyrics.

Emerging technologies: a more detailed Gartner analysis

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Gartner focuses on the internet of things, security concerns, and information/data analysis. This month Gartner Research offered a top-level forecast of where technologies are going over the next five years. At the same time they explored technologies in greater detail with this report , which I’ll summarize here. It’s a pretty solid list, not offering any wild surprises. Much will be familiar to FTTE readers. Businesses need ’em. Users will demand more interoperability across devices, as we move more fully into the mobile world. Read the thing.



Most high-school sophomores hope to score a job at Starbucks or the movie theatre. Techlearning Resources

Text Analysis With Voyant 2.0


A few weeks ago, coincidentally during Day of DH 2016 , it was brought to my attention that Voyant , a web-based text analysis tool, had upgraded to Version 2.0. It works great for getting students started in large-scale text analysis. This follows the reboot of TAPoR in Version 3 , which is a larger portal for discovering tools to do large-scale text analysis.

Good analysis of higher ed trends and strategy: Jon McGee’s _Breakpoint_

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Jon McGee’s Breakpoint (2015, Johns Hopkins) offers a very solid, useful, and accessible analysis of current trends in higher education. In the book’s first half McGee does a great job of exploring transformative forces in economics, demographics, and culture. ” (27, emphases added) “Total undergraduate enrollment at American colleges and universities rose from 12.3

Good analysis of higher ed trends and strategy: Jon McGee’s _Breakpoint_

Bryan Alexander

Jon McGee’s Breakpoint (2015, Johns Hopkins) offers a very solid, useful, and accessible analysis of current trends in higher education. In the book’s first half McGee does a great job of exploring transformative forces in economics, demographics, and culture. ” (27, emphases added) “Total undergraduate enrollment at American colleges and universities rose from 12.3

Basic Twitter Analysis With twXplorer


But, there may be a situation when you want a quick analysis of activity around a certain hashtag or term (trending or otherwise) without the trouble of setting up a permanent archive. Their most recent tool is twXplorer , which allows you search for a specific hashtag or term, giving you the most recent 500 tweets along with some basic analysis of the content found therein.

IO Education: Consolidating Student Data to Drive and Empower Student Success


Company is Helping Over 5,000 Schools Improve Outcomes by Making Better use of Five Million Student Records. Here’s How. EmergingEdTech recently spoke with IO Education’s CEO, Michael. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

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Fewer and richer high school grads heading to college: ACE analysis

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This information comes from Christopher Nellum and Terry Hartle of the American Council on Education ( ACE ), and is based on analysis of US Census data. Inside Higher Ed’s summary of ACE findings. Changes in higher education enrollment can sound very bland or abstract. We’re talking large numbers, tens of millions of students, and thousands of campuses.

Media Literacy: How to Watch the Debates


Baker Karen Zill media literacy NAMLE Presidential Debates social studies student analysisThe presidential debates offer a unique portal to explore topics that are critically important in developing students' media literacy skills and preparing them for responsible citizenship. Experts Frank W. Baker and Karen Zill provide an in-depth teaching guide.

Media Literacy in Today’s Social Studies Class


The NCSS revised Position Statement on Media Literacy supports engaging students in inquiry and analysis as well as developing their understanding of media and propaganda. Baker NCSS Position Statement on Media Literacy News Literacy Project photo analysis worksheet social studiesFrank W. Baker shows how students can evaluate the flood of fake news and the Fall election. Articles Media Literacy C3 Career & Civic Life C3 Framework in Social Studies Center for News Literacy College Critical Thinking Consortium Election 2016 fake news Frank Baker Frank W.

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Every Child a Super Reader with 7 Strengths


Book Reviews Reading 7 strengths belonging confidence courage craft curiosity Ernest Morrell friendship hope kindness Linda Biondi LitWorld Pam Allyn Scholastic Super Reader text analysisEvery Child a Super Reader can empower students to become lovers of reading who understand what they read.

Spatial Thinking & Critical Analysis: Teaching With Portal 2

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Spatial Thinking & Critical Analysis: Teaching With Portal 2. Ideas & Resources For Teaching With Portal 2; Spatial Thinking & Critical Analysis: Teaching With Portal 2. The post Spatial Thinking & Critical Analysis: Teaching With Portal 2 appeared first on TeachThought. by Michael Catelli. What Is Portal? Resources For Teaching With Portal 2. Play It Yourself.

Wordle for Visual Analysis & Prediction

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Themes presented in Peck''s story are also found in Richard Connell''s "The Most Dangerous Game" and Edgar Allan Poe''s "The Cask of Amontillado" two texts that challenge the students'' comprehension and analysis skills. This is a Wordle of Eliza Doolittle''s final monologue to Professor Henry Higgins where she tries to explain her analysis of their relationship. Here''s the answer.

10 Techniques to Teach Whole Class Novels


It's Not Easy Being Tween Whole Novels Cheryl Mizerny framing Gradual Release of Responsibility literary analysis read like writers reflective writing Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry The Outsiders Ties That Bind Ties That Break Walk Two Moons whole class novelEach school year Cheryl Mizerny's 6th graders explore three whole novels as a class.

The Happiness Achievement Paradox


Data Analysis research Social Emotional LearningDo our actions communicate more clearly than our words when it comes to expressing our wishes for our children?

Danger illustrated

Learning with 'e's

They are great at description, but ask them to move beyond this into critical analysis and they look at you and shrug. In essence the students were speculating based on their analysis of the bottle, and were also beginning to evaluate the worth of the bottle. In fact, when you get to the critical analysis and the evaluation stages of thinking, there are endless possibilities.

Using Text Analysis to Discover Work in JSTOR


Software Teaching databases jstor research text analysis who knew JSTOR had a lab JSTOR have just announced the JSTOR Labs Text Analyzer , a clever tool–still in Beta–that will analyze any document you upload (or text that you copy and paste) and find suggested matches in the JSTOR archives. Why not give it a try?

4 Steps to Put School Data to Good Use


Articles Data Management analysis Barbara Blackburn data goals priorities purpose Ronald Williamson statistics surveysSchool and student data can be confusing and challenging to collect and use effectively. Ronald Williamson and Barbara Blackburn offer a four-step process to help educators and administrators collect and analyze data and support better teaching and student learning.

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The rural school district Obama fought to save

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Analysis K-12 NewsNow shuttered, this portion of J.V. Martin Middle School in Dillon dates to 1896 and was still in use when then-Senator Barack Obama visited in 2007 during his presidential campaign. Photo: Alan Richard. DILLON, S.C. — In 2007, when U.S. Obama toured the old J.V. Martin Middle School, part of which dated to 1896 and was still in use. Secretary of Education John B. King Jr.

Angela Duckworth Responds To A New Critique Of Grit

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The author of a new meta-analysis says the importance of grit — a concept that has gained wide traction in education circles — has been exaggerated

Looking both ways

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Critical analysis is where students can understand several ideas or theories, and can show how they are related. analysis critical thinking education essay writing evaluation learning reflection of practice I am often asked by my students what the best ways are to demonstrate critical thinking in their essays. The answer is quite simply to look both ways. Look both ways.

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Characters Drive This Summer Reading Activity


Plan now for summer reading assignments with the Character Analysis Organizers developed by Sarah Tantillo. Articles Reading character analysis character analysis organizers free summer reading packet questions Sarah Tantillo summer reading writing Students evaluate two main characters in a selected book by answering questions and then developing paragraphs.

Here Is An Excellent Google Drive Tool for Creating Rubrics

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October 31, 2015 OrangeSlice:Teacher Rubric is an interesting Google Docs add-on to use for creating rubric selections and converting the Analysis or Holistic rubric into a percentage or more. Google Drive Tools rubric making tools

Education Research Meta Analysis from Hattie and Yates


The Hapara team is reading Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn by John Hattie and Gregory Yates. The book is an easy to read distillation of Hattie’s work synthesizing the results from education research around the world. Edtech Blended Learning Hattie Edtech Update

Fun with GIS 208: Competitions 2016 and 2017


Education Analysis ArcGIS Online Careers competition Projects social studies STEM story mapsIn spring of 2017, Esri is hosting a network of US state competitions for grades 4-12. Successful pilot events occurred in 2016 in Minnesota (MN) and Arkansas (AR). A high school student said “This project was one of the most rewarding things I have done. See the announcement for details.

Using Vernier Data Tools on a Chromebook

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Earlier this year they released their Graphical Analysis tool for Chromebooks (free) and they have continued to make their products work with Chromebooks. For the USB connection for the sensors, you need the USB connector and the Graphical Analysis Software. Using Graphical Analysis for Chrome, students set experiment parameters and start data collection.

Common Core Assessment: An Inflection Point in Public Education or More of the Same?


Other than Texas and Alaska though, I bet you would have a hard time guessing that Nebraska… common core Data Analysis EdTech Education nclb Smarter Balanced The assessments rooted in the Common Core standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics begin this year for 45.5 out of 50 states. Minnesota is the 0.5 because they decided only to adopt the English Language Arts standards.

Helping Students Master Information Analysis

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To help prepare students for this challenging segment of the ACT and to teach them the importance of data analysis and critical thinking, I begin writing and giving timed mini "challenge questions" to my students. Work backwards on analysis questions. Practice is essential if students are to master information analysis. The basic format of these questions is as follows: 1.

Fun with GIS 207: Competition!


Education Analysis ArcGIS Online Careers competition Projects social studies STEM story mapsIn spring of 2016, Minnesota announced an ArcGIS Online competition for high school and middle school students across the state. From initial discussion to completion was barely three months, but they had over 200 entries from 25 schools across the state. Esri invites all U.S.

Common Core Assessment 20x More Expensive? What Can Edtech Do?


Forty six… blended learning common core Data Analysis EdTech Education Teaching Smarter Balanced The forthcoming Common Core (CC) Assessments are the next generation of standardized tests in the US, and will meet the testing frequency requirements of the most recent version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act also known as No Child Left Behind unless congress should act to change this, which is most unlikely.

Sound the Trumpets! Finally, Statistical Evidence that 1-to-1 Results in Increased Student Achievement

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A recent methodologically rigorous meta-analysis shows that in 1-to-1 classrooms, there is an increase in student achievement. The evidence drought is over! Here’s the justification for all those 1-to-1 Chromebook roll-outs

Creating a Writers' Workshop in a Secondary Classroom


Shelby Scoffield Literacy With the station rotation model, secondary students can focus on language arts skills such as analysis, structure, and academic writing while improving their overall writing quality Photo credit: World Literature Today via flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

3 Surprising Skills That School Counselors Need


Angela Cleveland Professional Development School counselors can increase their effectiveness when they master technology skills, embrace data analysis, and develop their public speaking abilities Photo credit: Arne Halvorsen via flickr (CC BY 2.0)

A Diagram Of 21st Century Pedagogy

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That means higher level thinking skills like analysis and evaluation. A Diagram Of 21st Century Pedagogy by TeachThought Staff The modern learner has to sift through a lot of information. The post A Diagram Of 21st Century Pedagogy appeared first on TeachThought. The Future Of Learning