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Using a Wiki in Your Classroom for Teaching, Learning and Collaboration

Fractus Learning

Wikis are the workhorses of the web. If you have looked anything up on Wikipedia , you have used a wiki. Wikipedia is one of a group of education-related wikis. The spirit of a wiki is to provide information openly and freely, which aligns well with using wikis in the classroom. The word “wiki” comes from Hawaiian, where it means “fast.”. Wiki Functions.

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The Wiki that I Forgot

My Paperless Classroom

It seems like I am always creating something online: a blog post, a Google+ community, a Wiki, a Livebinder, an account on any number of websites. This morning as I added a pin to the PATUE pinboard I saw this pin and realized that I have at least one orphaned Wiki out there. In general I do a pretty good job of keeping track of the work I create, in general. Digital media creation

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Teaching with Wikipedia? The Wiki Education Foundation Wants to Help!


If this describes you, The Wiki Education Foundation wants to help. Additionally, if you’re on the West Coast, the wonderful Jami Mathewson and LiAnna Davis of the Wiki Education Foundation are hosting a number of introductions to Wikipedia for instructors ( UC Davis March 13, U Oregon March 19, Oregon State March 19, UCLA March 31, UC Riverside April 1 ).

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SAMR - Walking a Wiki Up the Line

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

I created a MentorMob playlist designed to share a sample of a wiki project I''ve walked up and down the SAMR ladder. elearning #multimedia #wiki mentormob SAMR For those of you interested in learning more about the SAMR model of tech integration. The playlist displays illustrated examples of the project at each level of SAMR. After you''ve viewed the example, please read the whole post on to learn where this example fits into designing lessons. Create your own Playlist on MentorMob!

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Wiki-Style Communication Tool Supports Critical Thinking


Encourage collaborative, student-centered learning with this useful platform. Techlearning Resources Site of the Week

Wikiweb: an app to browse Wikipedia


app for wikipedia web app wiki app wikiweb Wikiweb: a beautiful way to browse Wikipedia Wikiweb is a paid app available in iTunes that lets you view Wikipedia in a way that is easy on the eyes and natural on the fingertips. The information populates in webs that are easy to follow. You can even tailor your web to personalize it and share it via Twitter or via email.

Community Conversations: Using Google Forms, Docs & Wikis to Connect Outside Your School

The Daring Librarian

But for those of you who are tech savvy, at home, you can Google “MHMS Learning” and our Learning Wiki comes up first! (OR While at the wiki you will also see a banner for our new MHTV Music Request Line where you can suggest Appropriate clean songs to play on our show. Thank you for participating in our interactive wiki and helping us become a better school! LOL) ….there

Tools of the trade

Learning with 'e's

Social tagging sites such as Diigo and Delicious can offer this kind of filing cabinet organisation, but so too can wikis and other collaborative tools, which would I imagine, raise the level of engagement and profiling of individuals who organised and shared their content in this manner. blog wiki RSS personal learning Twitter PLN Joyce SeitzingerUnported License.

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The architecture of learning

Learning with 'e's

Collaborative, shared online learning spaces such as wikis and discussion forums are characteristic meeting places where content is created and shared, and the community also organises and moderates it using specialised services such as aggregators, curators and tagging. wikisOne of the characteristics of Web 2.0, As far as Tim O'Reilly is concerned, Web 2.0 Web 2.0 Web 2.0 scenario.

The changing Web

Learning with 'e's

My own students create a lot of their own content during their study, usually in the form of podcasts, videos, wiki and blog content, and are encouraged to share these publicly online to gain additional feedback. 2006) Wikis, blogs and podcasts: a new generation of Web-based tools for virtual collaborative clinical practice and education. Yesterday's post can be found at this link.

Botanical metaphors and learning

Learning with 'e's

The subject of my video was wikis in education - another one in my ''3 Things'' series. botanical metaphor education learning rhizomatic learning Sydney Botanical Gardens Technology wikis I''m sure it hasn''t escaped your attention that botanical metaphors are being increasingly used to describe a variety of aspects of education, and especially digital learning. the teacher).

Digital classrooms

Learning with 'e's

Blogs and wikis and other social media made an appearance, even though at the time they were still fairly nascent in compulsory education. Technology blogs eye tracking social media wikis learner analytics education semantic web Digital Classroom Gamification learning attention tracking Games based learningThis is Part 5 in my series of posts on the future of learning and technology.

Creating A Comic Life

The Daring Librarian

The above comic was probably my first - I created in 2007 for my Daring Tech Wiki about Comic Life (with classroom ideas!) adam yeargin comic life daring tech wiki plasq So, I get this Tweet & email question a lot." How do you make those At-A-Glance Comic Tutorials! ? " I''ve mentioned it before but here''s''s Comic Life ! and the below comics (all 3 pages!) O00 Shiny!

Wikis in the Classroom

The Electric Educator

A wiki, from the Hawaiian word meaning "quick", is a web page that can be edited by anyone. The wiki concept has exploded in popularity primarily due to the following of wikipedia. The beautiful thing about a wiki is the collaboration that is encouraged. Wikis are a pool of knowledge to which people can continuously add. Some students had trouble navigating the wiki.

An audience with.

Learning with 'e's

I did some early studies into the effects of this when I implemented a programme wide use of wikis in 2006. Earlier, in a 2008 article '' The Good, the Bad and the Wiki '', my colleagues and I had reported that students became very protective over ''their content'' in collaborative spaces such as wikis and took pride in presenting their ideas to a wider public audience.

Wikis for collaborative learning

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

A wiki is a website that allows visitors to easily add, remove, and edit content, making it an effective tool for collaborative authoring which allows students to construct knowledge. There''s no need for software, all you need is an Internet-connected computer to contribute, which makes a wiki a great tool for the classroom that''s open 24/7. Uses in education are abundant.

The survival of higher education (2): Changing times

Learning with 'e's

One of the most popular and easy to use tools in the wiki – a shared website which anyone can edit. We quickly discovered that wikis are so open as to cause problems if some form of scaffolding or structure is not created for students. We therefore designed a number of activities for the wiki. wiki YouTube Changing Times It is now time to take stock. or the ‘social web’.

The survival of higher education (3): The Social Web

Learning with 'e's

One of the most popular activities on our wiki based learning programmes was called ‘goldmining’. These were posted up onto the group wiki, and a short summary attached by the ‘gold miner’ to explain what it contained and why it would be useful. The biggest problem they identified was a lack of time, and most agreed that the wiki activities actually made more work for them.

8 Great Educational Websites for Newbie Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

There are tons of websites, blogs, and wikis that provide amazing resources to help you in more. February , 2017 When it comes to educational web resources the options are overwhelmingly bountiful. EdTech resources EdTech resources for newbie teachers

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Dynamic Bookmarking on your Blog or Wiki

The Electric Educator

For my Anatomy and Physiology class I have created a separate wiki page for each of the 11 body systems. Here''s how to add dynamic bookmarking to your blog or wiki. blog bookmarking collaborate tool wiki I frequently come across websites that I think would be helpful for my students to know about. On these pages I share my lectures, class notes, and other resources.

Something Wiki This Way Comes

The Daring Librarian

Wiki''s in Plain English - a Great Vid! -- What''s a Wiki? A wiki is a web site that lets any visitor become a participant: you can create or edit the actual site contents without any special technical knowledge or tools. A wiki is continuously “under revision.” The word "wiki" comes from Hawaiian language, meaning "quick" or "fast." it has for me! As a web 2.0

Digital footprints

Learning with 'e's

Whether it is writing a blog, posting a video on YouTube, working collaboratively on a wiki, or simply bookmarking a site on Diigo or Delicious, students are leaving the digital footprints - evidence of their presence - all over the internet. Digital blog delicious wiki social media Melbourne DiigoAnd there may be ethical issues attached. The jury is still out on these questions.

Light the blue touch paper.

Learning with 'e's

Part of the appeal of setting ill-structured problems for students is that they can post their solutions (and the reasoning behind them) onto shared online spaces such as wikis, where they will then have the task to defend their solution against criticism from the rest of the group. education wiki learning school problem based learning order chaosLet me explain. Unported License.

4 Easy Steps to Embed a Tweet

The Daring Librarian

Did ya know that you can easily embed your Tweets in blog posts or wikis? 10 geeky tips for the new year blog easy embed MiddleGrdReads passwords Sasha Reinhardt tips tweet twitter vizify wiki Sure can! It''s sorta buried, but I''ll show you in 4 easy steps! — Cheers! GwynethJones That''s awesome! KO6wbSwex1 Wish they would give the EMBED code for blogs, tho! —

Drive like an Egyptian

Learning with 'e's

On wikis and other shared spaces, there is a need to simply let go of content once you have submitted it, because as sure as there are pyramids in Egypt, someone will come along and edit (or perhaps even delete) your contribution. blog Cairo driving education Egypt learning self organised learning Twitter wiki YouTube It all takes quite a bit of time to get used to it.

Why I Still Love Wikispaces

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

I have been creating wikis with Wikispaces for quite some time. I use wikis for student collaborative projects and I use them during professional development. I use wikis as a place to collect, organize and share content that often originates on a blog post I''ve written. Many of the wiki''s I created years ago have grown with me and continue to support my needs.

Wiki 28 search, transcripts, and automatic clipping!


media search tools video wikis search universityvideosI make so many discoveries through my grad students’ Weekly Search News presentations. This week, Emma shared But the true magic of is in the transcripts. Users may browse the long list of video libraries or search transcripts and metadata by keyword. And there’s more.

Share Out Loud: Join the Wiki!

The Daring Librarian

Pointing to Effective Practice, Join the Wiki! For more, read the rest of her blog and join the newly re-purposed School Library Websites Wiki! If you haven''t joined Wikispaces before you will have to do that first, then click Join this Wiki and once we get your join wiki request we''ll add you right away! What does our best stuff look like? Join in!

Wikis: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Electric Educator

On Tuesday, October 6th, I will be leading a professional development workshop at my school on Wikis. One of the first things I will be doing with the teachers is having them view a 5-slide presentation on Good, Bad, and Ugly uses of wikis. I would appreciate feedback from those of you who are using wikis: 1. How have you seen wikis used effectively? What are common but ineffective uses of wikis? What are some downright bad uses of wikis? professional development wiki Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I always appreciate feedback on my posts.

iPad BUZZ: a Wiki, a Blog Post, & an Infographic

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

Here are three must-see resources to add to the conversation: A Wiki: The iPadschools Wiki. This wiki is intended to be a clearinghouse of applications, lessons and experiences using the iPad in the classroom. The conversation about iPads is revving up at our school ! The intention is that all apps listed have been tested and recommended by teachers using them. The App Store.

Creative destruction

Learning with 'e's

Using wikis for collaborative writing is a little like solving the Towers of Hanoi puzzle. When two or more people work on the same wiki page, there is often a lot of deletion, modification and overwriting - a kind of destructive creativity - that goes on as the content is refined and polished. And yet wikis, as community spaces, are by their nature, a 'free for all'.

50 Ways to. Use a Wiki in the Collaborative and Interactive Classroom

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

What can you do in a classroom with a wiki? 50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom from The list of 50 ways is divided into the following categories: * Resource creation * Student participation * Group projects * Student Interaction * For the Classroom * Other and each way has a link to *stellar* examples. wikis Each of the 50 ways listed in the article below have links to specific examples. And (6) you can embed media (video, audio, RSS, etc.), link]. (??? ? This post was originally published at mauilibrarian2 in Olinda.

Freinet and social media

Learning with 'e's

Learners can co-operate not only in the production processes (1) and games playing (2) outline above, they can also co-operate, or even collaborate on team based creation of blogs, wikis, or video production. video Celestine Freinet Technology education wiki social media learning blogging Google Reform quadblogging He certainly believed in using technology in education. tools.

Are outdated computers reverting students to a prehistoric era?

eSchool News What Human History Tells Us About Keyboards. Communication in society has mirrored progress, but it has always involved a person holding a “pen”, even if that “pen” was just a pointed stick. A typewriter from about 1820.

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A Fuller Framework for Making in Maker Education

User Generated Education

Corresponding to these activities were three types of knowledge: theoretical, the end goal being truth; poietical, the end goal being production; and practical, the end goal being action ( ). Poïesis is etymologically derived from the ancient Greek term ποιέω, which means “to make” ( ).

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Writing For Purpose: 5 Ways To Use Technology To Give Children A Genuine Audience.


4) Wiki websites. Wiki’s are websites collaboratively created by the public. Anyone can visit a Wiki and edit it or add new content. When announcing a writing task, on a number of occasions, I have been asked by my students, “Why do we have to do this?” ” It’s a question that can sometimes be difficult to answer. All too often the work is stuck into their English books and is only seen by the teacher. Here are 10 ways to use technology to give your pupils a real audience for their work: 1) Class blogs. 2) Online competitions. A computer game?

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A Step by Step Guide to Help Teachers Create Facebook Pages for Their Classes

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

May 19, 2016 Creating a digital presence for your class does not have to be restricted to only standard platforms such as websites, blogs and wikis; social media platforms do offer more. facebook tips

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