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Schools Face Security Risks as End of Support for SQL Server 2005 Looms

EdTech Magazine

Frank Smith Microsoft will end security support for SQL Server 2005 in April 2016, and schools must prepare to upgrade. By Phil Goldstein, D. Data Center Database Software Hardware Servers Software

School Districts: There's No More Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Support

EdTech Magazine

By Phil Goldstein SQL Server 2005 will no longer receive patches from Microsoft after April 12, pushing school districts to upgrade. Database Software Software

Are You Ready for the End of SQL Server 2005?

EdTech Magazine

By Ryan Petersen The end of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is coming in April. Compliance Data Center Management

Approaching Marginalized Populations from an Asset Rather Than a Deficit Model of Education

User Generated Education

There is a growing body of research that urges schools to acknowledge the social and cultural capital present in communities of color and poor communities (Moll & Greenberg, 1990; Gonzalez, 2005; Yosso, 2005). Too often marginalized populations (e.g., some populations of people of color, students from lower economic communities) are approached with a deficit model. defective.

PBL and Design Thinking to Unleash Student Creativity – from Beth


In his 2005 Scientific American Mind article, Unleashing Creativity , Ulrich Kraft explained that creativity could be nurtured, arguing that new solutions emerge from configuring existing knowledge and understanding in infinite and unique ways. 2005). This post first appeared on EdTech Researcher at Education Week. According to Gregory et al. References: Gregory, E., Hardiman, M.,

Love Song to My Readers: Cool Cat Teacher’s 10th blog birthday

The CoolCatTeacher

Cool Cat Teacher, established December 9, 2005 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. On this day in 2005, I started blogging. Looking back to December 9, 2005 (my first blog post on the power of Wiki Wiki Teaching ) and the over 1500 blog posts, really I had gotten almost afraid. It took me a week to write my first post. Who You Are.

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Nearly half of education-vendor websites tested had security problems, audit reveals

The Hechinger Report

More than 780 breaches in schools, resulting in the disclosure of more than 14,790,000 records, have been reported since 2005, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse , a California-based nonprofit consumer advocate. Credit: Frazer Hudson/Getty Images. This makes these programs vulnerable to a security breach – a school leader’s nightmare. We want to talk about pedagogy.”.

Still more small colleges under threat

Bryan Alexander

Readers will recognize enrollment decline, revenue declining, and tuition rising: Dowling’s enrollment peaked at 6,379 in 2005 but dropped to 2,453 by the fall of 2014. An Associated Press article describes more American small colleges under threat. On the list are Dowling College , Trinity Lutheran University , and Iowa Wesleyan University. Dowling is a good example of the kinds of threats higher ed is facing, and is the article’s focal point. Tuition and fees have climbed steadily, from $22,530 in 2004-05 for in-state students to $44,672 in 2014-15. research topics

Survey Shows Rate of Student Bullying Slowly Decreasing

K-12 Schools - Education News

That number is down 6 percentage points from numbers in 2011 and is the lowest rate since the National Center for Education Statistics began tracking bullying in 2005, writes Associated Press. Fewer students are reporting school bullying, according to a survey released by the Department of Education. The results showed that 22% of students age 12 to 18 reported being bullied in 2013.

Farewell, Lecture?


Eric Mazur (©2005 Stu Rosner). A selection of this post appears in the Winter, 2016 issue of OnCUE as our 5 Trends to Love/5 Trends to Lose series. This is in the Lose list. To read the full text of “Farewell, Lecture?” ” follow this link. link]. “Farewell, Lecture?” ” originally appeared in Science Vol 323, Issue 5910, 02 Jan 2009.

Goal: Introduce Us to Your School

Teacher Reboot Camp

Bio – Hayfa Majdoub ( @haymajd ) has been teaching English since 2005. Welcome to Cycle 7 of The 30 Goals Challenge: Make it Meaningful ! “Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together.” ” – Scott Hayden. Goal: Create a video, digital flyer, or digital poster showcasing your school.

Notes on Open Pedagogy

iterating toward openness

An early example: Students’ additions of new characters to A Conversation about Learning Objects back in 2005. Mary and Amanda wrote a great post yesterday about BCCampus’ upcoming plans around open pedagogy. It reminded me that I meant to post the notes I developed for my workshop on open pedagogy at the Maricopa Community Colleges last week. ENABLE new pedagogies). PM4ID.

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Bloom reheated

Learning with 'e's

Overbaugh and Schultz (2005) suggest that in Anderson's model, Bloom's Synthesis is replaced by 'Creating', and that Bloom's 'Evaluation' and 'Synthesis' therefore trade places. 2005) Bloom's Taxonomy. In an age of digital media, where learners create, remix and share their own content, an overhaul of Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy was long overdue. It is flawed at that. So why the swap?

Maker Movement pioneer offers sage advice to creative educators – Dale Dougherty, USA

Daily Edventures

Dougherty’s company, Maker Media, produces both the magazine, which launched in 2005, and Maker Faire, which was first held in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006. As part of last month’s Hack the Classroom event, we heard from some true education innovators who have hacked learning spaces around the world to provide students with transformational learning experiences. in 1993. Founder/CEO.

Charting the future of competency-based education policy

The Christensen Institute

Although New Hampshire’s bold mandate in 2005 eliminated the Carnegie Unit from the state’s high school graduation requirements, a decade later Leather’s concept of statewide competency-based policy goes far beyond eradicating the credit hour. A few weeks ago, during a webinar hosted by the Northeast College and Career Readiness Research Alliance , New Hampshire’s Deputy Commissioner of Education Paul Leather outlined his state’s strategy in order to continue to develop competency-based education approaches. Its symbiotic relationship with a new distributor was vital to Sony’s success.

Good news for college applicants: Getting in is easier than they think

The Hechinger Report

Four-year schools received an average of 94 percent of their applications online in the fall 2013, the most recent period for which the figures are available, up from 49 percent in 2005, the National Association for College Admission Counseling reported. Record Number of Applications Flood Area Colleges”. Applications for the Class of 2021 Are Seriously Exploding”. Anxiety plays a role, too.

How independent schools can ward off disruption

The Christensen Institute

Indeed, NCES data shows that the country’s total private school enrollment has been decreasing since 2005. Anna Gu, formerly a research assistant at the Clayton Christensen Institute, and I coauthored this piece. The prospect of disruption looms on the horizon for many of America’s independent schools. They face difficulties not unlike those of the country’s higher education system, where the increasingly burdensome cost of the postsecondary experience is causing the traditional college business model to break at its seams at the same time that disruptive entrants are gaining traction.

Data Security and International Travel


I have been going back and forth between the US and Canada my entire life, but much more frequently since moving here in 2005. I just found out that I’ve been accepted to present at this summer’s Digital Humanities Conference in Montreal. Except this year, going “home” isn’t going to be as simple. The New York Times (as it does) was ON IT and weighed in. And Neither Should You. Read? A book?

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Report that says online learning growth is slowing misses big picture

The Christensen Institute

Initially, the research arguably gave a reasonably complete view of the state of online learning in all of higher education, as it showed online learning growing rapidly with growth rates of over 20 percent in 2003, 2005, and 2009. For 12 years, the Babson Survey Group in partnership with other organizations, including the Online Learning Consortium (formerly the Sloan Consortium), has done critical research into the growth of online learning in American higher education that it publishes in the report Grade Level: Tracking Online Education in the United States. It was 6.1 percent.

Discovery Education Monthly STEM Content Highlights – February 2017

Discovery Education

STEMtistic of the Month: A 2005 survey of patent grantees showed that 50 percent of inventions come as a result of “serendipitous” processes – in other words, happy accidents! . February 11th is National Inventors Day! Thomas Edison was born 170 years ago on February 11th, and he made a enormous impact on life as we know it! As educators we are here to prove that idea a myth!


Discovery Education’s Top 9 Ideas of 2016

Discovery Education

A 2005 study concluded that the professionalism teacher leadership has the potential to build—one that is based on trust, recognition, empowerment, and support—can improve teaching and learning in schools. With 2016 quickly coming to a close, it’s time to reflect on what the year brought us. We’ve reviewed some of our best articles, white papers and case studies posted to the Discovery Education Blog this year to bring you a sampling of some of the most powerful education leadership ideas we read. Providing STEM for All Is the Path to the Future. Roughly 35 percent of the 8.6

Learn Why Swivl Is the Perfect Tool For Your Flipped Classroom | @GoSwivl


He was named 2005 Teacher of the Year Runner-Up and Intel Teach to the Future Master Teacher. He was named 2005 Teacher of the Year Runner-Up and Intel Teach to the Future Master Teacher. One of the hottest devices being showcased this year at the ISTE conference was Swivl. About Swivl. Video is a powerful tool but simply watching a video is a passive experience. Links of interest.

Discipline Outdoes Talent—Here’s How

Fractus Learning

For school performance, “discipline outdoes talent,” concluded researchers Angela Duckworth and Martin Seligman (2005, 2006).” One simple letter. The grade we never want to have to give. Are some students simply doomed to low marks forever? Can their brains only struggle to deliver D-level work? Why do some students sail through courses, while others struggle? 2009). WORKS CITED.

Grant Wiggins, Champion Of Understanding

TeachThought - Learn better.

Sometime around 2005 I think, I was walking through the booths at a major conference. Grant Wiggins, Champion Of Understanding. by Terry Heick. Modern education icon Grant Wiggins, co-creator of Understanding by Design, has died, as announced on his twitter account by Grant’s wife, Denise. His daughter Alexis has also confirmed the news on her account below. Denise. We are bereft.

States can change the way they think about education, but will they?

The Hechinger Report

In 2005 the state abolished “seat time” rules – which gave students credit based on how many hours they sat at a desk in front of a teacher; instead students must show mastery over the subject before moving on. A New Hampshire student shows one of his assignments to his mother, biology teacher and math teacher during a personalized learning meeting. That’s a tall order from states. The U.S.

10 districts that have seen big blended learning success

eSchool News

In 2005 the district founded Rio Rancho Cyber Academy, the accredited, diploma-granting school for nearly 170 students in grades 6-12. Edgenuity highlights schools, districts implementing blended learning. As schools and districts try to better meet the needs of students with different learning styles, blended learning programs are becoming increasingly popular. Derby Public Schools , Conn.

Another small college is closing, unless a for-profit buys it

Bryan Alexander

New York’s Dowling College has been in financial trouble for a while. Now its leadership have decided to shut the campus down. And so another American higher education institution dies. The culprits were – do I need to write them again? If a deal is reached, he said, Dowling would not close and the firm would make a significant financial investment and supply students to the school.

6 Ways Awesome Administrators Help New Teachers Face the First Year with a Smile

The CoolCatTeacher

Inzer and Crawford 2005 ). Leadership and Support of the New Teaching Professional From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. The first year is the toughest. Pretty much every teacher will tell you that. It is when the students will try you. The first year is often when colleagues are the most unsupportive. You don’t know everybody’s names.

Why the Black Lives Matter movement has to take on charter schools

The Hechinger Report

In September of 2005, the board placed all school employees on disaster leave, meaning they would receive no pay or benefits until the schools reopened. Then in December of 2005, 7,500 school district employees were officially terminated, and because of their varied evacuations, many did not receive official notification. It has yet to be approved by the national board.

10 Ways to Use Google Maps in the Classroom

The Thinking Stick

Here’s a map that I created for friends that came to visit while we lived in Shanghai, China from 2005 – 2008. Google Maps has been out for 10 years now. Digital maps…starting with Mapquest has been out since 1996 (technically 1993 but mapquest was the first main stream map most people remember). In 2007…8 years ago now… Apple put a map in our pocket. My Maps.

Scaling Flipped Learning: Part 2

Turning Learning On Its Head

In 2005, Patricia Cross wrote an article entitled: “ What Do We Know About Students’ Learning and How Do We Know it ?”She Individual teachers across the world who are flipping their classes, are often working in isolation and small pockets. However, as the movement has grown, there is an increasing need to think systemically about how to scale flipped learning. . Weigh in.

Cutting funds to public higher education: now in New Hampshire

Bryan Alexander

A new instance comes from New Hampshire, whose House of Representatives recently votes to cut its major public university system ‘s budget back to 2005 levels. I’ve been tracking a wave of American states pushing for cuts to higher education this year. The budget passed by the House is a 9 percent cut to the current level of state support the [University System of New Hampshire] receives, and that is very disappointing,” UNH President Mark Huddleston said. How much of a cut is this in dollars? Leaving roughly $151 million. via Recession Realities in Higher Education ).

21st Century Literacy, Communication, and Blogging


2005; Leu, Zawilinski, et al., What does it mean to be literate? Traditionally, being literate meant the ability to read and write, a trademark of being educated. In essence, it meant the ability to communicate face-to-face and in writing. 2007 ). Therefore, we need to change how we teach literacy. Communication skills can be used in online environments such as commenting on blogs.

New SAT Format Debuts, Students Pleased with Changes

K-12 Schools - Education News

This is the first revision of the exam since 2005. The revamped SAT college entrance exam launched last weekend is getting largely positive reviews from test-takers who say the new exam is not as tricky, is more straightforward, and, for the first time, allows participants to guess on answers without fear. “Make sure that you are varying your word choice and your sentence structure.”

Promoting change in schools

Learning with 'e's

In 2005 I edited a book entitled 'Transforming Primary ICT' (Wheeler, 2005) in which I authored a chapter on change management. In yesterday's blogpost I discussed the problems of change management in schools and suggested that the biggest barrier to the successful adoption of new technologies lies in the minds of teachers. pp 7-8). References Wheeler, S. (Ed.) Unported License.

New ideas in a digital age

Learning with 'e's

Several years ago I published an edited volume entitled Transforming Primary ICT (Wheeler, Ed: 2005). Ed: 2005) Transforming Primary ICT. How are new ideas spread through society? Before the digital age, we had mass media to do the job - TV, radio and newspapers and prior to that, more primitive technologies were employed to spread news. Moore in his 1991 book 'Crossing the Chasm'.

Making MAKEing More Inclusive

User Generated Education

In an analysis of every MAKE magazine cover since the first issue in 2005–36 in all–Buechley found that the photos portrayed a “very narrow definition” of Maker activities. The maker movement and maker education, in my perspective, are such great initiatives – really in line with what student-centric education should be in this era of formal and informal learning.