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The Four P's—The Future of Edtech


At the ending keynote for the Tennessee Education Technology Convention (TETC) this week, Kathy Schrock left me thinking about the four P's that she said might exemplify the future of educational technology. Last week there was a huge push in the educational technology world for students everywhere to participate in the Hour of Code. Personalization. Is this good or bad?

EdTech 110

The EdTech Disconnect

The Christensen Institute

This is the second post in the #WhoYouKnow blog series on the overlap of social capital, EdTech, and innovation. Next time you pick up or read about a new EdTech product, ask yourself a simple question: “Will this product expand or strengthen students’ networks?” There’s substantial research on the power of social capital to drive educational outcomes and labor market returns.

EdTech and the accessibility paradox

The Christensen Institute

Summer Cox is an exceptional student education coordinator at Henry County Public Schools in Georgia. That’s given Cox a front seat to a new movement in education, which calls for recreating classrooms in a manner that supports learning for each child. Cox has a unique outlook on where personalized learning is headed: she helps oversee the district’s special education programs and strives to ensure that students with disabilities are included in the overall vision for structural and instructional reform. For a number of years, her district has pursued personalized learning.

“EdTech” is a Leadership Position

The Principal of Change

So some quick thoughts on how to help others move forward with educational technology: Don’t just show people tools…discuss the thinking and learn to make a direct connection to deeper learning. Developing and Facilitating Leadership edtech Educational Leadership educational technology henry kissinger innovative leadership innovative teaching and learning

What's on Our EdTech Bookshelf: 15 Books for Educators


There are a handful of edtech reads on our holiday wish list, as well as several old standbys we always recommend to edtech enthusiasts. Sounds like a blog post to me, gang!). Here’s a preview of what books are lining our shelves at Chalkup. Teachers Administrators Inspiration Lifestyle EdTechUpdate

K-12 Blueprint - tools, research, devices, best practices and more to support effective EdTech projects

Educational Technology Guy

K12Blueprint is a great, free resource for technology in education. There are toolkits with information and resources for developing and deploying technology initiatives, information on choosing the right device for your schools, software and apps, curriculum, news, research, and blogs from educators and edtech leaders. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Singapore: World Class Education Embraces EdTech and Skills Based Learning


Small Country Embraces Education Technology at a National Level In a little-known city state in South East Asia lies the world’s top performing primary and secondary school students in maths and. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!]. Miscellaneous Tools and Topics

15 hot edtech trends for 2017

eSchool News

To get a glimpse into what the next 12 months will hold for everything from professional development to digital learning, and from communication to virtual reality, 15 ed tech luminaries looked back on 2016 edtech trends to help predict what’s in store for 2017. The rise of video carried over into education. By Rebekah Ralph, LaGrange College Department of Education.

In Successful Edtech, Pedagogy Comes First—Devices Second

Digital Promise

Educational technology (edtech for short) can play a significant role in mitigating and solving this growing dilemma. An increasing amount of data around personalized educational models like "blended learning" and content-specific software suggests that edtech makes instruction in diverse classrooms more efficient. Yet these student growth gains are not reflected in most edtech implementations. Successful and sustained edtech implementation requires that good pedagogy must first be in play within the classroom. So, what can be done?

More than One Metric Matters in EdTech

Education Elements

When it comes to edtech I agree with the recent Forbes magazine article that student outcomes matter. Making a difference for students is why I first became an educator, then a school leader, and why I work in an edtech start-up. Personalized Learning Education Education Elements Personalized Classroom #plearning #plearningframework EdTech

3 tips for finding the best teacher-helpful edtech

eSchool News

Learning how to effectively use and implement new classroom edtech requires educators to spend their most valuable currency: time. Time spent troubleshooting technology in the classroom is wasted, and it can make educators skeptical of new technology. Align edtech with school mission. Compatibility with edtech ecosystem. Help teachers work smarter, not harder.

What life before edtech can teach us about personalized learning

The Christensen Institute

In many circles, edtech and the future of learning have become synonymous. This is unsurprising given the enormous uptick in online courses and technology tools in K–12 schools nationwide, not to mention the promise that technology holds to dismantle barriers to access and experience that have plagued the education system for years. Why new technologies often don’t help students.

8 Top Influencers in Edtech

Gaggle Speaks

As new technology continues to emerge, the positive benefits it has in K12 education expands to more people who share their unique insights and expertise. Here’s a short list of leading edtech influencers. Do you have any edtech influencers who you know and follow? The blog also covers varying edtech issues and best practices in the classroom. Did we miss any?

Ten EdTech Conferences to Attend before the End of 2015

Where Learning Clicks

Attending a conference is a great way to network and learn about what’s going on in the education industry, especially when it comes to edtech. Conferences give educators the opportunity to speak […]. The post Ten EdTech Conferences to Attend before the End of 2015 appeared first on Where Learning Clicks.

12 Awesome Edtech Apps


Photo credit: US Department of Education via flickr (CC BY 2.0) Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher Apps An edtech teaching toolkit should include reliable tools for your needs and circumstances. Whether that includes Kahoot!, Screencast-O-Matic, or Scratch, it's ultimately about your teacher-student relationship

50 Great EdTech Tools for Teachers and Educators

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

April, 2015 Looking for some powerful EdTech tools to try out in your class or probably use for your professional development? educational web tools This Symbaloo web mix created by Amy has you covered. The collection more.

3 Ways for #EdTech Coaches to Communicate with G Suite for Education

Kyle Pace

In my previous post , I shared some thoughts about the importance of edtech coaches to be an effective and efficient communicator. Since many school systems use G Suite for Education already, I thought I’d keep this post under that umbrella and share a few ways you can more effectively communicate and share information with teachers and staff. Boomerang for Gmail. Google Forms.

Finding ‘personalized learning’ and other edtech buzzwords on the Gartner Hype Cycle

The Christensen Institute

Education buzzwords come and go, just as the fads they sometimes represent. For a variety of reasons, the buzz phrases also come to take on new meanings that were never intended originally, which makes it hard for educators, entrepreneurs, and researchers to communicate clearly and hone in on what exactly they are trying to do and why. Education BlogThis is problematic.

Cool Cat Teacher’s 31 Favorite Everyday Tools I’m Using Right Now #edtech

The CoolCatTeacher

The post Cool Cat Teacher’s 31 Favorite Everyday Tools I’m Using Right Now #edtech appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher helping educators be excellent every day. A special Valentine's Day Episode of 10MT with Links to Tools and Tech I Use From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Check them out. .

How To Save a Periscope. #edtech


As an educator, there are a variety of ways to use Periscope in the classroom. When doing so, I was careful to only capture the educational content. After all, that is what I was showcasing: educational artifacts and technology integration in real time - not my adorable students. It was great to be a part of the conference, virtually, even if just for a moment.

8 teacher-loved edtech tools to try in 2017

eSchool News

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of apps and online edtech tools for that! Information technology has already changed the way education is provided and it continues to make even more impact with new apps that are designed every week. If you have not had this opportunity, then it is a great reason to try it, especially if you want to take education to the next level.

Four EdTech Resolutions for Educators in 2016


At the stroke of midnight on January 1, plenty of educators will set resolutions to boost organization or experiment with new methods in the classroom. If edtech was a pain point for you - or something you’ve been avoiding in your classroom - we have four New Year’s resolutions to consider in 2016. These goals are good ones. Teachers Administrators Lifestyle EdTechUpdate

10 add-ons to Google Classroom you MUST try

Ditch That Textbook

Ed Tech add-ons coding edtech educational technology g suite for education gafe google apps for education google classroom gsuiteeduThe basic functions of Google Drive and Google Classroom are only the starting point for the innovative and creative uses one can use in the classroom. Alice is one of the only people I know personally who codes for [.].

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5 New EdTech Tools for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

January 9, 2017 Below is a collection of some good educational web tools we are featuring here in EdTech and mLearning for the first time. educational web toolsSome of the things you can do with these more.

Can new EdTech tools combat economic despair?

The Christensen Institute

One clear public policy solution to this phenomenon would involve bringing more jobs to areas with higher rates of income inequality—not only to increase opportunities in those neighborhoods, but to send the message to young people in those neighborhoods that investing in education will pay off. The researchers attribute dropping out, in part, to students’ acute sense of hopelessness.

7 big Google changes and how they help educators

Ditch That Textbook

When new features or changes happen with Google products that affect education, it’s a big deal. Ed Tech edtech educational technology gafe google apps for education google calendar google classroom google keepTens of millions of students and teachers worldwide use Google tools in the classroom. Students are creating and collaborating, researching and sharing.

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Highlighting #EdTech Projects, PD, & Reviewing Quick Tips!


I also wanted to share a couple edtech related readings/PD for over the summer. These are just a few general recommendations: Google specific — Google for Education: Training Center. free, online training courses designed by Google for Education. educator level 1 and educator level 2 available. fantastic edtech blog for ideas and review.

Tech&Learning - free Edtech magazine, website and resources for educators

Educational Technology Guy

Tech&Learning is a great resource for educators. They also produce TechForum educational conferences and Virtual TechForum. The Tech&Learning magazine, available free to qualified educators, is released monthly and contains articles, tips, resources, product reviews, and much more. Tech&Learning is an excellent resource for all educators.

20 Excellent Education & EdTech Books for Your Essential Summer Reading List


Image Source These Books Would Make Outstanding Additions to Every Educator’s Book Shelf Books have been one of the enablers of lifelong learning that have existed since long before the Web. Book Reviews Future of Education Technology Making the case for Education Technologies Professional Development best education and technology books curated education technology books edtech summer reading listPlease click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

Requiring Edtech

Tech Helpful

I'm in an edtech conundrum. I've been looking at student and teacher standards posted by the leading educational technology society in the world (ISTE). The balance of what looks like edtech integration and what doesn't is a fine line I have been trying to interpret for years! Educational technology is a fluid thought- new hardware and software floods the market constantly.

Inspiring Edtech Quotes


I recently compiled a list of quotes about educational technology that have really inspired me. Have you got any favourite quotes about edtech? Tagged: canva , edtech , education , educational technology , inspiration , inspiring quotes , learning , quotes , teaching , tech , tech tool , technology. Share them by commenting below.

36 Edtech Tools I’m Using Right Now in My Classroom and Life

The CoolCatTeacher

As I was reading The Teacher’s Guide to Tech last week, I realized that it had been a while since I’d shared my own favorite edtech tools. The post 36 Edtech Tools I’m Using Right Now in My Classroom and Life appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher helping educators be excellent every day. So many of these tools are new to me.

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Is Betsy DeVos good or bad for edtech?

eSchool News

School choice, support of teachers unions, and her record in Michigan have been the leading controversial talking points in education when it comes to Donald Trump’s pick for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos. But with a background in technology investment, could DeVos be a leader in the support of successfully-implemented edtech? She advocates for edtech, specifically.

The Top Gun of EdTech Conference

Two Guys and Some iPads

That is why I call the CUE Rock Star Camp the Top Gun of EdTech conferences. He cares about education and will go out of his way to help others. John is knowledge about education and helping students succeed in and out of the classroom. I have become a better educator because of John Stevens. It was a week full of meetings, sightseeing, learning, and making friends.

5 Lessons Video Games Can Teach Edtech Developers

The CoolCatTeacher

How Can We Move Education Forward From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Education technology developers have a major challenge. First of all, developers have to meet education objectives. Even the most robust, rigorous edtech tool will be usurped by an engaging , robust, rigorous edtech tool. Engage or be upstaged.

15 YouTube videos all educators must see

Ditch That Textbook

It has videos that always seem to resonate, entertain, educate or inspire. Teaching creative teaching edtech educational technology humor inspiration skype youtubeWhenever I work with teachers, I always have a YouTube playlist handy. I constantly find encouragement in videos that others share. And in a world where well produced, stunning videos can be created by virtually anyone, it’s easier to find than ever. Here [.].

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How Khan Academy and Tata Trust’s recent partnership could affect the U.S. EdTech market

The Christensen Institute

In December, Tata Trusts announced a five-year partnership with Khan Academy to develop tech-enabled, high-quality and localized education resources across India by providing a personalized, mastery-based learning experience. Although this effort will likely improve educational opportunities in a country where millions are in need, the theory of disruptive innovation predicts that this move could impact the U.S. education market as well. K–12 education sector, however, there is near universal consumption. In the U.S. In India, there are 1.4 It is likely that U.S.