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10 Ways to Flip a Kid and Turn Their Day Around

The CoolCatTeacher

Teaching and Reaching Every Child In  A Story of a Young Life Turned Around by Great Teachers , Kevin Honeycutt shared, “I believe you can flip a kid on any given day in one hour.” ” I’ve been thinking. Can you? Well, when something horrific happens: death in the family or other trauma — maybe not. And yes, she was flipped. Here are some ways you can flip a kid. Trips.

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Let’s Change the Conversation About Education (Technology)

Digital Promise

Sara Schapiro is the director of the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools. Jason Tomassini is the communications director at Digital Promise. You can view the full-size version of the image above here. There’s been a lot of discussion among policymakers and the media recently about the pitfalls of using technology in the classroom. We know that technology belongs to the classroom.

Google App Kickstart Guides - help learn how to use Google Play for Education Apps in your classroom

Educational Technology Guy

Google has created App Kickstart Guides for Google Play for Education apps to help you build your "Android app-titude" for some specific apps in Google Play for Education. The guides include videos, best practices, how-to''s and more. They are easy to use and very helpful. The guides are built in Google Slides with embedded videos and are very well done. Book Creator 2 ClassDojo 3 Comic Strip It!

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Being a Growth Mindset Facilitator

User Generated Education

I was asked recently why I have a strong interest and innate understanding of the growth mindset. believe it comes from a background of being an adventure educator, and even though it was not labeled as such, the adventure educator embraces a growth mindset when working with participants. Many had lost belief in themselves and developed a failure mindset.

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

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With @ClassDojo you can NOW send private messages, share photos, & voice notes to parents & students!


New Flagship ClassDojo App Enables Teacher­-Parent Partnerships to Help Students Achieve their Greatest Potential - click here to connect now for free - I''ve blogged about ClassDojo for a number of years. In fact, I was one of their first users when they were just starting up in 2011. have always had a desire to support individuals who possess such passion to support teachers.

We have to stop pretending

Dangerously Irrelevant

When it comes to education, we have to stop pretending… that short-term memorization equals long-term learning. that students find meaning in what we’re covering in class. that low-level facts and procedures are a prerequisite to deeper learning. that analog learning environments prepare kids for a digital world. Please join us.  feel free to use this image as desired). Related Posts.

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Create 3D Models with Mobile Devices

Two Guys and Some iPads

Structure Sensor is the World''s first ever 3D sensor for mobile devices! The small sensor clips to your iPad using a bracket and connects using cable. I was lucky enough to get one very early on and it has only got better since then. Check out some magnificent apps below that work with Structure Sensor. Captured objects can be sent via email (uses OBJ format). Models are scale-accurate.

What the demise of Google Helpouts means for education

The Christensen Institute

This is the third post in the #WhoYouKnow blog series on the overlap of social capital, EdTech, and innovation. A few months ago, Google Helpouts —a barely two-year-old effort to connect users to on-demand experts via video chat—folded. As such, I viewed it as an early attempt at creating a viable business model for an online marketplace of experts, mentors, and helpers. One problem is valuation.

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6 Ways the New National Education Technology Plan Could Help Close Achievement Gap

EdTech Magazine

Frank Smith The latest update to the U.S. National Education Technology Plan has big plans for addressing unequal access to the powerful technology changing schools today. Classroom Digital Content Funding Leadership Management Online Learning

10 Stress-Busting Secrets of Great Teachers

The CoolCatTeacher

Sail Through the Stress of the Storm If I look through a window pane and see teaching as weather, teaching would be the thunderstorm. JRR Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring. Health professionals believe that 80-90% of all disease is stress related. Gallup’s 2014 State of American Schools reports half of teachers claim they have significant daily stress. The highest of all careers polled.).

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Highlighting Ed-tech Research and Pilot Best Practices

Digital Promise

Education technology developers and schools – we want to hear from you! Companies with strong research-based product development approaches and schools with strong results-based pilot approaches will be highlighted on the Digital Promise website. School leaders will also have a chance to win a trip to San Francisco. schools run ?ed-tech tech ?pilots?, pilots?, Pilot Questions for.

Important Skills Students Need for the Future that we need to help them learn

Educational Technology Guy

Back in January of 2012, I published a post entitled " 10 Important Skills Students need for the Future " in which I described what I, and other research, felt were the 10 most important skills for students to learn. The list: Sense-making. The ability to determine the deeper meaning or significance of what is being expressed Social intelligence. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Learning: It’s All About the Connections

User Generated Education

I’ve written about connections before in It’s All About Connection. Today, though, I was thinking about all of the connections important for learning. Connecting of Concepts – Deep Conceptual Learning: Creating Connections That Last. Connecting with the Internet and Computer Networks -T echnology Integration for the New 21st Century Learner.

5 Principles for a Problem-Solving Classroom

Brilliant or Insane

Brilliant or Insane. Districts across the United States are implementing the Common Core State Standards, and they are realigning curriculum for English Language Arts and Mathematics. Unfortunately, some of them are simply purchasing a shiny, new “Common Core Edition” of their existing textbook, most of which aren’t any more aligned to these standards than their pre-CCSS versions. Whatever [.].

A More Holistic Approach To Technology Planning

The Web20Classroom

When I was a Director of Instructional Technology I was deeply involved in the technology planning process from one end to the other. Regularly I had to sit through presentations of new products, listening with a skeptical ear while instructional promises were made. I'd also council administrators who felt that the next flashy thing they saw walk through their door, their school had to have. Great!

A Helpful Resource to Support Close Reading in the Classroom via Snap!Learning


Taking a Closer Look at Close Reading - click here to take a look - I''ve had the pleasure of speaking across the country on a variety of literacy topics, mostly focused on reading and writing workshop. Recently I''ve been asked to consult with several districts and speak at many conferences on close reading. Last year was the first time I presented on the topic of close reading in Las Vegas.

4Q: The quadruple win

Dangerously Irrelevant

Four big questions to ask about a lesson, unit, or activity… Deeper learning. Did it allow students to go beyond factual recall and procedural regurgitation and be creative, collaborative, critical thinkers and problem-solvers? Did it really? [ If not, why not? Student agency. Did it allow students to drive their own learning rather than being heavily teacher-directed? Authentic work. VIDEO].

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Does Homework Help or Hinder a Students Love of Learning?

Two Guys and Some iPads

I have read a lot of articles, blog posts, and tweets recently regarding a VERY sensitive subject: Homework. This debate has really heated up lately when a New York school stopped giving homework, and told kids to play. Many questions are often asked when debating this subject: Is homework beneficial to our kids? Is homework only about the content? Does it take away from important family time?

The key to rigorous online assessments

The Christensen Institute

Although online-learning software can be a powerful enabler of personalized learning, many educators struggle with what they see as learning software’s limited ability to provide rigorous assessment and feedback. spoke recently with the principal of a charter middle school that is using blended learning and alternative staffing to try to develop a breakthrough personalized learning model. For example, he explained that his math teachers create rigorous, multi-step word problems that require students to “explain their thinking” using writing and drawings. Speeding up feedback.

When Grading Harms Student Learning


Andrew Miller Assessment Instead of issuing zeros, penalizing late work, and grading formative assessments, teachers should make the classroom a place of hope instead of fear

How a school threw out their reading program and finally got everyone excited about reading.

The CoolCatTeacher

ECM 152: Principal Todd Nesloney tells you how to really get kids excited about reading. No trinkets. No prizes. No book levels. One school led by Principal Todd Nesloney got rid of it all. Every teacher and every student set a simple goal: read twenty books in one semester. Any book. Any kind. If you hate the book — STOP READING IT. Listen on iTunes. ” No gimmicks – just reading.

Personalized Learning Isn’t Enough. How Do We Create Learners?

Digital Promise

We hear a lot about 'personalized learning' – the importance of reaching every student at their level, including their interests and passions, and giving them choices. This isn’t really a new concept. Teachers have been trying to do this forever, and the only difference is that we now have tools to do this more efficiently and effectively than we could before. know learners.

3D CAD and 3D Printing with Chromebooks

Educational Technology Guy

Everyone who reads this blog knows I'm a huge fan of Chromebooks , especially for education. One area that I get asked about often is 3D CAD and 3D Printing. So here is some info. I am by no means an expert on 3D printing though. Tinkercad is a completely web-based, 3D CAD system that works on Chromebooks. You can easily download the STL file to use with the 3D printer. Pretty much everything.

Maker Education Card Game

User Generated Education

I like and have always used games in my classrooms. One of my current educational interests is maker education. As such, I have begun creating games for maker education – see my first one, a board game, at Reflecting on the Making Process. The game I am presenting here is a card game that ends with the makers making something based on selected cards. The Product. The Population.

10 Quick Fixes That Every School Can Implement Immediately

Brilliant or Insane

Brilliant or Insane Teachers worry about the Common Core, high stakes testing, accountability, parent complaints, and many other issues that face educators daily. What if you could stop worrying? What if there were quick fixes for your school and classroom that you can implement right now? Sound unrealistic? It’s not. Featured Inspiration edchat HackLearning

The 3 Things Digital Classrooms Really Need

The Web20Classroom

My first experience with technology in the classroom was the good ol' Apple IIe and endless hours playing Oregon Trail and Math Blaster. And look at where learning is today. The classroom is becoming less about the physical space it occupies and more about the cloud. Engaging Content -It is clear that students want to be more engaged with their learning. Blogging in the classroom takes many forms.

Beyond "Ditching the Desks," 9 Creative Ways to Avoid "The Cemetery Effect"


Each stone was equidistant from the other. Rows were impeccably aligned, all seemingly facing the same direction. The plot of land was a perfect rectangle. With the exception of some updated landscaping, the space remained seemingly untouched for a number of decades. No, the students weren’t zombies, nor were my thoughts morbid. But that world of work no longer exists in our nation. Declutter.

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When I understand it, why do I have to repeat it twenty times?

Dangerously Irrelevant

Students said: “The teachers used to talk at us all the time, non-stop, but they never actually spoke to us.”. Can you remember what it feels like to sit at a desk for a whole class, just listening? Have you any idea how much I just want to scream?”. “So, I get the practice part of homework, but when I understand the concept or idea the first time, why do I have to repeat it twenty times?

How the maker movement inspires every student to love learning

eSchool News

No matter the subject, making and collaborating engages students in inspiring ways. You know the maker movement has hit the big leagues when even the President is talking about it. Earlier this year, for the National Week of Making, President Obama issued a call to action to educators, designers, and makers of all stripes. He landed a job teaching eighth-grade U.S. history lesson? Today they cared.

Taking personalized learning to scale

The Christensen Institute

As the call for personalized learning gains steam, we’re hearing more about how best to invest in systems that support schools that break the traditional mold. Although advocates are pleased by having a growing number of proof points out there, a handful of individual schools that depart radically from the traditional school design and perform well is not enough: we should be striving for transformation at scale. To get there, oftentimes reformers, philanthropists, and policy analysts talk about nurturing the “ecosystem” for reform in which key players come together to drive change.

Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Teachers


To our Chrome-loving teachers: below are our top 10 favorite extensions. You’ll find time-savers, tab organizers, and easy ways to save content to your Google Drive. Thumbs up to all of these. Once you’ve finished downloading these for yourself, tweet us your fave extensions for teaching at @Chalkupedu. We’ll update our list later and give you a much-deserved shout-out in the Twitterverse. Google Tips EdTechUpdate

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