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Leading the Maker Movement

A Principal's Reflections

This phenomenon trickled into schools as the Maker Movement became more popular and natural connections to learning became quite evident. To begin to understand the educational value of making we must look at the roots of this movement. As manufacturing tools continue to become better, cheaper and more accessible, the Maker Movement is gaining momentum at an unprecedented rate.

Is the maker movement putting librarians at risk?

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Librarians in the Shawnee Mission School District are making way for “ the maker movement ,” and some worry where that story is going. That’s the language of the maker movement, which seeks to convert once-quiet school spaces — usually in the libraries — into hands-on laboratories of creation and computer-assisted innovation. Stories” wasn’t there, either.

The Maker Movement In Education

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here are his thoughts on ‘the Maker Movement': With so much of the emphasis in today’s education world focusing on the need for education reform, it can be easy to forget just what this means. Like all STEM-focused areas of education, the Maker Movement is an extremely useful method for advancing child education due to some of the skills it promotes and develops.

The ‘Maker’ Movement: Understanding What the Research Says

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Few trends in K-12 ed tech are as hot–or as under-researched–as “Maker” education. The Maker Movement has its roots outside of school, in institutions such as science museums and in the informal activities that everyday people have taken part in for generations. It began exploding about a decade ago, thanks in large part to the enthusiastic audience of Make magazine and the popularity of public events such as Maker Faires (the most well-known of which was hosted by President Barack Obama at the White House in 2014.) ” 2. ” 7.

Embracing the Maker Movement

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Enter the Maker Movement: a global community of DIY (Do It Yourself) problem sovleres and innovators who collaborate and share ideas online. August 11, 2015, Volume 2, Issue 9, Number 5. Driving Question: How does 'making" inspire student engagement and interest? As a child growing up in the 70s, I spent my free tiem outside building forts, fairy houses and sandcastles. When the weather forced me inside, my friends and I entertained ourselves by making things: doll clothes, furniture, and a multitude of crafts. P21 Blogazine

5 Maker Movement Tools That are Not 3D Printers


In my previous article on this subject, I wrote about the Maker Movement and its importance to the educational realm. The Maker Movement is also nicknamed the Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) Movement, because it empowers individuals to design, manufacture, and create their own objects, ultimately improving creativity in many fields. The post 5 Maker Movement Tools That are Not 3D Printers appeared first on Edudemic. In a way, the tools used in […].

The Maker Movement: Learning How To Bring Maker Spaces Into Your Classrooms featuring @Mrnavas | @NJEA @MakerDepot


Learn how you can get your students involved in STEM Education and the Maker Movement in this great podcast featuring a fantastic New Jersey Educator. The post The Maker Movement: Learning How To Bring Maker Spaces Into Your Classrooms featuring @Mrnavas | @NJEA @MakerDepot appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network.

Infographic: How the maker movement is growing by leaps and bounds

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Facts about the rise of the maker movement. Electronics maker company littleBits has created a new infographic, in collaboration with Getting Smart, designed to show the rise of the maker movement and its explosive growth, which has become a worldwide phenomenon. This year, more than a million attendees are expected at maker faires. click for full size.

Maker Movement pioneer offers sage advice to creative educators – Dale Dougherty, USA

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Dougherty, founder of MAKE Magazine and a Maker Faire pioneer, shared some fascinating insights on why – and how – the global Maker Movement has become so successful, so quickly. The Maker Movement is a platform for creative expression for adults and kids…it’s the community coming out to show what they’re doing,” Dougherty told me. Maker Media, Inc. dalepd.

8 tips to help create and sustain a makerspace

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Why the maker movement? You’re all makers–you produce things each day,” Smith said. Leonardo DaVinci was a maker. Digital Learning and Tools eClassroom News Resource STEM TCEA creativity day educators Funding help IT K-12 learning maker maker movement makerspace projects resources science scratchThis is not something new.

Make the Most of the Maker Movement


Suzie Boss Maker Education How can we make the most of Maker education? Here's some suggestions from early adopters who are making the most of this promising movement

Are Jim Henson's Doozers the Hipsters of the Maker Movement?

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In this cartoon there was problem solving, cooperation, innovation and a strong m"maker" ethic. When I referred to them as the hipsters of the maker movement, these muppets were doing this work long before it was cool, and the launch of the cartoon series is well designed to tap into the popular spirit of innovation and design combined with play. review

Maker Education: Pedagogy, Andragogy, Heutagogy

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Maker education is currently a major trend in education. But just saying that one is doing Maker Education really doesn’t define the teaching practices that an educator is using to facilitate it. Maker education takes on many forms. PAH within a Maker Education Framework. The following chart distinguishes and describes maker education within the PAH framework.

Learning is Not Linear

A Principal's Reflections

This is why I love the maker movement and makerspaces in particular. Authentic Learning Change Maker Movement MakerspaceI think, for the most part, everyone strives for success. We want to be successful in our professional as well as our personal lives. I strived to be the best possible principal for my students, staff, and community. In the eyes of many this is success.

‘Maker’ Movement Draws Attention at SXSWedu, and littleBits Shifts Into K-12

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A review of this year’s schedule at the South by Southwest Education conference suggests that an interest, at least to many attendees, in “maker spaces”—places for students to build and create with varying degrees of adult oversight—is rising. LittleBits offers electronic building blocks for maker spaces; its STEAM package includes 38 accessories for students in grades 3-8.

Walter White and the Maker Movement by @SamPatue

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The post Walter White and the Maker Movement by @SamPatue appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network. There are ideas that sit in the back of my brain for what seems like a long time. Slowly they bond with other ideas, growing imperceptibly. Bobbing to the surface, glinting just enough to be noticed. Without spoiling anything major, the […].

Framing and Frontloading Maker Activities

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and The Maker as a Reflective Practitioner. Some of the general themes and ideas for frontloading making activities include: The Use and Review of Essential Questions – explicitly discussed prior to the maker activities: What are the attributes of having a maker mindset? The following maker activity will draw upon your imagination, creativity, and innovative mindset.

The Mindset of the Maker Educator: Presentation Materials

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During Connected Educators’ Month I did a virtual presentation on The Mindset of the Maker Education. The Perfect Storm for Maker Education. Educator as a Maker Educator. Education Maker Education disrupting education educational reform experiential learning maker education maker movement professional development

Making is a Process

A Principal's Reflections

Maker activities naturally align themselves to Quad D work as outlined by the Rigor Relevance Framework. I think we can all agree this should be the intended outcome when leading the maker movement. Laura Fleming Maker Movement Makerspace Uncommon Learning“ No two makerspaces should be exactly alike, because no two school communities are exactly alike. PARCC).

Free Resources to Support Your Makerspace

A Principal's Reflections

The embracement of the maker movement is being seen in K-12 schools and districts across the world. HERE is a fantastic tutorial that will assist you and your students create maker projects using arduino. Laura Fleming Maker Movement MakerspaceAs a result, makerspaces are being instituted to allow students to tinker, invent, create, and make to learn.

A Fuller Framework for Making in Maker Education

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Implementing a Broader Framework of Making in Maker Education. All of this led me to think about how this would translate into a full spectrum of making in the context of maker educator. This is discussed in Framing and Frontloading Maker Activities where I go in more detail how to frontload or frame the maker activities: Using and Reviewing Essential Questions.

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3 ways innovative schools advance maker learning for all

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In March 2016, Digital Promise and Maker Ed issued a call-to-action for school leaders around the country to commit to growing the next generation of American makers. school leaders have answered the call by signing the Maker Promise. Maker learning inspires creativity, confidence, and passion for learning in young people. Over 1,400 U.S. Baltimore County Public Schools.

MakerBot Launches Hands-On Learning Guide For 3D Printing In The Classroom

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Maker Movement 3d printing maker movementMakerBot Launches Hands-On Learning Guide For 3D Printing In The Classroom. by TeachThought Staff. New MakerBot Handbook Helps Educators and Students Get Started with Lesson Plans and Hands-on 3D Design Projects. BROOKLYN , N.Y., Thousands of educators throughout the U.S. About MakerBot. MakerBot , a subsidiary of Stratasys Ltd.

The Philosophy Behind Maker Success

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There is a great deal of content out there about maker education. best practices Laura Fleming Maker Movement Makerspace RelevancyFor many students school has become an irritating experience grounded in boring lessons and learning activities. In many cases elementary schools have even taken fun out of school for kids by cutting recess. Don't just take my word for it.

Tinker Thinker: 21 Awesome Maker Kits

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Tinker Thinker: 21 Awesome Maker Kits. Being a relatively new concept, the definition of Maker Ed isn’t exactly set in stone, though it roughly relates learning by making. Tinker Thinker: 21 Awesome Maker Kits. The post Tinker Thinker: 21 Awesome Maker Kits appeared first on TeachThought. Learning Maker Movement Technology maker movement makered play

Why Making and the Arts Need Each Other to Survive and Thrive in Schools


My answer to you is this: We must bring more arts programming—and blend it with the maker movement—into our schools. Stretching resources: Why the maker movement can’t survive on its own in schools The sharing economy, the do-it-yourself movement, and the resurgence of entrepreneurial activity have pushed acceptance of the maker movement, as well. So then… how are “making” and the maker movement uniquely powerful as avenues of learning—and where might it come up against resistance? Education Technology Maker Movement Community

“It’s vital your Makerspace reflects the culture of your school.”

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When I look out into the endless sea of books in our warehouse at Follett, I can only imagine the next creation they will inspire in the minds of our country’s little “Makers”. As for that nuclear reactor, its “Maker” is using his creation in his application to M.I.T. Maker Movement maker movement makered by Britten Follett. We laughed too.

School Makerspaces Should Spark Innovation


Cheryl Mizerny is excited about the maker movement and all that it implies for education, but she hopes educators will take school-based makerspaces in the direction of incorporating 21st century learning goals, avoiding rote projects, and promoting innovation.

7 innovative 3D printers for the classroom

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Featured on eSchool News Resource STEM Top News 3D printers construction engineering maker movement A snapshot of classroom-ready 3D printers available for eductors. These days, 3D printing is becoming a staple of the modern classroom, from K-12 to college and university campuses as well. David D. Next page: Our 7 education-focused printers.

Design Challenge

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This set does cost some money but there are other free options: Maker Education Card Game that I created. Maker Education Card Game. This game, which I first introduced in the Maker Education Card Game , is a card game that ends with the makers making something based on selected cards. Each maker picks a card from each of the three categories: The Thing or Process.

“Making It” Matter to Girls

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Outside the Classroom #nationofmakers girls interested in STEM Maker Movement Makers Week Making making stuff STEM Week of MakingI had never heard of STEM programs until I began my career in high tech. At that time, much of the discussion was around the lack of women in technology. Sadly, it still is today. Yet […].

The Maker Mentality Takes on Many Forms

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Those who follow my blog know that I have jumped into and am loving the current emphasis on the Maker Movement and Maker Education. The proverbial sweet icing on the cake is that it is a perfect example of the maker movement. What a perfect model/statement of the maker movement. The Maker Movement takes on many forms.

20 STEM Activities For Kids This Summer

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Maker Movement stem20 STEM Activities For Kids This Summer. by School may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean learning has to. In fact, it is vital that it doesn’t! When students let their brains take a break over the summer, they can lose the equivalent of two months of their grade-level math and reading skills. Create a discovery jar. Do try it at home! Bug out!


On The Lesson Plan: Make Stuff. Fail. Learn While You're At It

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A leader of the maker movement talks about how building stuff can help students, teachers, schools and parents be more creative

?How Should We Measure the Impact of Makerspaces?


Fast-forward to a few years from now, and imagine a conference similar to the one I attended, with the same keynote speaker addressing an audience of passionate maker-educators. Education Technology Maker Movement CommunityTwo years ago I attended an edtech conference focused on the then up-and-coming trend of makerspaces. The opening keynote speaker ended his presentation with a charge for all in attendance: “I hope that makerspaces don’t become an edtech fad that goes away as quickly as it has risen to popularity; I hope you all can figure out how to do it right.”

What Should I Buy For My New Makerspace? A Five-Step Framework For Making the Right Purchases


I recently was asked to give a webinar that would guide participants through selecting the right products for their makerspace, where I unveiled my “Worlds of Making 'MAKER' Framework.” Many people associate the Maker Movement with ‘stuff’ like 3D printers, but in my opinion, this isn’t what pushes children outside of their comfort zone, it is that opportunity for open-ended exploration that is key. Creating Your Mission Statement and Maker Theme Every makerspace needs to have their own unique vision, and that vision should be written down the form of a mission statement.

How to Design Your Own MakerSpaces – From Courtney Pepe


Makers build, fix, and create. On March 18th and 19th, we celebrated New Jersey Makers Day, and I had the opportunity to visit a number of different Maker events in various communities. On the first day of March Maker Madness, I witnessed the makeover of a traditional industrial shop class into a 21st Century MakerSpace. What is a MakerSpace?