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6 ways to bolster STEM education for the future

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The report, STEM 2026 , pulls from the work of experts in science, technology, engineering and math, and the authors point out that current conditions do not ensure equal access to STEM teaching and learning. STEM 2026 suggests ways to reverse such trends, providing examples of promising programs from around the country. The ideal future of U.S. News STEM


Presenting and participating in the EDUCAUSE 2015 conference

Bryan Alexander

On Thursday (October 29) I’m presenting on Looking Ahead to 2026: Trends in Technology and Education. This October I’ll be presenting, participating, networking, schmoozing, reconnecting, and generally hob-nobbing with people at the EDUCAUSE 2015 conference in Indianapolis. Here are some of my events: A pre conference workshop, Building an Emerging Technology and Futures Capacity in Your Organization. That’s on Tuesday, October 27th, from 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM Eastern time. This seminar will describe how to build and grow a futuring capacity in a campus team.

EDUCAUSE 2015: my sessions and some observations

Bryan Alexander

“ Looking Ahead to 2026: Trends in Technology and Education ” ( slides ) focused on trends other than technology, since the conference covered tech so extensively. Last week I participated in the EDUCAUSE annual conference in the midwestern American city of Indianapolis. Plus taking in more than a dozen sessions and holding who knows how many meetings and calls. SRO time.

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The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Issue a Press Release

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I don’t believe that we should cheer Elon Musk’s plans to abandon this planet and colonize Mars – he’s predicted he’ll do so by 2026. This talk was delivered at Virginia Commonwealth University today as part of a seminar co-sponsored by the Departments of English and Sociology. The slides are also available here. Either way. as well as honored to be here.