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Pearson Releases Rights to its Learning Design Principles

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The post Pearson Releases Rights to its Learning Design Principles appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12 learning design principles learning science PearsonThe publisher says the move is intended to give the education community a “common language” when discussing the effectiveness of ed-tech products.

L.A. District Demands Refund for Pearson Curriculum on Apple's iPads

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In the latest twist in the LAUSD''s troubled, large-scale purchase of iPads across its schools, the district is demanding a "divorce" between Apple and Pearson. Apple Ed-tech Pearson edtech

Pearson CEO Fallon Talks Common Core, Rise of ‘Open’ Resources

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Few corporate brand names in education are as recognizable, and as polarizing, as Pearson, the giant education provider whose reach extends to virtual schools, testing, language training and an array of other areas. Many educators these days see Pearson as the embodiment of commercial businesses’ continued push to turn profits from public schools. John Fallon CEO, Pearson.

Pearson Writer now integrates with Microsoft Word

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Pearson is expanding the power of digital technology to help students build strong writing skills. Now, Pearson Writer digital writing resources are integrated with Microsoft Word, providing students access to support for improving their writing skills. Pearson Writer has been used by more than 350,000 students at over 500 colleges and universities nationwide.

Pearson Realize course content now works with any LMS

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Interoperability certification gives teachers, students freedom to assign and use any Pearson content regardless of LMS. Pearson announced a new iteration of its main content delivery system for K-12 schools that will allow them to experience learning, assessment and data applications seamlessly, saving thousands of hours and dollars in the process.

Pearson Blames 'Third Party' Attack for Disrupting Minnesota Online Tests

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For the second time in two months, Minnesota has stopped testing because of distributed denial-of-service attacks, and Pearson's system was disrupted. Assessment Pearson assessment hacking minnesotaeducation onlinetesting pearson testdisruption

Pearson’s Stock Falls Sharply After Gloomy Projections

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Pearson's CEO said the company will take "radical action" to correct big losses in the higher education market. The post Pearson’s Stock Falls Sharply After Gloomy Projections appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12

Pearson asks N.J. students for help designing new digital products

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Nine New Jersey elementary middle school students are joining forces with Pearson designers and developers to help the company design features for digital learning solutions. Participants in Kids CoLab Hoboken will meet virtually and face-to-face throughout the 2015-2016 school year with teams from Pearson. For more information on Pearson’s Kids CoLab initiative, visit [link].

AFT Rejected in Attempt to Force Pearson ‘Business Strategy Review’

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Pearson PLC today reported lower revenues in its first quarter, and escaped a proposed mandate to conduct a review of its business strategy, after a shareholders’ resolution led by the American Federation of Teachers and a coalition of pension funds was rejected decisively at its annual shareholders meeting. The release of the company’s financial report comes as Pearson has been fending off a challenge from a coalition of pension funds connected with affiliates of the American Federation for Teachers, a major teachers’ union in the U.S., and elsewhere. Market.

NC Should Hold Everyone for Pearson PowerSchool Implementation Malfunction Accountable

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In two previous posts, "Pearson PowerSchool Disasters in NC and Tech Lessons to Be Learned From It" and "Update! Pearson Sees Most of NC Users as Satisfied with PowerSchool Huh?" I outlined the major issues North Carolina public schools are navigating due to Pearson''s malfunctioning PowerSchool software. This is the least Pearson owes educators in the state of North Carolina. It appears that state policy-makers were bent on taking the Pearson discount to implement in one year, rather than trying to do what was probably expedient and implement more slowly.

Pearson Names New N. American President as Stock Plunges on Half-Year Results

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The stock price for Pearson PLC , the world’s largest education business, dropped precipitously Friday after its announcement of a 7 percent decline in underlying sales to about $2.5 Pearson’s stock drops after half-year results are announced. Kevin Capitani has been named president for Pearson, North America. Pearson, AFT Square Off Over Company’s Profits, Focus.

Pearson Education | ISTE 2016

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Pearson has many amazing programs that are focused on improving learning outcomes of K12 students and this year I was blown away by one of their new programs. The post Learn 5 great ways @Pearson is innovating the way schools track student learning appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network. Pearson has many amazing programs that are focused on improving learning outcomes of K12 students and this year I was blown away by one of their new programs. EdTech Innovations ISTE TeacherCast App Spotlight Google Expeditions Pearson

Pearson to Sell Financial Times and Focus Solely on 'Global Education Strategy'

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Pearson pearsonThe London-based global education company is selling off media properties with the plan to be 100 percent education-focused.

K-12 Dealmaking: Apple Acquires Learnsprout; Pearson, Knewton Turn to Adaptive Math

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Recent dealmaking news includes acquisitions by Apple and Excelligence Learning, and partnership between Pearson and Knewton. Pearson, Knewton Form Partnership: Pearson and Knewton have teamed up in an effort to “personalize” K–12 math education starting with elementary school students. Utilizing New York-based Knewton’s adaptive learning platform, Pearson says it will update its digital curriculum, enVisionMATH2.0. currently use Pearson’s enVisionMATH curriculum, which is delivered in a blended print-digital format, the company said.

Education Behemoth Pearson to Cut 4,000 Employees, 10 Percent of Workforce

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Pearson today announced that it is responding to rocky conditions and poor performance in international markets by laying off 4,000 workers and putting a greater focus on adaptive courseware and classroom products, as well as blended and online learning. A Pearson official told EdWeek Market Brief that that company is not yet revealing how many layoffs will be in the United States, or other Pearson markets. ” The shifts in the market that Pearson said it did not fully anticipate struck the company from across the globe. Ramping Up Online Programs. In U.S.

Pearson Research and Innovation Network | TeacherCast App Spotlight


Jeff sits down with Brad Ermiling to discuss his work at the Pearson Research and Innovation Network. About Pearson. Pearson is the world’s leading learning company, with 40,000 employees in more than 80 countries working to help people of all ages to make measurable progress in their lives through learning. For more information about Pearson, visit [link]. Tweet.

LAUSD to get $6.4M in software settlement from Pearson

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The Los Angeles Unified School District has reached a tentative $6.4-million settlement over curriculum from education software giant Pearson that the school system said its teachers barely used. Unified while Pearson provided curriculum on the devices as a subcontractor. As a result, the settlement was with Apple, even though the dispute concerned the Pearson product. million.

Pearson to Sell PowerSchool, Cites Shift Away From Management Systems

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PowerSchool, a student information system that Pearson says is the most widely used student information system in the United States, will leave the company's fold. Ed-tech For-Profit Education Gaming Online Learning Pearson educationtechnology pearson

Declining US higher education enrollment wounds Pearson

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Education giant Pearson announced it will lay off 10% of its workforce ( nice summary from the WaPo ). The point: declining enrollment in American higher education hit Pearson, and hard. Interestingly, Pearson doesn’t see that trend reversing in the near future. This is interesting and relevant to higher education for several reasons, but I would like to focus on how this brutal riffing draws on a theme I’ve been sounding for years. Declining US enrollment is not only a real thing, but a thing that causes casualties. emphases added]. trends

Pearson Loses Out on N.Y. Testing Contract to Questar

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Assessment Common Core Ed-tech For-Profit Education Online Learning Pearson Procurement assessment commoncore technology testingQuestar Assessment Inc., a Minnesota-based company, has won a $44 million contract to handle grade 3-8 testing in New York state.

Pearson PowerSchool Disasters in NC and Tech Lessons to Be Learned From It

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It’s too bad the state of North Carolina recently forgot this important wisdom when it took on implementing Pearson’s PowerSchool student data system, a new online educator evaluation system called NCEES, or North Carolina Educator Evaluation System, and a new teaching assessment resource system called Schoolnet. About four years ago, Pearson purchased the company that supported North Carolina’s Student data system called NC WISE. Pearson then informed the state that it was shutting down support for NC WISE. In school leadership, they tell you the same thing.

Pearson Bets One Small Step for Research Is a Leap for Learning Design


Pearson Education did something it’s never done before. David Porcaro, director of Learning Design at Pearson, says the decision to collect and share these learning design principles “is like putting the ingredients list on food labels. Pearson has been building this collection of learning design principles over the past three years, Porcaro says. We want our end-to-end process to conform to these principles,” says Curtiss Barnes, managing director of global product management and design at Pearson. User research is a staple of good product design.

Instructure and Pearson integrate LMS, SIS

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Two-way integration between Pearson PowerSchool and Canvas LMS streamlines processes for K-12 teachers. Instructure, the creator of the Canvas learning management system (LMS) for K-12, announced at SXSWedu that it has partnered with Pearson to integrate the Canvas LMS with student information system PowerSchool. Next page: What two-way integration will mean for schools.

Pearson Business Strategy Assailed by Investors, Including Chicago Teacher’s Pension Fund

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Teachers’ union pension funds that invest in Pearson PLC joined with other public sector investors today in petitioning the education giant to “urgently review its business strategy,” citing the company’s “tumbling revenue and plunging stock prices.” ” The coalition that submitted a shareholder resolution represents 40,000 of Pearson’s voting shares and hails from the United Kingdom and United States. Pearson: Too Reliant on Testing? About 60 percent of Pearson’s sales originate in the U.S. Million to L.A.

Paperless Testing: Most Grade 3-8 Students To Be Assessed Online in 2016

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Assessment Common Core Pearson air assessment douglevin drc edtechstrategies ets mcgrawhill onlinetesting pearson questarThis will be the first school year in which most elementary and middle-school students take state-required tests online.

Pearson, PARCC Criticized for Monitoring Social Media for Test Security

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Assessment Common Core Ed-tech Pearson Social Media assessment testdelivery An alleged effort by New Jersey officials to monitor whether students were sharing information about common-core exams through social media has stirred controversy.

Pearson launches DRA2+ app for iPad

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Pearson has launched the Developmental Reading Assessment, Second Edition PLUS (DRA2+) iPad App for literacy assessment. head of Pearson’s Assessment Product Solutions group. DRA2+ app guides teachers through reading assessment. The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA2+) is intended to give educators tools to monitor changes in student reading performance.

Tennessee Gives Pearson ‘Emergency’ Test Scoring Contract, Seeks New Vendor

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Pearson has been awarded a contract worth about $18.5 The new seven-month contract with Pearson was finalized using an emergency procurement process after the education department collaborated with the state’s central procurement office, according to a “Frequently Asked Questions” document the department released. Pearson, a global education company that counts assessments as less than 10 percent of its total revenues , will score about 1.8 In late 2014, Pearson was replaced as the state’s test provider for the Tennessee standardized tests.

Pearson adds daily current events to curriculum

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Pearson has partnered with Listen Current to deliver daily current events and lessons to classrooms using its 6-12 literature curriculum. That curriculum called, Pearson Literature, will now feature Listen Current connections that build on topics students are exploring in the program to make learning relevant and meaningful. “We We are excited to partner with Pearson to engage students in listening and current events,” said Monica Brady-Myerov, CEO of Listen Current. For more information about Pearson Literature, visit Pearson’s Literature website.

“In Pearson We Trust!” Trust Corporations Not Teachers

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I n this recent story from NPR entitled “How Standardized Tests Are Scored (Hint: Humans Are Involved),” it becomes clear how companies like Pearson have purposely created a “facade of objectivity” in order to make it appear that their scoring of tests has some kind of legitimacy. Instead, the motto in public education has become “In Pearson We Trust!” This kind of test wizardry has become more common as the quest for “objective measures” has heated up in recent years. The NPR story helps cast doubt on this so-called “objectivity-from-afar!” Check out the NPR story here

Pearson Confident Despite New Jersey PARCC Testing Woes

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Despite everything seeming to be running smoothly on Tuesday at Pearson, the largest education company in the world, by the following day students across New Jersey were experiencing technical issues when trying to take their PARCC exams due to an error made by a Pearson employee. ” Pearson has a four-year contract with the state, which could cost up to $108 million.

Feds Drop Investigation Into Los Angeles District Over $1 Billion iPad Purchase

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Marketplace K-12 Curriculum FBI iPad LAUSD PearsonThe decision brings a close to a federal probe into the failed roll-out of iPads containing an incomplete curriculum in the 650,000-student district. The post Feds Drop Investigation Into Los Angeles District Over $1 Billion iPad Purchase appeared first on Market Brief.

iPad 18

Pearson Giving Up Business Publishing to Focus on Education

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British education publishing company Pearson has announced that it was in talks to sell its 50% stake in the Economist Group, the company that publishes The Economist, as it moves to focus exclusively on the education sector. Pearson owned the Financial Times as well, but last week sold it to the Japanese company Nikkei for a price tag of $1.3 billion.

Court Hands Major Victory to PARCC, Pearson in Challenge by Vendor

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In a decision with potentially huge implications, a New Mexico judge has rejected the AIR's protest of a PARCC contract awarded to Pearson. Ed-tech assessment contracts procurement testing

ETS Hauls in Texas Assessment Deals Worth $280M, Tops Pearson

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ETS has won a series of lucrative pieces of Texas state testing work, worth $280 million, while rival Pearson won contracts with much less value. Assessment Ed-tech Procurement RFPs assessment ets pearson rfp testdelivery testing testingmarket

Update! Pearson Sees Most of NC Users as Satisfied with PowerSchool Huh?

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Yesterday, I posted about the many issues we are struggling with North Carolina’s roll-out of the Pearson’s PowerSchool student data system. The article also says Pearson has corrected a lot of problems as well. Still, I just can’t help but comment on this statement by Pearson spokesman Brandon Pinette: “We are confident the system is working better every day, and that the majority of users are satisfied with the new capabilities they have.” From where does Pearson obtain this “confidence?” 21st century leadership data systems Pearson Powerschool

Pearson reaches 1 million subtest milestone for psychology test tool

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Pearson announced that more than 1 million clinical assessment subtests have been administered on Q-interactive, a digital system used by psychologists and speech-language pathologists. Cleveland Metropolitan School District psychologists target an increase in student engagement, time and cost savings with Q-interactive. Next page: How an Ohio district is using Q-interactive.