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Game Based Learning: Make Fast Teaching Games with SMART lab

The CoolCatTeacher

Sponsored Post by SMART Learning Suite From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Formative assessment and game based learning make a powerful combination in the classroom. love SMART lab, a new feature of the  SMART Learning Suite. Recently, Recently, when they sponsored several of my 10-Minute Teacher episodes, I tested SMART Notebook. Download a free trial.

5 Ways Teachers Are Fighting Fake News

NPR Learning and Tech

In an era of national attention to what's real and what isn't, we asked educators to share their strategies for helping students sort out fact from fiction. Image credit: Courtesy of Scott Bedley

Got an Idea for an Edtech Tool to Support Special Education? NewSchools Ignite Might Fund it!

EdNews Daily

Announcing up to $1.5 Million in New Funding Opportunities for Edtech Entrepreneurs! NewSchools Venture Fund is excited to announce the launch of its next ed tech funding opportunity: the NewSchools Ignite Special Education Challenge. This challenge targets ed tech entrepreneurs with a product that supports Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade students in special education.

Flipped learning takes a big step forward

eSchool News

The Flipped Learning Global Initiative (FLGI), a worldwide coalition of educators, researchers, technologists, professional development providers and education leaders introduced its inaugural cadre of enterprise mission partners. The companies presented have agreed to support the latest research-based standards, and evolving global best practices in flipped learning. link].

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5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

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15 tools and apps real educators actually use

eSchool News

Some of the best things about an ed-tech conference are the sessions, where attendees learn about new tools and resources, trends, and teaching strategies. But you can’t make it to every session, and sometimes it’s hard to choose when each session is compelling and relevant to your educational needs. That’s where eSchool News can help. During TCEA, our editorial team attended sessions each day.

24 Of The Best PDF Tools For Teachers

TeachThought - Learn better.

The post 24 Of The Best PDF Tools For Teachers appeared first on TeachThought. Technology General New Teacher Tools

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Call for Student Participation - 2017 STEM + Entrepreneurship Conference

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The 2017 STEM + Entrepreneurship Conference , a student-organized event, will be held ONLINE on Saturday March 4th, 2017 , and feature keynote speakers and crowd-sourced presentations by students in grades 6-12 and college. There is no cost to participate or attend. CALLING ALL STUDENTS! Please share this outreach from the organizers: "Students of the global village, we have a question for you!


Cheap or free hacks to redesign your classroom


Back in my school days classrooms were pretty standard: double desks with a small built-in space for your backpack, the teacher’s desk at the front, a blackboard, a country map, two or three hanging pots with leafy green plants and a waste basket. Regardless of the learning activity, students had to stay put all day long, in the same seat. Of course, I hated the situation. Space for storage.

Join SETDA: Affiliate Memberships Now Accepted

Google Drive Cheat Sheet for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

February 17, 2017 A huge number of emails we receive from our readers are queries about different features in Google Drive. And while we have extensively covered Google Drive functionalities more. Google Drive Tips

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Stop Praising Student Work. Be Specific Instead.

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The post Stop Praising Student Work. Be Specific Instead. appeared first on TeachThought. Assessment

Teaching our Children the Truth to Self-Love

Fractus Learning

Often we wonder how can we teach children self-love? believe that in order to teach self-love, we need to demonstrate what it is. We should walk our talk. Because we teach children with every action we take. Children watch and feel everything and they know the truth about how we feel about ourselves, regardless of what we say. Tell Children the Truth! Allow them to witness you. The Only Way.

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Student Finance Gets a Facelift With CampusLogic’s Acquisition of Cegment


Many students, no matter their economic situation, don’t like fretting about financial aid. As CEO of the student financial aid startup CampusLogic , Gregg Scoresby has heard plenty of these concerns. To alleviate some of their worries, he’s trying to meet students where they’re at—online and on mobile devices—and upgrade the entire student financial aid process while doing so. Since founding the Gilbert, Ariz.-based based company back in 2011, Scoresby’s been driving towards this goal in a number of ways. And while most higher-ed institutions in the U.S.

Reimagining Financial Literacy Professional Development through Micro-credentials

Digital Promise

Digital Promise and the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC) at George Washington University have collaborated to develop 20 personal finance micro-credentials for educators, covering skills in credit card use, saving, and mobile financial management. Each micro-credential is aligned to personal finance national standards, all of which explore topics and situations relevant to students’ daily lives. Listen to the episode below to hear more about these micro-credentials and their value to educators and students. Blog Educator Micro-credentials Uncategorized

6 EdTech Tools for the Future Classroom

Gaggle Speaks

While we can’t predict what the future holds for EdTech tools, we can make educated guesses as to which resources will see success in years to come. Some of the most impactful technology of the future is already available today, even if it’s not currently in your school or district. Here are some EdTech tools already making an impact and others that show a lot of promise for what lies ahead.

Media Literacy: Five Ways Teachers Are Fighting Fake News


As the national attention to fake news and the debate over what to do about it continue, one place many are looking for solutions is in the classroom. Since a recent Stanford study showed that students at practically all grade levels can’t determine fake news from the real stuff, the push to teach media literacy has gained new momentum. The study showed that while students absorb media constantly, they often lack the critical thinking skills needed to tell fake news from the real stuff. Teachers are taking up the challenge to change that. Those who think the article is false, stand up.

9 Fun Balance Board Choices for Active Kids

Fractus Learning

A balance board is a fun and active toy kids can enjoy both in and out of the house. But more than that, these boards help kids development important skills. Physical skills like spatial awareness, balance and coordination are developed and practiced with the use of a balance board. Studies have even shown regular use of a balance board can increase attention span and focus in children. Ages: 6+.

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Ed-Tech Industry Group Names Bridget Foster as New Leader

Marketplace K-12

The software association's educational technology practice changed leaders for the second time in six months, as it re-focuses from the promise of ed-tech to its impact. The post Ed-Tech Industry Group Names Bridget Foster as New Leader appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12 Educational Technology/Ed-Tech implementation SIIA

Team Digital Breakout Edu- Canadian Style!


Cross-Post from: Last week I was invited by my friends Kim Pollishuke and Jenn Casa-Todd to play a collaborative, live, on-line game of Digital Breakout EDU via Google Hangouts. The timing could not have been better for me, as a few days later, I was due to travel to Irvine, California with the EdTechTeam to facilitate, among other sessions, a session on Digital BreakoutEDU.

Pt 2: Project Based Learning … 5 More Misconceptions and Resources to Raise the PBL Bar

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Welcome back… I had to come up with five more ideas to reflect on as all of you work on incorporating PBL practice in the classroom. It was wonderful seeing all the retweets with over one thousand reads a day from that last PBL post. Before continuing, I would appreciate having you take a moment to subscribe to this Blog by RSS or email and follow me at ( mjgormans ). Check out my sessions!

Here Is A Treasure Trove of Free Printable Worksheets and Lesson Plans for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

February 16, 2017 BusyTeacher is an excellent website that provides a wide variety of educational materials especially curated for language teachers. It has over 17,000 free printable more. teacher websites

Breakout of Your ThingLink 360!

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

We hope you will join our webinar event featuring Dan Gallagher's session on how to facilitate Breakout EDU type learning experiences, powered by ThingLink 360/VR. This session will take place live on February 28th @ 6:00 pm EST. Sign up to receive an archived copy of the recording. Breakout of Your ThingLink 360! Breakout EDU is taking education by storm! Reserve your spot today!

See Game-Based Learning In Action at Pinellas

MIND Research Institute

Something special is going on with math education at Pinellas County Schools (PCS). Local public radio picked up this story: It’s family game night at Davis Elementary School in Clearwater, but there's not a Monopoly board or a Jenga block in sight. Instead, kids and parents are playing math games. First grader Eleanor Nartker places a purple marble inside a diagram so she can complete a pattern.

Energizing Ideas for a Flexible ELA Classroom


Ariel Sacks says teachers who read The Flexible ELA Classroom will get to know "an enthusiastic, skilled teacher" effectively applying "many of the best current teaching trends." Amber Chandler's practical, student centered ideas include flexible differentiation, PBL infusion, family involvement and more.

My Entire Math Book Is DOK 1

Teacher Tech

My Entire Math Book Is DOK 1 I taught High School math for 14 years. In looking back at the curriculum my district used, it was almost entirely DOK 1 and a little DOK 2. In other words, low critical thinking. In In response to “when am I ever going to use this” we would assure students […]. The post My Entire Math Book Is DOK 1 appeared first on Teacher Tech. Math math


For Kids: Measure Distance on Google Maps, No Matter How Short, with a simple Google Search

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

Simply type in your Google search: Distance between (address or business name) and (destination), and voilà: Just for fun, I took it a bit further, and discovered that this works for distances in mere feet too, like how far is it from my house to the house across the street, for instance (FYI 36 feet). Isn't that the coolest?

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Better Edtech Budgeting: How Yuma Elementary District Makes The Most of Its Money


This case study was featured in Chapter 4 of EdSurge's "State of Edtech" report. To the other 13 school/district case studies, click here. During 2009, then-Superintendent Darwin Stiffler and Associate Superintendent Duane Sheppard of Yuma Elementary School District One in Arizona had just taken their positions and were trying to figure out how to meet students’ needs. Like many districts, they serve a lot of low-income students, many of whom struggle in reading in math and reading, and a number who moved to Arizona from another country. Several Yuma students with pieces of technology.

Real-time Assessment Tool a Great Fit for BYOD, 1-to-1


Cleverly designed for teachers, Formative offers a flexible and attractive solution for gathering a variety of student response types and offering individualized feedback. Techlearning Resources Site of the Week

Evolution vs Revolution

iterating toward openness

Fireflies and Star Trails No. 1 by Mike Lewinski, CC BY. love everything Rajiv is saying in his recent, excellent essay Pragmatism vs. Idealism and the Identity Crisis of OER Advocacy  and I’m really looking forward to the discussion we’ll have when he presents this paper early next month. believe the “which form of advocacy is best – pragmatism or idealism?”

10 Factors To Consider When Choosing A College

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The post 10 Factors To Consider When Choosing A College appeared first on TeachThought. Everything Else Higher Ed Middle & High School


Ever Participated in an Online Book Club? It’s Easy and Fun. Come Join the FLN Book Club!


The Flipped Learning Network Launches a Book Club! First up: The Innovator’s Mind Set by George Couros One great way to explore new ideas and get in some PD while also take a bit of a break is. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!]. Book Reviews Professional Development online book club

A Simple Way to Get Student Feedback Regularly


Longtime readers of ProfHackers might remember that I’m a fan of the simple solution: from putting labels on your stuff to carabiners for my keys to rubber bands around my dry erase markers to a multitool on my keyring to velcro ties around everything to a holster for my smartphone. I’m always looking for simple, relatively inexpensive solutions to everyday problems. How about you?