A Workshop Model for Science, Social Studies


The workshop model moves beyond literacy in Inquiry Illuminated. The authors present science and social studies in a workshop framework, engaging students from research to presentation.

Study 56

Writers Workshop: Imagining What is Possible #engaginglitminds

Reading By Example

Writer’s Workshop was the favorite part of my day in my third grade classroom. Writer’s Workshop was based on the need for student choice. They were the reality in my classroom during Writer’s Workshop. This post is part of our 2020 Summer Book Study. book study

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Mini-Lesson Examples and Mentor Text Ideas for Workshop!


Though I do have a block of time set aside for reading workshop and writing workshop, we often use the term ''workshop'' interchangably since they are both so closley connected in our classroom. It''s a perfect fit to launch our genre study.

Tons of Materials for Using Mentor Texts in Writing Workshop for Small Moments!


An Elementary Unit for Writing Workshop Using Owl Moon When Scholastic asked what book selection I''d like to have to work with my students this year, without hesitation, I asked for Owl Moon by Jane Yolen. My school uses the units of study created by a team within our district.

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Launching Writing Workshop: 25 Free #CCSS Lessons with Anchor Charts & Printables


25 Common Core Lessons to Launch your 2nd Grade Writer''s Workshop Fall is my favorite season for several reasons. I was so excited to attend our grade level meeting yesterday because we had scheduled one of our favorite consultants to come and work with us to plan for writer''s workshop.

Exploring Poetry: A Writer’s Workshop Support

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

Our 4th grade is currently reading poetry in their reading block and writing poetry during writer’s workshop. I love working on poetry with students and many times this doesn’t happen until April, so I was so glad to see poetry being studied earlier in the year too.

3 Ways to use Kami in a Social Studies Classroom


In social studies classrooms around the world, teachers use documents and images as a daily part of their curriculum. Below, we will explore three ways Social Studies teachers can use Kami in their classrooms! Ben Sondgeroth Blog ben Sondgeroth History Kami Social Studies

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Illuminating Inquiry in Science & Social Studies


Book Reviews Teaching Insights Anne Goudvis Brad Buhrow grades K-6 Heinemann Paul Solarz researcher’s workshop science social studies Stephanie HarveyInquiry Illuminated shows teachers how to blend personalized learning, content area instruction, and literacy instruction into a cohesive, manageable block of time where students are self-directed and the teacher is free to work with small groups, writes Paul Solarz.

Study 40

How to balance work and study as a teacher

eSchool News

CPD opportunities for teachers might include: : Workshops, seminars and conferences. Formal study. Going back to study while teaching can not only be fulfilling, but add sought-after skills and qualifications to your CV. Create a quiet study space. Studying online.

Study 66

How to Plan an AWESOME Book Study!

Shake Up Learning

The post How to Plan an AWESOME Book Study! How to Plan an AWESOME Book Study! Book studies are a great way to level up your professional learning! So I decided to put this post together, How to Plan an Awesome Book Study, to help guide you along the way.

Study 70

5 Great Tips for Studying Abroad


Studying abroad is a unique experience that every student should try , as it brings numerous advantages, from mastering languages to improving your personal skills. To help you make the most of the academic experience, we recommend these five tips for studying abroad. Discover the best resources to study abroad. Study in groups. Studying in another country is the perfect opportunity to learn or improve a language.

Study 63

Writer’s Workshop with Latino Mentor Texts


"Equal parts how-to and shopping list," teacher Any Estersohn says Ruth Culham's Dream Wakers will help any middle grades ELA or social studies teacher add more Latino voices and mentor texts – especially in classrooms with a writer's workshop teaching approach. Book Reviews Writing Amy Estersohn Conventions creative activities Cuban ELL Ideas Latino culture lessons mentor texts Mexican organization Ruth Culham Sentence Fluency Stenhouse voice word choice writer's workshop

Study 40

Ten Engaging Digital Education Sites For Any Social Studies Classroom

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

I took some time to look over my past posts and decided I needed to provide Social Studies Teachers with some great resources for their classroom. Are you looking for a practical and affordable professional development workshop for your school or conference?

Study 163

Hosting Study-Groups for Teachers

Reading By Example

“Thank you, Dana,” the fifth grade teacher said to me on the last day of our lunchtime study-group. ” We had just finished our six-week long study-group centered around Christopher Lehman’s book Energize Research Reading and Writing.

How social studies can help young kids make sense of the world

The Hechinger Report

Teachers and administrators get acquainted at a Border Crossers workshop for educators about discussing race and racism in the classroom. Most states either don’t test social studies, or the social studies test doesn’t really count toward adequate yearly progress.”.

Study 113

Get inspired by Project Based Learning! 3 Awesome PBL case studies


The key concept is active learning , which dovetails neatly into today’s topic where I will share with you three incredible Project Based Learning (PBL) case studies, that I hope will inspire you to be more ambitious in designing, developing and implementing PBL in your classroom.

The Teacher’s Guide to Professional Book Studies – SULS031

Shake Up Learning

The post The Teacher’s Guide to Professional Book Studies – SULS031 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Book studies can be a great way for teachers to grow, connect, and learn together. Teacher book studies can be impactful. Planning an Effective Book Study.

Study 53

?Social Studies Should Teach Students for Tomorrow, Not the Past


In fact, this question has become the cornerstone of my personal educational philosophy, and a guiding principle for my team of high school social studies educators at Fairfax County Public Schools. Years ago, social studies classes used to focus on memorizing dates, names, and intricate details of historical events. The best workshops are teacher-centered and provide ongoing support after the session is complete. Are you teaching for tomorrow?

Study 125

Designing and Adapting Projects For All Users: Digital Accessibility Workshop (July 27-31)


If that’s the case, then you are in luck: later this summer, Erin Templeton and I will be teaching a workshop entitled Digital Accessibility: Designing and Adapting Projects For All Users at HILT ( Humanities Intensive Learning & Teaching ) 2015.

‘Lesson Study’ Technique: What Teachers Can Learn From One Another


She set up workshops and sent them to professional development days. The teachers were learning about inquiry-based teaching at the workshops, but they didn’t know how to actually do it when they got back to their classrooms. And the expert who led the workshop isn’t there to help.

Study 79

Teaching Parents and Students the Secrets of High School Success - Workshops

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

In my workshops , I show parents and students how to succeed in school, based on advice that hundreds of teachers have contributed to help create this material. By the end of a "Game of School" workshop, parents and students will.

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Why one district’s students studied only STEM for a week

eSchool News

To prepare, middle school teachers attended summer professional development in the form of a two-day workshop focused on hands-on learning with the STEM curriculum they planned to use.

STEM 113

A vocational school curriculum that includes genocide studies and British literature

The Hechinger Report

I came here for both — the training and the academics,” says Miller, who plans to study biology in college, of her decision to attend Essex Tech. “It’s The post A vocational school curriculum that includes genocide studies and British literature appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

Study 85

How Social Studies Can Help Young Kids Make Sense of the World


This story about social studies instruction is part of a series about innovative practices in the core subjects in the early grades. Teachers and administrators get acquainted at a Border Crossers workshop for educators about discussing race and racism in the classroom.

Study 58

The Parenting 2.0 Workshop - Helping You Become the Parent You Want to Be!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Workshop is designed to help you build up your mental and emotional parenting "tool set" so that you feel more confident and capable of being the parent you want to be! workshop is helping you to recognize what you're already doing well, and then to strengthen and build on those things.

Lesson Study? There’s an App for That


Knowing that improving the quality of math discussion in their classrooms won’t be easy, educators are applying the “lesson study” technique to improve their craft. ’ Tom McDougal, Co-Founder Study Lesson Alliance. Tom McDougal/Lesson Study Alliance).

Study 54

?Can Online Teaching Work at Liberal-Arts Colleges? Study Explores the Pros and Cons


Edward’s University , where he works as an associate professor of philosophy and the director of the Center of Ethics and Leadership , was one of the 21 institutions taking part in a study to explore teaching upper-level humanities courses online. The report lists one of the study’s goals as determining if “smaller, independent liberal arts institutions can make more effective use of their instructional resources and/or reduce costs through online humanities instructions.”

Study 84

Give me some credit, please! (Exploring plagiarism through a series of clever case studies by Jen)


In going through my grad students’ final workshop presentations this semester, I found one just too useful not to share. Designed as a professional development experience for secondary teachers, Jen’s workshop has school-wide value for opening conversations about academic honesty.

iFake Text - Having fun with Dialogue!


I know my students would enjoy creating conversations between fictional characters, historical figures, and famous people we study. tools writing with dialogue writing workshop

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Routines and Relationships for Managing Uncertainty #engaginglitminds

Reading By Example

The authors did such a fantastic job of outlining both reading and writing workshop as structures that can exist in the classroom as entry points for engaging students. This post is part of our 2020 Summer Book Study. book studyWhy do we do the things we do?

Bring Map Making to Any Classroom Using Google My Maps


I have seen students document a character’s journey through a novel, create a science journal on weather conditions in different parts of the world, or study the route racers take during the Iditarod. Ben Sondgeroth Blog #ettgoogle #gafe EdTechTeacher Summer Workshops

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The Biggest Give-Away Yet - Thank You Readers and my Personal Learning Network!


Because of social networking and the opportunities to connect at conferences and workshops, I''ve made some incredible friends. per Heinemann website): Troy Hicks holds sight on good writing workshop instruction. Omg - Really - I have the Best of Friends & Supportive Readers!

Help Kids Read with Skill and Passion


Find reading workshop case studies to help readers become passionate, skilled, and habitual. Reading Nancie Atwell and Anne Atwell Merkel’s The Reading Zone, 2nd edition, is like getting a letter from a good friend and mentor, says ELA teacher Amy Matthes.

My new friend, Cue!

Kathy Schrock

I have had the chance to use Wonder Workshop's Dot, Dash, and Cue robots at various conference sessions. I was so excited when Wonder Workshop send me a Cue of my very own! The technical components of the Cue robot are outlined on the Wonder Workshop information page.

I Named My Cat After a Vampire: a post about reading instruction


As an elective class, I had my middle school students study the parallels of Wuthering Heights and Twilight. books about Louisiana education Out of the Easy reading reading workshop Scholastic Sold teaching The Hunger Games Top Teaching Twilight vampire books