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Study 152

10 Ways to Use Twitter in Class

Ask a Tech Teacher

It makes sense; tweets and twitter streams have been part of hard-core news reports for years as an effective way for leaders and politicians to reach their constituents and pollsters to gauge what interests people. Establish rules for Twitter use. Group study session.

20 Free Online Resources to Upgrade Your Studying Process

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You may see Julie's latest publications and contact her via Linkedin All students would agree that it is difficult to study. Thanks to the Internet, there are free online resources that you can use to upgrade your studying process. You can rely on these high quality study guides.

Study 259

5 Free and Fun Online Tools for Studying


5 Free and Fun Online Tools for Stress-Free Studying I always give my Scholastic posts a lot of thought. I am excited to share a few of my favorite studying tools with you. Quizlet Quizlet states it best, "We make simple learning tools that let you study anything, for free."

Study 259

Summer Learning Series-Twitter Chats For Learning

The Web20Classroom

Today we are diving deep into Twitter chats, looking at #edchat and other chats worth your time. That means there is an actual Twitter chat that goes along with that hashtag. What is a Twitter chat? You could spend just about every waking moment on Twitter engaged in a chat.

Successful Studying Tips and Resources for Students

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Study skills are often lacking in many students. Here are some resources and tips to help them learn better study skills to help them learn and succeed. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. how to study study skills

Study 121

5 Free Tech Tools to Try in Your Social Studies Lessons [ENCORE]

The CoolCatTeacher

The top Edtech Tool Tuesday of 2018 (so far) with Richard Byrne From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. In today’s show, he talks about top free tech tools to try in social studies lessons.

Study 249

How to Plan an AWESOME Book Study!

Shake Up Learning

The post How to Plan an AWESOME Book Study! How to Plan an AWESOME Book Study! Book studies are a great way to level up your professional learning! So I decided to put this post together, How to Plan an Awesome Book Study, to help guide you along the way.

Study 71

5 Free Tech Tools to Try in Your Social Studies Lessons

The CoolCatTeacher

Richard Byrne on episode 225 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. In today’s show, he talks about top free tech tools to try in social studies lessons. 5 Free Tech Tools to Try in Your Social Studies Lessons.

Study 265

5 Free Tech Tools to Try in Your Social Studies Lessons (#3 Episode of Season 3)

The CoolCatTeacher

Richard Byrne from Free Technology for Teachers From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. In today’s show, he talks about top free tech tools to try in social studies lessons.

Study 219

How is Twitter helping to Connect Educators? | TeacherCast Classic Podcast


Jeff sits down with Jerry Blumengarten and Brad Currie to discuss how educators are using Twitter to connect with each other. Jeff sits down with Jerry Blumengarten and Brad Currie to discuss how educators are using Twitter to connect with each other. He is also the co-founder and co-moderator of #Satchat, a weekly Twitter discussion for current and emerging school leaders. I was a licensed Social Studies teacher who also taught Language Arts, Science, Math, Computers.

Twitter in the classroom

Learning with 'e's

Today I had an interesting exchange of views on Twitter. about Twitter. I mentioned that I strongly encourage the use of Twitter in my classes. Secondly, students are going to use Twitter and other media anyway, regardless.

Getting Started on Academic Twitter v2.0


At this year’s MLA Convention, I was invited to give a workshop on getting started on social media, namely, Twitter. I’ve written recently for ProfHacker about why I still find Twitter valuable. Twitter is only as good as the people you follow and thus populate your timeline.

Project Information Literacy News Study: A new study on new adults and news


Dr. Alison Head and her Project Information Literacy (PIL) research team recently released the findings of a new national study on college students and how they consume and interact with a vast and deeply polarized news ecosystem. Please share this study broadly. News Study Report.

Study 88

Why Twitter Will Never Connect All Educators.

My Island View

Teaching is not a passive exercise; it requires work, study, and involvement in an ever-changing world. The ins and outs of Twitter would be the most efficient and effective way to share what is needed for educators. For those reasons Twitter will never connect all educators. The shame of it is that Twitter is probably the best way to share and learn available to us now. If there is one thing I truly understand about educators it is that they are slow to change.

Gooru - collections of free study guides and resources

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It contains study guides, aligned to standards and personalized, on topics in 5th - 12th grade math and science. There are also self-assessments that Gooru suggest resources and study guides to help you. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Study 177

Study Finds Data Analytics Help Lower Rates of Disciplinary Action in K–12

EdTech Magazine

Study Finds Data Analytics Help Lower Rates of Disciplinary Action in K–12. By combining data analytics and a new disciplinary pedagogy called Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports , the schools in the study saw a marked reduction in misbehavior among students. . Twitter.

Study 150

How to Assess Your District: The Global Challenge Project Case Study

The CoolCatTeacher

Mark Wise on episode 223 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Our middle school, like many other middle schools, have teams made up of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Math. Twitter: @wisemancometh.

Twitter chat: WW2 - The European Scenario

Kairos EdTech

21st Century Learning history Social Studies SS Twitter Twitter chat WW2

Summer Book Study: The Listening Leader by Shane Safir

Reading By Example

Next are a few questions with answers that seem to come up prior and during a book study on this blog. When does the book study begin? Each of these professionals has provided thoughtful and well-written articles for previous book studies. Can I contribute to this book study?

Study 54

Join the #UndergroundBookClub Book Study

Adjusting Course

Each week, we’ll kick off our book study with a 30 minute Facebook Live video conversation at 8pm EST (5pm PST). Immediately following the Facebook Live video, we’ll launch into a 20-minute Twitter chat at #UndergroundBookClub. We’ll share all the surprise guests and amazing Twitter moderators soon!) You’ll be able to pick and choose what missions to follow based on your schedule and needs, so this will be a guilt-free and highly empowering book study experience.

Study 40

Four Reasons I Use Twitter in My Classroom – Guest Post from Christine Boyer


Using Twitter in my classroom has certainly elevated my tech savvy status with parents as well as my instagramming 5th graders who have never known a world without digital devices. I added others to the tweet by inserting their twitter handles, check out their response.

#UndergroundBookClub Book Study Starting February 5th

Adjusting Course

First, educators are tweeting out questions they’d like discussed during our Facebook Live conversations and the Twitter chats that will be happening right after each Facebook Live session. I’m referring to the Twitter chats as “after parties” but I promise they will be productive. :) 2.) Next, educators are signing up for the book study using this link You’ll be able to interact with us on Facebook or Twitter.)

Study 50

The 5 Best Study Aid Apps for Students


From Facebook to Instagram and Twitter to instant messaging to pop up, there are so many distractions. Some study aid sites even offer a ‘study break’ where students can take five minutes to check out the latest celebrity news. The post The 5 Best Study Aid Apps for Students appeared first on Edudemic. For Students How To Reviews app reviews best apps study aids It’s not easy for students to stay on task these days.

Study 87

Ten Engaging Digital Education Sites For Any Social Studies Classroom

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

I took some time to look over my past posts and decided I needed to provide Social Studies Teachers with some great resources for their classroom. As always, I invite you to follow me on twitter ( @ mjgormans ). The provided link will bring you to the Social Studies area of the site.

Study 166

Are Twitter and educational standards divorced?

Kairos EdTech

Originally published on SmartBlog on Education: [link] A lot is being said about Twitter these days in the education arena, and it seems to be a growing trend. These three stakeholders use Twitter to better achieve their purposes.

How Strong is the Evidence? A Tool to Evaluate Studies of Ed Tech Products

Digital Promise

You can reach her on Twitter at @aubreyfrancisco. You can reach her on Twitter at @kelseye144. The tool includes 12 multiple-choice questions on the relevance, source, and design of a product evaluation study. Aubrey is the Research Director at Digital Promise.

Study 158

Twitter and the death of distance

Learning with 'e's

Social media sites such as Twitter span huge distances to connect people around the world. Many of us regularly communicate with multiple Twitter and Facebook friends and acquaintances instantaneously even though they may be in another country.

How Twitter influences the Common Core debate

eSchool News

A new study endeavors to uncover how social media can impact education politics and how people view those issues, especially as they relate to the Common Core State Standards. Nearly 190,000 #commoncore tweets from almost 53,000 Twitter users were sent during the six month analysis.

Blending the Traditional Book Study with Digital Tools

Fractus Learning

School book studies??? Traditionally, book studies are done in face-to-face meetings. So, with interest in having book studies from my staff, but dealing with tricky schedules, a different solution was necessary. I created a Blogger site, hosting all three book studies.

Study 108

5 Ways to Engage Others Using Twitter

The 21st Century Principal

The ultimate positive feedback as a Twitter user is to have someone respond to something we''ve tweeted, or have someone re-tweet our last post. How can one really engage in connecting with others using Twitter? Sometimes the best responses I have gotten using Twitter are posts that capture a rather controversial topic. This is an extremely effective way to get an education conversation going on Twitter. Share a study that seems ludicrous.

The Innovator’s Mindset (Book Study)

The Principal of Change

People like Mandy Froehlich have been using it for book studies for pre-service teachers, many schools have coordinated group talks, some innovative leaders in Ontario coordinated a book study with it, and many others.

Study 37

New Content Added to Discovery Education’s Award-Winning Digital Services Boost Teachers’ Ability to Engage Students in Science, STEM, Social Studies, and More


All three vignettes are now available in Discovery Education Streaming Plus and the Social Studies Techbook. Digital Learning The Wire Science social studies Computer Science k12 education STEM

Study 55

Assessment Case Study Idea

The Electric Educator

After the quiz, the SRS software can generate several different reports including customized study guides and instructor summaries. I print the study guides for my students and they use them to study for their tests.

Join the Passionate Readers Summer Book Club Study


Follow her on Twitter @pernilleripp. While summer is definitely a time to unwind without guilt for me, it is also a time where I want to grow as an educator. Where I want to think of new ideas, come up with a plan, and maybe even make a few connections. And I am not alone.

Study 53

Nuts and Bolts of twitter

Connecting 2 the World

So I now have been using twitter for almost 4 weeks now. This post is meant for those that don't use twitter (or use it regularly). After using twitter for a while, I figured out how most people use this. I saw this happen when I posted a question to those who were studying for a Phd who had children, how they found time for thinking. This was then picked up by a group studying for their phd (#phdchat) and soon I had a lot of answers.

Using Brain Science To Study Smarter, Not Harder

The ASIDE Blog

Source: ASIDE 2016 Finding the optimum study technique is the holy grail for educators. Countless conversations in the weekly parent-teacher Twitter chat ( #ptchat ), one of our favorites, have been dedicated to pinpointing the ideal strategies for evening study.

Study 67

3 #GR8GoogleFinds #ThisWeek 05.01.15 - Textbooks, Google+ on Twitter, and Reference Users Wanted

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

Google+ on Twitter Google+ says this is its first tweet, but there were 36 previous tweets. I guess Google+ is getting serious about participating on Twitter. Google is looking for reference users Become a Google reference user for research studies!

Lesson Ideas for #Chromebook Classrooms: Collaborative #Math Study Guides

The Electric Educator

Each student now has access to a student-generated study guide with dozens of practice problems! You can find me on Twitter (@jrsowash), Google+, Linkedin (jrsowash), and YouTube (jrsowash). Note: this lesson idea is an excerpt from my book, The Chromebook Classroom.

How a Flipped Syllabus, Twitter and YouTube Made This Professor Teacher of the Year


Explore the World Regions course file , with links to notes, quizzes, and study guides. And there are a variety of alternative assignments, like the Twitter World Leader assignment. Tell us about the Twitter World Leaders. 7) World Leader Twitter assignment —Choose to portray one of 200 world leaders during the semester and tweet at least twice a day about what that leader is doing, thinking, feeling, where he or she is, and with whom he or she is meeting.