Sony launches high-end visual display technology

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At InfoComm 2016, Sony will highlight its display capabilities in a big way, focusing on upgrading the landscape for large-scale visual entertainment. The canvas also features Sony’s unique pixel drive circuitry, to achieve fast video response with a frame rate of 120fps.

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This Workforce Partnership Trains Tech Talent. Can It Boost Civic Engagement Too?


Roughly 200 local employers, including Kaiser Permanente, OSISoft, Sony and Typeform, have also participated. Education Technology Project-Based Learning Entrepreneurship Workforce Training StartupsSAN LEANDRO, Calif. —

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Discovery Education

Peter never wanted to be a mentor, but training Miles Morales, an all-new Spider-Man, ends up giving Peter a new positive outlook on life… though, he is a bit jealous of all Miles’ newly found and unique powers! .

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Senses working overtime

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The emergence of personal visor technologies such as Facebook's Oculus Rift , Sony's Project Morpheus and other similar wearables will more likely make the above scenario, or any similarly fantastic context possible. A man walks into a bar, and is surprised to see a horse serving drinks.

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BACK OFFICE BUSINESS: Pilot Program Offers Free Robotics Teaching Resources


Sony is offering a pilot program through which educators will be provided multiple KOOV kits, free of cost, along with one hour of training with the KOOV team and four weeks to experience KOOV firsthand

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Pilot Program Offers Free Robotic Teaching Resources


Sony is offering a pilot program through which educators will be provided, free of cost, multiple KOOV kits for the classroom, 1 hour of training with the KOOV team and 4 weeks to experience KOOV first hand.

How AI is changing special education


It replaced Sony’s AIBO robot in the niche, and elite robot sporting event known as The Standard Platform League, it is also being tested by Mitsubishi as a replacement for customer service agents in its banks.

Impatient with universities’ slow pace of change, employers go around them

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The courses employers have been helping to create don’t just teach skills students need to work for Microsoft, Amazon or Google, like the highly specialized training classes that are longtime industry standards — Linux System Administration, for example, or Office 365 Fundamentals.

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Profile of Asbury Park (NJ) Superintendent Sancha Gray


AMERICORPS VOLUNTEERS IMPROVE READING OUTCOMES IN DES MOINES (IA) PUBLIC SCHOOLS To support the district’s mission to improve student literacy proficiency, the district trained AmeriCorps members to deliver the offline instruction provided by Lexia Reading Core5.

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Where to Find Money for Your School’s Edtech Purchases


But sites like DonorsChoose and Digital Wish are only where the money train begins. If you’d rather work with a corporation, consider applying for an award from the likes of the Sony Corporation of America, which gives away funding to various academic institutions throughout the year. Paying for technology shouldn’t have to come solely out of a school or district’s already-strapped budget.

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?Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Tokenization of Learning


Take LiveEdu , for example, a Y Combinator-backed online learning company that touts itself as being the “next-gen,” referring to a platform that offers online courses and skills training. Sony and IBM, for example, say they have developed a system for storing education records using blockchain technology, which relies on people called “miners” to solve cryptography problems in order to add transactions (in this case, digital transcripts) to the ledger.

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10 Super Geeky Tips for the New Year

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At first I thought I could leave out the password comic & tip and then the Sony thing happened. It was recently released that some Sony employees had a password of s0ny123 and the worst, "password!" Happy New Year!

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Project Based Learning

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Several very large companies (Nokia, Sony, Philips, Rolls-Royce) are having their interns and management candidates participate in online business scenario "tournaments" as part of their training. Here''s an interesting article from demonstrating an innovative use of distance learning technology.

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Impero will also discuss its recent update to Impero iSafeguard, its online safeguarding training solution for school staff. Each package delivers full curriculum support, training and resources from an ever-growing online community of educators.

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7 Key Characteristics Of Better Learning Feedback

TeachThought - Learn better.

It was a transformative experience for me when I did it 40 years ago (using a big Sony reel-to-reel deck before there were VHS cassettes!). 7 Key Characteristics Of Better Learning Feedback. by Grant Wiggins , Authentic Education. On May 26, 2015, Grant Wiggins passed away.

'Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs'

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” “The right skills,” of course, are the skills that employers expect potential employees to possess, largely eschewing training themselves and instead offloading the risk and responsibility of training onto individuals. But renewed vocational training (or career and technical education or CTE) has found support not just from Silicon Valley technology companies but from the Trump administration. “More Americans just need the right training.”

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The Business of Job Training. ” Via The New York Times : “At Walmart Academy , Training Better Managers. ” Via Techcrunch : “ Sony wants to digitize education records using the blockchain.” (National) Education Politics. The AP interviews US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos , who laments “she didn’t decry racism enough.”

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” Via The New York Times : “ Navy Orders New Training After Deadly Ship Collisions.” ” Apparently watching CD-ROMs isn’t sufficient training for driving Navy destroyers. The Business of Job Training. ” The tech industry is still bullish on the business of tech training nonetheless. Via Techcrunch : “Sony reboots Aibo with AI and extra kawaii.” (National) Education Politics.

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Via Chalkbeat : “Trump’s proposed education budget: more for school choice, less for teacher training.” The Business of Job Training. Via Techcrunch : “ Sony now has a Koov robotics learning kit for US classrooms.” Enough evidence, I guess, that folks will try to sell you brain training for your dog… Icon credits: The Noun ProjectEach week, I gather a wide variety of links to education and education technology articles.

Education Technology and the History of the Future of Credentialing

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“But nor do they tend to have the full features we associate with universities: multiple schools and departments with a heavy focus on research, scholarship and training new Ph.Ds. ” Schools that evolved from teacher-training oriented “normal schools” are systematically to be denied designation as a university – schools that Carey is clear to note were designed “to train women to become public schoolteachers.”

ProfHacker 2015 Holiday Gift Guide


Bluetooth lets you upload the data to your phone, which makes tracking your training a lot easier. This also makes up for Speedo ruining it’s training tracker app.

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