Sony’s KOOV Educator Kit for STEAM Learning


With the rapid evolution of hardware and software technology there is now a huge shift towards artificial intelligence and robotics in every industry. And that is Sony’s KOOV Educator Kit. What is Sony’s KOOV Educator Kit? As a technology innovator and a leader in electronics industry, Sony is committed to both quality science and STEAM education, which is part of the reason why KOOV Educator Kit was created in the first place.

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Sony launches high-end visual display technology

eSchool News

At InfoComm 2016, Sony will highlight its display capabilities in a big way, focusing on upgrading the landscape for large-scale visual entertainment. The new technology, Crystal LED Integrated Structure (CLEDIS), uses Sony’s ultrafine LEDs in a unique surface mounting structure as its light source to deliver a visual experience not possible with even the highest-end conventional LED array. “It’s

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Apply For The Sony KOOV Robotics Kit Pilot Program

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Apply For The Sony KOOV Robotics Kit Pilot Program by TeachThought Staff What Is The KOOV Pilot Program? Explore the coding and robotics kit with the KOOV Pilot Program from Sony. Empower students to achieve a deeper understanding of programming logic and structure with a powerful tool that supports science, technology, engineering, art, and math […]. The post Apply For The Sony KOOV Robotics Kit Pilot Program appeared first on TeachThought. Technology

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Sony, Edmodo, partner on math challenge

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Sony’s Global Math Challenge will expand to more than 190 countries. Sony Global Education, Inc. By working with Edmodo, Sony Global Education will make its Global Math Challenge, a worldwide online math competition, accessible to teachers and students in over 190 countries. One of Sony Global Education’s main initiatives is Global Math Challenge, an online math competition accessible worldwide that leverages Japanese arithmetic teaching materials.

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Sony Electronics to Highlight End-to-end Solutions at EDUCAUSE Annual Conference


Sony will showcase end-to-end products including network cameras, professional displays and projectors, as well as solutions that incorporate video learning, artificial intelligence (AI) technology and lecture capture capabilities

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Sony pro compact camcorder delivers 4K production

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Sony’s newest 4K camcorder, the PXW-Z150, combines enhanced low-light performance and multiple file transfer options in a compact design for professionals who need to quickly and easily shoot, edit and deliver broadcast-quality content. With its stacked 1.0-type Exmor sensor, the world’s first in a professional camcorder, the new PXW-Z150 is Sony’s third professional 1-inch camcorder, joining the HXR-NX100 and PXW-X70. Digital Learning and Tools News Technologies Top News

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Sony Vows to Bring “Blockchain” Tech to Education. Will It Take Hold in K-12?

Marketplace K-12

Sony Global Education Inc. says it has developed a system to bring “blockchain” technology–meant to serve as a decentralized-yet-secure system for transmitting data–to education, as the concept slowly begins to attract attention in the K-12 space. Bitcoin uses blockchain technology as a type of public ledger that contains every transaction processed. Blockchain technology isn’t well understood, in education or society at large, Levin said.

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KOOV: The STEAM solution that’s turning heads


Sony KOOV for ages 8 and up provides a fun way for students to learn core STEAM concepts. Sony provides two types of kit options to learn with KOOV. The KOOV Trial Kit is Sony’s newest offering in the KOOV lineup and was created to introduce core coding, robotics and design skills to springboard STEAM knowledge. education edtech hardware innovation teaching technology

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Breaking into Japan’s Ed-Tech Market Is an Education for Companies

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

Japan brought us Nintendo and Sony, among other well-known technology companies. So it was with high expectations that I went to Japan to visit our sales distribution partners to learn more about the Japanese market for education technology. The Startup Blog edtech Educational Technology/Ed-Tech International/Global Education Market Japan leanstartup startup

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How “blockchain” technology could influence education

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Sony Global Education sims to build a new, widely applicable educational infrastructure that enables diverse methods of evaluation, open sharing of academic proficiency and progress records. Sony Global Education has adapted blockchain technology to the educational field and has developed technology that enables open and secure sharing of academic proficiency and progress records.

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The Uphill Battles Facing Asia’s Education Technology Startups


In technology, Sony and Nintendo are among the most internationally recognized brands. But when it comes to the education technology industry, few people outside the country can name Japanese companies off the top of their heads. And for Norihisa Wada, an education investor who treks the globe in search of promising edtech startups, that lack of exposure is one of the biggest challenges currently facing the Japan’s education technology industry.

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Senses working overtime

Learning with 'e's

The emergence of personal visor technologies such as Facebook's Oculus Rift , Sony's Project Morpheus and other similar wearables will more likely make the above scenario, or any similarly fantastic context possible. Currently, VR technologies that are commercially available are used predominantly to play games. consciousness education Holodeck learning Oculus Rift Sony Morpheus Project Technology virtual reality VR

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From radios to electric vehicles, targeting “nonconsumers” pays off

The Christensen Institute

Nonconsumers are a fertile market for Disruptive Innovations to take root, as Sony proved in the 1950s, and low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) makers are showing today. Sony, teenagers, and the advent of the pocket radio. When transistor technology first emerged in the late 1940s, it was not good enough for use in mainstream consumer electronics such as furniture radios and floor-standing televisions.

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KOOV Robotics: An All-In-One Solution For Teaching Robotics In The Classroom

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KOOV Robotics: An All-In-One Solution For Teaching Robotics In The Classroom contributed by KOOV Robotics This content was sponsored and created by KOOV Robotics and Sony Electronics with guidance from the TeachThought editorial staff Teaching coding and robotics in the classroom presents challenges for almost any teacher. In today’s technology-driven world, STEAM-focused education helps children […]. Technology

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

The Playground Advocate

If you haven''t seen it already, I hope you will check this out: Me with fellow SEA, Kyle Pace I also had the opportunity to stay among the ranks of the Sony Education Ambassadors which grew in numbers through a second on-boarding at ISTE this Summer. I am still very proud to be a member of this group, and the content that they are contributing to the educational technology conversation continues to affirm for me Sony''s commitment to educators.

Lirica Raises $1 Million to Improve App for Language Learning Through Song


Sony Music, Veridian Ventures and a group of private investors participated. “If other technology startups that incorporate songs into lessons, including Lingokids and Roybi , have won over investors. What could give Lirica a leg up is a partnership with Sony, which helps it navigate licensing issues that can emerge when it comes to repurposing billboard hits for the classroom, says Lirica founder and CEO Paul Custance.

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How two Indian techies built India’s first crypto unicorn-CoinDCX


Their paths diverged after IIT as Gupta moved to Tokyo for his job with Sony in 2014 and it was here that he learnt about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Bookmark( 0 ) Please login to bookmark. Username or Email Address. Password. Remember Me. No account yet?

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5 ways virtual reality is being used in education right now

FETC Converge

Considering Sony Playstation’s virtual reality headset sold out in pre-order last week, most of us are aware that virtual reality (VR) technology is hot right now. But outside of just hearing about the hype, what is education actually doing with this technology—if anything? Uncategorized digital resources Google Cardboard K-12 Technology infrastructure virtual realityNew polls, studies delve into how educators and researchers are using virtual reality today.

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Can Virtual Reality Improve Education?


Advancements in VR Technology. VR technology is increasing at a rapid pace, and with each new app, there is endless learning potential. For example, Sony Playstation VR software and designs have evolved dramatically over the past few years, seeking to create a more comfortable and natural experience for users. Author bio: Robert Hyde is a game passionate with great interest in virtual reality and technology devices.

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V4K PRO Ultra HD USB Document Camera

Kathy Schrock

Their ability to provide low-cost, high quality technology hardware and software specifically created for education is awesome! The microphone on the V4K PRO Ultra HD USB Document Camera includes an AI-enhanced voice technology created by IntelliGO.

The Wild and Amazing World of Augmented Reality

Ask a Tech Teacher

What makes AR different from QR codes or other embedded link technologies is that the AR content is superimposed onto existing materials in their own real-time environment. Jacqui Murray has been teaching K-18 technology for 25 years. She is the editor/author of over a hundred tech ed resources including a K-8 technology curriculum , K-8 keyboard curriculum, K-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum.

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In emerging markets, integrate integrate integrate

The Christensen Institute

At the time, the main operations of meat packing companies in the US were raising, butchering, and selling beef on an exclusively local basis; because there was no technology that would enable meat packing companies to transport refrigerated beef, the industry couldn’t experience economies of scale.

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The next decade of disruption in education? Unlocking networks

The Christensen Institute

At its simplest, Disruptive Innovation theory describes how organizations harness technology to make a product or service more accessible to more people. We are ushering in a new decade of innovation that is still powered by technology, but offers a different value proposition.

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KidZania: Hands-On Kid Sized Cities Coming To America

EdNews Daily

KidZania’s current industry partners include British Airways, Coca Cola, Mitsubishi Motors, Honda, Johnson & Johnson, Sony, Kellogg’s, H&M and Fuji Film. . Education News Featured TechnologyThe world’s fastest growing experiential learning center for children is coming to the U.S., promising to bring unique educational experiences to American children.

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Tech Apprenticeships Shift the Costs of Higher Ed From Students to Employers


More companies are assuming the costs and risks of preparing people for entry-level technology roles by offering apprenticeships. The Rise of Technology Apprenticeships The number of U.S. Information technology offerings account for just a small fraction of programs.

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Top K–12 Tech Tools for Teaching STEM

EdTech Magazine

At some schools, science, technology, engineering and math are being incorporated into the overall classroom curriculum in all grades, while others are creating courses designated for STEM learning. Despite these differing approaches, education technology has been an essential tool to aid K–12 teachers in reaching their goals in STEM education. . MORE FROM EDTECH: Check out how K–12 schools can make the most of their education technology investments!

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5 ways virtual reality is being used in education right now

eSchool News

Considering Sony Playstation’s VR headset sold out in pre-order last week, most of us are aware that virtual reality (VR) technology is hot right now. But outside of just hearing about the hype, what is education actually doing with this technology—if anything? According to the results, 23 percent of respondents have tested VR, while 77 percent have not (40 percent of schools polled still aren’t sure if they’ll use the technology in the future).

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eLearning Brothers Expands Family with Two Corporate Training Acquisitions


Customers include PepsiCo, Bangkok Airways and Sony. But by some accounts he faces tough competition at home, competition that was partly blamed for the recent failure of education technology company Instructure to break into corporate learning.

Can You Show Netflix in Class? Copyright for Teachers Made Simple


Most districts go through Movie Licensing USA , a company that provides licensing for K-12 schools for a variety of studios, including Walt Disney Pictures, Sony Pictures and DreamWorks Animation. Education Technology Technology Tips Technology in SchoolCan I show a video from Netflix in my classroom? Can I make 25 copies from my favorite math workbook? I just need three more copies of our book, can I make those?

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Where to Find Money for Your School’s Edtech Purchases


Paying for technology shouldn’t have to come solely out of a school or district’s already-strapped budget. Take Milpitas Unified School District in the San Francisco Bay Area, which proposed a bond measure to pay for technology remodeling school spaces back in 2012. Likewise, the Corning Incorporated Foundation gives away 136 grants totaling about $3 million towards instructional technology in the classroom. Education Technology Technology Tips Technology in School

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Coding Websites/Webtools by Grade

Ask a Tech Teacher

C-STEM Studio –download to teach computers, science, technology, engineering and math with robotics. KOOV –by Sony Education. Jacqui Murray has been teaching K-18 technology for 30 years. Over the next week, I’ll share ideas that will get you ready for your Hour of Code.

7 of the Best Headphones For Kids

Fractus Learning

With the technology that kids are using on a daily basis, at home and in school, a good pair of headphones is an absolute must have. Sony MDR/222KD Children’s Headphones. Simple and inexpensive headphones for kids with volume limiting capabilities made by Sony, a brand everyone knows. The Sony MDR/222KD Children’s Headphones are designed with children in mind, they are lightweight and fit for smaller heads. Audio Technology

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7 VR Glasses for Young Pioneers of Virtual Worlds

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These immersive experiences inspire kids and offer new ways to learn about history, geography, art, science, engineering, technology and more. Sony PlayStation VR (Requires PlayStation 4). The Sony PlayStation VR is the next great leap forward for video game consoles. Technology Top Lists ToysFrom Star Trek’s Holodeck through to The Matrix, virtual reality was for decades just a dream of science fiction. Now, with VR glasses, this dream has become a reality.

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Is disruptive innovation driving K-12 privatization?

The Christensen Institute

Steel and RCA were toppled by upstarts like Nucor and Sony. At the heart of every disruptive innovation is a technology that can improve over time until it offers performance that is good enough to compete with incumbent providers on the dimensions that most customers value. This important benefit of brick-and-mortar schools has no technological substitute, which means only a small segment of the population will ever be interested in full-time virtual schooling.

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Indonesia’s Gojek, PasarPolis Launch Online Insurance Service GoSure


Indonesia’s ride-hailing giant Gojek and insurance technology company PasarPolis have teamed up to launch GoSure, an online insurance service that seeks to provide consumers with easy access to insurance products. One of Gojek’s long-term growth strategies from the beginning has been to build partnerships and services that will deliver greater value to consumers,” Sony Radhityo, head of Third Party Platform at Gojek. FinTech Gojek Insurance Technology insurtech PasarPolis

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