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How Kids Are Using Mainstream Social Apps What You Should Know About Your Child’s Social Media Platforms The Most Popular Social Apps Among Teens and How They’re Using Them What Are the Mainstream Social Apps and How Are Teens Using Them? social media

Genius as an Alternative Social Media


” That many academics rely on social media goes without saying. Yet, I am dissatisfied with my social media. Twitter can often be overwhelming, and in my experience it fails to foster engaged discussion. Do you have a favorite alternative form of social media?

26 Ways Educators Use Twitter

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Maybe you’ve heard about the power of Twitter for education, but you aren’t quite sure how it works. Fedena, a School Management Software company, shares 26 ways educators use Twitter, in this nifty, alphabetized infographic. Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics For more powerful Twitter strategies, check out our social media library. The post 26 Ways Educators Use Twitter appeared first on Brilliant or Insane.

To curb cyberbullies, this district will monitor students’ social media

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Student messages on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are now being monitored by the Orange County (Fla.) The software also would allow the district to search the thousands of messages posted on various sites for key words that might indicate trouble.

5 Things About Effective Digital Citizenship You Need to Know

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NetRef offers powerful Internet monitoring software that I recommend for schools. Blog: [link] Twitter: @digcitizen Disclosure of Material Connection: This is a “sponsored podcast episode.”

Some Guidelines for Using Twitter


There’s a lot of ambivalence about social media these days, and not just because of Russian bots. We’ve covered Twitter a lot here at ProfHacker , maybe even too much, but the moment seems right for a “how to survive as an academic on Twitter” post.

#07: Getting Started Using Twitter for Educational Excellence

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10MT | 10-Minute Teacher Interview with Billy Krakower From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Get a 45-day free trial of SmartLab Game-Based Learning Software. Some of their biggest mistakes with Twitter.

Social Media Is Here to Stay: Get Out of the Way or Become Roadkill!!

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They are banning the use of social media as a means to communicate with students and parents. Instead of passing bans on connections between students and teachers on Facebook, and employing filtering software to block social media sites, the US K-12 public education system needs make a giant step in the 21st century and embrace social media tools as just one of the natural ways people communicate today. Social media is here to stay.

5 Reasons You Don't Need to Worry About Kids and Social Media

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Yes, the risks of social media are real. As a parent, you can help nurture the positive aspects simply by accepting how important social media is for kids and helping them find ways for it to add real value to their lives. For inspiration, here are some of the benefits of your kid being social media-savvy: It strengthens friendships. Both producers and performers can satisfy a need for creative self-expression through social media.

Have a Favorite Twitter Client? It’s Probably About to Break


One of the things that’s great about social media is how hellbent all the companies seem on destroying themselves, usually in the name of “engagement,” but usually in the spirit of “we have no idea how our users use this service.” Twitter.)

Turn Twitter Threads into Shareable Posts with Spooler


How do you share Twitter threads (or, god help us all, “Tweetstorms”) with people who don’t follow the same folks, or who are just sensible people who don’t want to recreate long sequences of posts hours after the fact?

How to Store Your Twitter Archive on Github Pages


Fortunately, Martin Hawksey has recently published a guide to publishing your Twitter archive on GitHub Pages, instead. Software GitHub Hawksey social media Twitter

Software that Supports Multilingual Dialogue


I had a recent interaction on Twitter with Juan Domingo Farnos ( @Juandoming ) and a few other people, in which Juan responded to all of our English tweets in Spanish, and Twitter on my phone had a quick translate link (this uses Bing). Productivity Profession Software Teaching

5 Reasons Teachers Using Tech are Super Heroes with Kecia Ray

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Episode 135 from the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. This fun, visual tool lets students explore 150 different science and social studies units for elementary and middle school learners.

Educators, Experts Discuss Tech Titans Special Report in Twitter Chat

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EdWeek Market Brief hosted a Twitter chat this week, delving into the data behind the Tech Titans K-12 special report. The post Educators, Experts Discuss Tech Titans Special Report in Twitter Chat appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12 Business Strategy Market Research Social Media Software/Hardware

5 Tips for Integrating Ed-Tech Into Students’ Daily Lives

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Although I personally believe the most effective solutions can draw on both approaches, it’s clear to me that software intended for students must be evolutionary as we consider the logistics of integrating technology in students’ daily lives. What kinds of social media do students use?

3 people & 3 ideas for using Twitter to share, discover, & connect with students

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Twitter ( ) is a great tool for sharing, discovering, and connecting with others who care about the same ideas and information. Twitter has become such a popular tool because it asks one question, "What's happening?"

Are You on Mastodon Yet? Social Network of Our Own


Several of the edtech/digped people started appearing there over Thanksgiving weekend, thanks in part to this article , touting Mastodon as the open source alternative to Twitter. According to their “About” page: “Mastodon is a free, open-source social network server.

36 Edtech Tools I’m Using Right Now in My Classroom and Life

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and a Link to a Free Resource with More Tips From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. iPads Lesson Plans Productivity Social Media STEM Students Teaching Tech Tips Technology Tools Writing

Tools 251

Discover Rambox: Manage All Your Apps in One


It’s different from many of the other social media management tools out there in that it is open source, so if you’re using an app that does not currently integrate with it, you can create the code to add it (assuming you know how to do that, of course).

100 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom

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Social Media is a great way to connect, share, learn and communicate with other educators and with students and parents. Schools can use social media to connect with parents and the community and communicate with staff and students. Facebook is one social network that schools and teachers use with their students, when it isn''t blocked by the school filtering software! Follow me on Twitter and Google+. facebook social media social network

Why You Just Lost 20 Minutes to the Internet


When was the last time you checked email, Facebook, or Twitter? Understanding how software design shapes our daily experience can help us make better choices, both in the moment and for the future we and our students are creating.

6 Edtech New Year’s Resolutions

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SIIA, the organization that represents the software industry launched the Student Privacy Pledge , giving school partners that collect data a platform to show their commitment to maintain student privacy. Commit to Leveraging Social Media and Telling Your Great Story! For more content like this, follow Samsung on Insights , EDU Twitter , EDU LinkedIn , YouTube and SlideShare. This post is sponsored by Samsung. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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5 Tips for New Teachers to Be-come Connected Educators #ce15

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″ can be applied across broad categories of emerging technology tools and design principles, social and economic shifts, business philosophies, participatory media and culture, etc. They are social. 3) Be Willing to Join a Social Media Network.

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The changing Web

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Social media - often referred to as Web 2.0 , or the participatory Web - is shaping up to be one of the most important tool sets available to support the promotion of change in education. Essentially, the Web has become more social.

What Educators Need to Know Right Now About Digital Citizenship

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Anne Collier on Episode 456 and 457 of the 10-Minute Teacher Anne Collier, Founder and Executive Director of The Net Safety Collaborative and , shares what we need to know about social media in this two-part series.

Tweeting with Collaborators: Group Tweet vs TweetDeck Teams


Have you ever worked with a team of different people, all of you needing access to the same Twitter account (representing an organization or project you all work on) at different times? Using your personal account, and send a tweet with @mention the Twitter handle in your tweet.

Groups 102

Making Live-Tweeting Easier with Noter Live


Natalie on making the most of your academic conference experience , which includes using social media. One of the challenges I’ve had in live-tweeting is keeping track of the hashtag, as well as the speakers’ twitter handles.

Friday 5 — 7.24.2015

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Social media success is about much more than mastering the platforms and tools. Quartz reports how NASA developed a smart social media strategy that fueled its global reach. It’s another sign that the social network is moving beyond its savvy, mobile-only origins.

Track RSS Feeds (Yes RSS) with Feedly


Some found alternatives, while many others replaced the cultivated environment of an RSS aggregator with social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, relying on their social networks to surface interesting material from around the web.

The future is not here yet

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Every day I am surprised because new things are coming to me and I discover new technologies or I learn about new software. The biggest surprise for me so far has been social media: it is the biggest thing in the last ten years to hit the world of learning technology.

“I may be one teacher but I’m no longer going to stay silent about the things important to my country and world of education. I love my students and as I look at children everywhere, I want them to have teachers who love teaching and who love them.” – Vicki Davis, USA

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When students take my courses, they make movies, learn about the composition of visual images, blog, use social media, design websites and more, all based upon the objectives of a project. However, computing devices and software are so varied! Twitter: @coolcatteacher.

Goal: Craft a Message for Your Passion Project

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Go a step further and have your students design social media videos and graphics introducing us to their passion and projects where they need support. I have quite a few passion projects I organize for teachers and social media is a key.

10 Technology Skills Every Educator Should Have

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Self learning of tech and where to go for help - knowing how to search a help menu on software or hardware, where to go to find user forums for help, and where to find the manual for technology is a huge skill that many do not know about. Why do schools still pay so much for software?

How m-learning is transforming online education


The rise of social networking as a learning tool. Another one of the major ways that m-learning is transforming online education – particularly in K-12 environments – has to do with social networking.

Browse More Privately with the Privacy Badger


Sometimes, it’s a social media company (Facebook and Twitter track what you read, even when you don’t share it). Software browser extension eff privacy privacy badgerDo you like privacy online? Do you like adorable–if fierce–animals?

Designing Engaging Course Documents with Piktochart


On Twitter, she’s @Aristotlejulep. You can publish finished projects on the web or download them as PNG files; you can also share them on social media and export them to Evernote. I shared it with colleagues on social media to an overwhelmingly positive response.

Course 114

11 Essential EdTech Action Steps for Back to School

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Simple Updates to Your Classroom Procedures and Workflow sponsored by EdTech Software From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Try Shelfit from EdTech Software. Lately, I have been using Shelfit software by EdTech Software.

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Managing Links with Nuzzel


Many’s the time I’ve been known to suggest that the people I engage with on Facebook and Twitter quit posting so many interesting links, because my reading list in Pocket is getting too long. Software news reading

How K–12 Schools Can Use Next-Generation Content Filtering to Keep Students Safe

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The internet of today bears l ittle resemblance to the internet of 20 years ago , and website blocking software likely needs to change, too. There’s more: older software may not be decrypting SSL traffic. Twitter.