Post-Secondary Options That Will Let You Work From Home

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Training can be taken at your own pace online, with possibly a few weeks of internship onsite. Working from home has gained momentum and popularity in recent years.

Inquiry Hub Secondary School – Confluence and Influence

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Confluence and Influence – Inquiry Hub Secondary School. Background: The 2018-2019 school year is Inquiry Hub Secondary’s 7th year since it was founded. The significance of these courses is that they create the venue through which our students can study passion projects of their choice and get credit for them, while training themselves to be ready to take Independent Directed Studies (IDS) courses. Dave Rawnsley – Principal – Burnaby North Secondary School.


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6 Ways in which edtech shapes teacher training programs


When we talk about integrating technology, there’s often the question of training current educators how to use it. Indeed, I think that the current situation demands a proactive strategy: training future teachers how to use technology.

Secondary Traumatic Stress for Educators: Understanding and Mitigating the Effects


The condition has numerous names: secondary traumatic stress (STS), vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue. How Schools Can Acknowledge Secondary Trauma. To do this, trauma-informed schools focus on fostering a supportive caring culture, training their entire staff to recognize and support students suffering trauma. Learn about additional individual and organization strategies for addressing secondary traumatic stress, compiled by the U.S.

Why Skills Training Can’t Replace Higher Education?

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Why Skills Training Can’t Replace Higher Education.?”. The title itself mentions that Skill Training can never be a substitute for higher education. Whereas Higher Education is education beyond secondary education which is typically done through college or university.

Verizon Innovative App Challenge for Secondary Students

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The Challenge is a collaborative competition that offers $10,000 grants and Samsung Galaxy Tabs for winning secondary schools and students. Each of the 10 winning schools (5 middle school and 5 high school teams) will receive $10,000 cash grants plus professional support and training to help them bring their designs to life by building their apps and bringing them to the marketplace.

‘No-Excuses’ and ‘Progressive’ Schools Are Training New Teachers Very Differently About Race


Around the country proponents of both models are working hard to train new teachers in their respective pedagogies, through programs known as teacher residencies. By now, you’ve probably heard something about the no-excuses charter school movement.

Gates Foundation Gives Millions to Improve Teacher Training

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Now, the foundation is focusing on training teachers. The Massachusetts Department of Education and Secondary Education said in a statement that their $4 million grant for launching the “Elevate Preparation: Impact Children” program will increase first-year teachers’ performance to the level of third-grade teachers by 2022 , according to the Boston Globe’s Lauren Fox. K-12 Schools Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Education Philanthropy Teacher Training

How Training Just for Dads Helps The Whole Family


“Even though fathers are far from secondary in their children’s lives, they may feel uncertain about their place in the family,” says Julian Redwood , a psychotherapist in San Francisco who counsels dads. “Before I became a dad, the thought of struggling to soothe my crying baby terrified me,” says Yaka Oyo, 37, a new father who lives in New York City. Like many first-time parents, Oyo worried he would misread his newborn baby’s cues.

“I have trained over 1000 teachers.” – Simon Kiteme, Kenya

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Kwa Ngindu Secondary/TSC. For Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert Simon Kiteme, that meant becoming the first East/Central African educator to take — and pass — the Microsoft Certified Educator training. Change Management and Culture of Innovation Leadership and Strategic Innovation e2 Kenya Microsoft Certified Educator Training mieexpertSimon Kiteme. Head of Science Department. Kenya, Africa. smpkiteme09.

How to help principals do a better job? Train their bosses

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So, in districts like Oakland and Los Angeles, consultants have been brought in to train superintendents or other district administrators in the hope that training will trickle down to improve principals, teachers, and ultimately, students. A group of secondary network superintendents debrief after a visit to a classroom at a middle school in Oakland. District officials say training and development for those in high-level roles have traditionally been neglected.

Quiet In The Classroom: How To Recognize And Support Introverted Entrepreneurs

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Teacher training is similar to influential groupthink, focusing in on design thinking, group discussions, meetings and project collaboration. Advocate Education News Featured Higher Education humanity Secondary Education STEAM Teacher Tips TechnologyWritten by: Robyn D. Shulman. Quiet people have the loudest minds,”- Stephen Hawking.

With an Eye Toward the Future, This Program Connects Students to Tech Careers


One of the most common concerns in education, especially at the secondary level, is the need to connect students to careers. One of the most common concerns in education, especially at the secondary level, is the need to connect students to careers.

It’s Time to Blur the Boundaries Between High School, College and Work


This “blurring” of secondary and postsecondary education could point to a new way forward: a model that is neither high school nor community college but a combination of the two that saves students time and money, while offering them new kinds of guided support and preparation for careers.

Barriers to innovation?

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From my experience working in all sectors of education and training, I claimed that the most likely sector to innovate with new learning technologies would be primary education. Secondary schools and universities/colleges would lag behind, largely because high stakes assessment was an important consideration in these sectors. barriers business Change corporate education innovation learning learning and development primary school secondary Technology training university

COVID-19 Has Widened the Skills Gap. But It Also Presents an Opportunity to Close It.


Through 2022, half of all planned cloud migrations will be delayed by two years or more due to the lack of trained talent. And it appears that investing in last-mile training has a secondary benefit: higher retention. Education Technology Higher Education Workforce Training

Why Tech Companies View the Job Search As Big Business


The reality is that not all college graduates are reaping the employment returns post-secondary education is believed to promise. These emerging companies bridge the gap between people and jobs by matching, training, and often literally placing candidates into positions.

Your Next Great Hire Is Graduating From a Community College


Companies should also customize training to accommodate associate degree holders. For example, Ivy Tech is on track to provide 50,000 credentials for the 100,000 additional post-secondary credentialed workers Indiana needs each year, with most of those jobs paying above the state median wage.

Want to Hire an Innovative College Graduate? Choose a Transfer Student


Transfer Student Innovation Is Underappreciated Although research shows that at least a third of post-secondary students transfer between colleges and universities at least once , transfer students have often described a stigma that follows them to their new campuses.

Top Ten Reasons to sign up for Summer PD

Ask a Tech Teacher

A secondary focus (but of significant interest with students I polled) is technology as change agent in achieving Standards, enabling teachers to fulfill Common Core requirements without adding that ‘extra layer’ many teachers fear will take more time/knowledge/effort than they have time for. Education reform pd summer summer pd training

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Top 10 Reasons to Sign Up for Summer Learning with Ask a Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher

A secondary focus (but of significant interest with educators I polled) is technology as change agent in achieving Standards, enabling teachers to fulfill Common Core requirements without adding that ‘extra layer’ many teachers fear will take more time/knowledge/effort than they have available. Teacher resources new tech teacher pd summer summer pd tech teacher training

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COVID-19’s Long-Term Impacts on Education in 2020 and Beyond


Lynch also observed that because current college students who are training to be teachers won’t be able to fulfill their in-person practicum requirements as student-teachers in schools, there will be an increased shortage of K-12 teachers next year.

Resources For Teachers and Instructional Coaches – January 2021


Expanding job coaching, supporting career advancement, and optimizing project-based training are three of the five strategies suggested in a group report by the National Head Start Association, The HeadStarter Network and Bellwether Education Partners. Optimize project-based training.

Top 10 Reasons to Sign Up for Summer Learning with Ask a Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher

A secondary focus (but of significant interest with educators I polled) is technology as change agent in achieving Standards, enabling teachers to fulfill Common Core requirements without adding that ‘extra layer’ many teachers fear will take more time/knowledge/effort than they have available. Education reform pd summer summer pd training

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There Are 700K+ Credentials — and Counting. Which Ones Are ‘Quality’?


Both reports note that most jobs available today require some education or training beyond a high school diploma, and that on average, workers who have post-secondary credentials earn more than those who don’t. To help people make better decisions about which of the many education and workforce training programs to use, both reports call for the creation of better consumer information tools. “If Education Technology Future of Work Workforce Training

Be Internet Awesome: Tools to teach online safety

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Under the Resource link, you’ll also find a lesson poster, certificates and badges, a Google for Education Teacher Training Course, the ability to share Interland directly to Google Classroom, great resources for parents, and an Internaut Papercraft Activity. What it is: Be Internet Awesome is a fantastic new way to help your students make the most of the Internet by being prepared to make wise decisions as they navigate and interact online.

Preparing Teaching Candidates for Blended and Online Environments

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Elementary, middle grades, and secondary teaching candidates at Lenoir-Rhyne University have the option of pursuing a track in blended or online learning as part of their teacher preparation program. Secondary education majors in Lenoir-Rhyne’s Master of Arts in Teaching program are presented with the opportunity to obtain a graduate certificate in online teaching and instructional design through a combination of coursework and field experiences. Blended Learning Training

When College Becomes a Benefit of Employment


The problem she says is that today’s service and fulfillment jobs are increasingly being designed so that anyone can do them with very little training. Education Technology Future of Work Workforce Training EdSurge Podcast

What Kinds of College Graduates Value Their Education the Most?


Graduates of liberal-arts fields assigned the lowest values to their post-secondary education among survey respondents. Education Technology Future of Work Workforce Training Higher EducationCollege graduates who see clear connections between their coursework and their later employment place the highest value on their college education, a new large-scale consumer survey found.

Mentoring for Digital Leadership in California Adult Educators

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OTAN centers their technical assistance and training for countless adult educators on coaching and mentoring , creating opportunities for adult educators to share their knowledge and skills and become technology leaders in their own learning communities.

Both Humans and Technology Are Noisy: How Do We Move Forward?

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After he retired, he wrote a technical report on issues related to validating efficacy of virtual reality based training systems. However, fields like education, training, and healthcare require immediate solutions. If the immediate necessity is to develop a product or application that is effective, developing insights into the fundamental nature and complexities of human behavior is a secondary concern.

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For the second year in the UK, secondary (high) school numbers have grown, and it's expected that over the next 8 years there will be a 19% rise in these numbers , with over 600,000 additional students. In many secondary schools, students are now being taught mathematics by teachers who are not qualified to do so. Many prospective trainees are simply dissuaded from training as a teacher because of the huge debts they will run up as a university student.

Station Rotation Model: Grouping Strategies

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Unfortunately, most secondary teachers do not learn how to design lessons using stations in credential school. Most of us are still be trained to teach using a whole group lesson model, so reimagining a lesson to rotate students through a series of stations feels daunting. That said, there are clear advantages to using this model at the secondary level. It makes it possible for secondary teachers to: Create smaller learning communities within the larger class.

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Blending Online and Offline Learning: Exploring Hybrid Schedules

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Teachers will likely be expected to engage students at least part time online, which may also require that teachers spend time this summer engaged in professional learning focused on online pedagogy and technology training.

Becoming A No Bullying Champion

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When three-year-old munchkins, barely out of training pants are already showing their muscle through inappropriate and aggressive behavior- it's time to pay attention. Over 3 million elementary and secondary school students are suspended a year, and 28% of middle and high school students report being bullied at school. July 8, 2015, Volume 2, Issue 8, Number 5. Driving Question: When and where do new teachers learn about the bully's? Learning is Impaired when Children are Scared.".