Secondary Traumatic Stress for Educators: Understanding and Mitigating the Effects


The condition has numerous names: secondary traumatic stress (STS), vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue. How Schools Can Acknowledge Secondary Trauma. Learn about additional individual and organization strategies for addressing secondary traumatic stress, compiled by the U.S.

Verizon Innovative App Challenge for Secondary Students

The Innovative Educator

The Challenge is a collaborative competition that offers $10,000 grants and Samsung Galaxy Tabs for winning secondary schools and students. Each of the 10 winning schools (5 middle school and 5 high school teams) will receive $10,000 cash grants plus professional support and training to help them bring their designs to life by building their apps and bringing them to the marketplace.

Gates Foundation Gives Millions to Improve Teacher Training

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Now, the foundation is focusing on training teachers. ” The hope is that training programs for novice teachers will begin to share, challenge, inspire and support one another to reach higher levels of excellence. Bill and Melinda Gates never give up.

Barriers to innovation?

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From my experience working in all sectors of education and training, I claimed that the most likely sector to innovate with new learning technologies would be primary education.

“I have trained over 1000 teachers.” – Simon Kiteme, Kenya

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Kwa Ngindu Secondary/TSC. For Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert Simon Kiteme, that meant becoming the first East/Central African educator to take — and pass — the Microsoft Certified Educator training. Simon Kiteme. Head of Science Department.

How to help principals do a better job? Train their bosses

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So, in districts like Oakland and Los Angeles, consultants have been brought in to train superintendents or other district administrators in the hope that training will trickle down to improve principals, teachers, and ultimately, students. Training the trainers.

Be Internet Awesome: Tools to teach online safety

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Under the Resource link, you’ll also find a lesson poster, certificates and badges, a Google for Education Teacher Training Course, the ability to share Interland directly to Google Classroom, great resources for parents, and an Internaut Papercraft Activity.

Winter is here

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For the second year in the UK, secondary (high) school numbers have grown, and it's expected that over the next 8 years there will be a 19% rise in these numbers , with over 600,000 additional students. budget education learning students teachers training winter is here

Preparing Teaching Candidates for Blended and Online Environments

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Elementary, middle grades, and secondary teaching candidates at Lenoir-Rhyne University have the option of pursuing a track in blended or online learning as part of their teacher preparation program. Blended Learning Training

Reciprocity failure

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I once trained as a photographer. Because I trained in the pre-digital era, we spent a lot of time in the darkroom, fiddling blindly with developer containers and stumbling around fumbling for the light switch. At present in the UK we have a silo system of education and training.

Both Humans and Technology Are Noisy: How Do We Move Forward?

Digital Promise

After he retired, he wrote a technical report on issues related to validating efficacy of virtual reality based training systems. However, fields like education, training, and healthcare require immediate solutions. If the immediate necessity is to develop a product or application that is effective, developing insights into the fundamental nature and complexities of human behavior is a secondary concern.

Top 10 Reasons to Sign Up for Summer Learning with Ask a Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher

A secondary focus (but of significant interest with educators I polled) is technology as change agent in achieving Standards, enabling teachers to fulfill Common Core requirements without adding that ‘extra layer’ many teachers fear will take more time/knowledge/effort than they have available.

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Top Ten Reasons to sign up for Summer PD

Ask a Tech Teacher

A secondary focus (but of significant interest with students I polled) is technology as change agent in achieving Standards, enabling teachers to fulfill Common Core requirements without adding that ‘extra layer’ many teachers fear will take more time/knowledge/effort than they have time for.

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Top 10 Reasons to Sign Up for Summer Learning with Ask a Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher

A secondary focus (but of significant interest with educators I polled) is technology as change agent in achieving Standards, enabling teachers to fulfill Common Core requirements without adding that ‘extra layer’ many teachers fear will take more time/knowledge/effort than they have available.

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Refugee girls want to improve the world. Will we let them do so?

The Hechinger Report

Forty percent of primary school students in Kakuma are girls, but they make up less than a quarter of all secondary school enrollments. Windle Trust Kenya, the nonprofit that runs the camp’s secondary schools in partnership with UNHCR, lacks the funding to do more than triage the situation.

Becoming A No Bullying Champion

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When three-year-old munchkins, barely out of training pants are already showing their muscle through inappropriate and aggressive behavior- it's time to pay attention. Over 3 million elementary and secondary school students are suspended a year, and 28% of middle and high school students report being bullied at school. July 8, 2015, Volume 2, Issue 8, Number 5. Driving Question: When and where do new teachers learn about the bully's? Learning is Impaired when Children are Scared.".

Reflections on Supporting Refugee Education in Jordan

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The focus of the week was to conduct a training with learners from the Azraq refugee camp and Souriyat Across Borders in order for them to become Learning Studio facilitators for secondary school-aged youth in their community.

SXSWEDU 2018 Wrap-up: Systems Change for Adult Learners?

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In this movement to consider alternative ways of earning credentials and recognizing skills, it is important to ensure low-income workers and people of color who have had difficulty participating in and accessing our current post-secondary system are able to fully participate in this new system. A systems view would take into account access points across the full post-secondary ecosystem and consider ways to empower the traditionally underserved to build skills and earn credentials.

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OPINION: Five ways to build stronger, more inclusive work opportunities for students

The Hechinger Report

One way to achieve this is to award additional funds to districts that build industry partnerships, keep training relevant or offer programming consistent with local labor-market needs. Ensure a seamless transition to post-secondary education. . Career readiness.

Could PD lead to better student writing?

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During the academic writing assessment, secondary school students composed timed, on-demand essays interpreting themes from fiction and nonfiction texts.

Harness the Power of LEGO® Education to Engage Students in STEAM Learning


There are three levels of the LEGO Education learning portfolio: Early Learning, Primary, and Secondary. Coding Express uses a classic toy train set to teach children early coding concepts such as sequencing, looping and conditional coding.

Station Rotation Model: Grouping Strategies

Catlin Tucker

Unfortunately, most secondary teachers do not learn how to design lessons using stations in credential school. Most of us are still be trained to teach using a whole group lesson model, so reimagining a lesson to rotate students through a series of stations feels daunting.

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Innovators worth watching: Ed Leadership SIMS

The Christensen Institute

Given the technology that mediates the simulation experience, could they eventually disrupt incumbent approaches to how we train educators? Most school leaders receive little to no formal development after they complete their training to become administrators—a clear case of nonconsumption.

Businesses say students aren’t mastering basic workplace skills. Are they right?

The Hechinger Report

But some education experts argue that too much of the burden for training people on the professional skills they need is falling on educators. The biggest reason people aren’t getting work right now is not so much a lack of technical training, it’s really their lack of soft skills.

3 ways to help give all students “information privilege”

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Providing good information resources and the skill to use them is both a social goal as well as an economic imperative, with fewer and fewer jobs for those without training and skills. Our secondary school had a good library and a professional librarian.

How This Teacher Took A Risk And Found Happiness In Her Work

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These roles are perfect together, although let me just say that I am JUST as busy as I was when I was a full-time secondary English teacher. This is our fifth interview from our thought-leadership series from teachers who work at 51Talk.

Real Life Heroes – 30 Teachers Across India, Changing Lives and Societies


A training session that she held in 2014 through satellite link, brought about major, evident changes in teachers across rural Gujarat. Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Delhi. Principal, Modern Senior Secondary School, TN.

Using virtual mentors to expand offline networks and grow career aspirations

The Christensen Institute

Mentors and students engage on a technology platform and work one-to-one throughout the school year on structured activities focused on academic success, career exploration, and post-secondary planning. Mentors are trained to provide unbiased, objective, professional, and caring support to their mentees so that the mentees can learn to set and reach goals and graduate from high school prepared for their next steps.

HE Challenges: Fast changing digital teaching methods


There is evidence that universities have a slow-changing culture , when compared to for instance high- or secondary-schools. In Ontario, Canada, for instance, the somewhat shocking facts are: 99% of all Ontario elementary and secondary students have access to computers at school.

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Groundbreaking school blends high school and college together

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The Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce published a report stating that by 2020, 65 percent of our economy’s jobs will require post-secondary education or training beyond high school.

Putting Students First Drives Master Schedules

Rettberg recommends that the district and building scheduling teams are trained in strategic thinking and given tools that will assist in the decision-making process by choosing data and process over intuition.

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A Very, Very Powerful Motivational Video For Teens

TeachThought - Learn better.

Even a reductionist take says that there are primary and secondary motivations–and thus often primary and secondary conflicts in any story. A Very, Very Powerful Motivational Video For Teens. by TeachThought Staff. Motivation is one of the great mysteries of humankind.

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Physics is Taught Badly Because Teachers Struggle with Basic Concepts

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Our study is part of a broader research project that examines how technology can be integrated into effective teaching and learning of physics at secondary schools in Mauritius. We worked with 26 physics teachers from 26 of the country’s secondary schools. The study consisted of a pre-test, three training workshops and a test after the workshops. Yashwant Ramma , Mauritius Institute of Education.

Illustrative Mathematics Introduces IM Certification Program to Meet Demand for High-Quality, Job-Embedded Professional Development for Teachers


In response to increased district demand for IM-led professional development, the nonprofit has launched a competitive certification program to discover and train future facilitators. The first cohort of facilitators-in-training will be announced in July 2018.

OPINION: How one Colorado boy with autism schooled the Supreme Court on public education for the disabled

The Hechinger Report

The court specifically rejected the parents’ arguments that attempted to train special education toward a more post-secondary focus. The court specifically rejected the parents’ arguments that attempted to train special education toward a more post-secondary focus.

edWeb Named SIIA CODiE Award Finalist for “Best Professional Learning Solution for Faculty and Administrators”

edWeb members are teachers, faculty, administrators, and librarians at PreK-12 and post-secondary institutions who are working together to provide peer leadership, training, and support.

Design Your Own Digital Choice Board

Catlin Tucker

This week I had the pleasure of training a group of elementary teachers on blended learning strategies. On the other hand, a secondary teacher might design a board focused on one aspect of their curriculum, like reading or writing.

How 4 visionary schools are venturing into a new mixed reality

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The collaboration will explore how mixed reality can help solve real challenges in areas of learning, ranging from online tutoring and coaching, nursing education, and engineering to construction and surveyor training.

How Arts Education Teaches Kids to Learn From Failure


However, some schools have used arts integration as an excuse to sideline trained arts teachers, a mistake if the program is truly going to uphold rigorous artistic standards alongside academic ones.

6 ways to improve PD in STEM for every grade level

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Yet, at the elementary school level, many teachers haven’t had any specialized education or training in science, leaving them at a loss for PD in STEM. High-quality instruction in STEM requires both teaching expertise and content knowledge.

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