Want to Solve our STEM Skills Problem? Bring in the Professionals

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Recent Australian studies show there’s a decline in student participation in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects in high school. We want more of our students to take up STEM in schools and universities so we have a steady stream of graduates skilled in these areas for the future. Teachers can have a strong influence on students’ engagement and interest in STEM subjects, and on how they view maths and science in terms of future careers.

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Part 3: STEM, STEAM, Makers: Over 25 STEM and PBL Competitions

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Welcome to this third post in a series that brings STEM, STEAM, and Maker Space together with Project Based Learning and proper technology integration in the classroom. I have traveled the country delivering PD relating to technology integration, PBL, STEM, Digital Literacy, and the 4 C’s.

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6 ways to improve PD in STEM for every grade level

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High-quality instruction in STEM requires both teaching expertise and content knowledge. Yet, at the elementary school level, many teachers haven’t had any specialized education or training in science, leaving them at a loss for PD in STEM. Next page: PD in STEM tips 2-6).

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The link between arts-based learning and STEM

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The report was written by Audience Viewpoints Consulting, the independent research firm AoSL retained to conduct the study. The study divided participants into control and treatment groups. The study lasted five weeks. Ancillary adults collaboration creativity initiative innovation learning national National Science Foundation principal Research science science learning skills STEM study


STEM Gains Traction in After-School Programs

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Many schools are recognizing the importance of providing their students with opportunities for greater technology instruction — especially in supporting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs with an emphasis on coding.


Math Modeling: Why are We Missing it in High School?

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One study by the University of Toronto 1 suggests that students who have laboratory exposure typically dominate high school science fairs, such as Intel, Google, and Siemens. Advocate Education News Featured Math Science Secondary Education Social Good STEM

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


SHEG currently offers three impressive curricula that may be put to immediate use in secondary classrooms and libraries. Might we also study whether learners with solid K12 library inquiry experience perform better than the student in the general SHEG sample ?

Drones in the Classroom: Teaching Writing and Collaboration with Drones

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During that time, I participated in the Study Tour of the Former Soviet Union and lived in the Russian House. After graduation, I pursued and obtained my Masters in Secondary English Education.

Physics is Taught Badly Because Teachers Struggle with Basic Concepts

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Our study contributes to a broader body of research about the importance of teachers’ knowledge for effective learning. Our study is part of a broader research project that examines how technology can be integrated into effective teaching and learning of physics at secondary schools in Mauritius. We worked with 26 physics teachers from 26 of the country’s secondary schools. The study consisted of a pre-test, three training workshops and a test after the workshops.

Why Young Children Should Learn Engineering


Even with the NGSS’s emphasis on engineering, there’s still a feeling that in preschool and kindergarten, teachers shouldn’t place as much emphasis on the E in STEM. She attended The Ohio State University, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in women’s studies.

Test prep to get into vocational education? Yup, it’s a thing

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Abaza spends mornings in a classroom, studying automotive tech, and afternoons at a local BMW dealership, repairing cars and earning $10 an hour. K-12 News Data and research Higher education access Higher education affordability STEM

Literacy Tools That Bring Equity and Energy to the Classroom—and Unlock Career Doors


About 13 years ago, a group of us said we want one demonstration of what’s possible in secondary education. Now, Achieve3000 is used by our science and social studies classes. Education Technology Language Arts Technology in School STEM Education Differentiated LearningReading was easy for Dr. Doug Fisher when he was growing up in San Diego, but it wasn’t for everybody. “I I had friends who were illiterate,” he says.

Influential Educator Keynotes Southeast Powerful Practices Event

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They also shared digital instructional practices in social studies, math, science, and STEM. director of secondary curriculum and instruction, Marietta City Schools, Ga. Classroom Content Curriculum experts Georgia Insights and Conversations Programs and Events Atlanta disciplinary literacy Erin Gruwell Freedom Writers Powerful Practices STEM Virtual RealityClassroom, curriculum, and central office leaders from across the Southeast and beyond met in Atlanta, Ga.,

How AR and VR Prepare Students for Jobs of the Future (and Save Districts Money)


So, we did an internal study of what is out there, what would be a good fit, what kind of industry-supported curriculum was available, what gives us the most utility. Whether you’re post-secondary or secondary, you have access to that money. Research and case studies about using AR/VR in education. Education Technology 21st Century Skills Technology in School Data and Research Competency-Based Learning STEM Education Core Curriculum EdTech Lexicon Augmented Reality

6 ways to support computer science education

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The authors offer a series of recommendations for federal and state policymakers to leverage this momentum: • Reform curricula for existing technology classes to focus on core concepts of computer science in primary and secondary schools.

Ensuring your child’s brain is active in school through a good night sleep


This was observed in a study published by NCBI showing that students with less than 7 hours of sleep performed worse academically than those with adequate rest. Primary and secondary school students in America are among the most sleep-deprived in the world.

Powerful Practices: Q&A with St. Vrain Schools’ Michael O’Toole on Fostering Future Scientists

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Vrain Valley schools, has a vision for how STEM can be applied across all subjects to build a stronger foundation for future learners. Vrain, and where he sees the future of STEM heading. STEM/STEAM programs have really taken off across the country in recent years. At St.

How AR and VR Can Inspire Innovation—and Boost College and Career Readiness


To have access to high paying careers in the future requires some type of post-secondary education. Research and Case Studies About Using VR and AR in Education. Simulations for STEM Learning. VR Automotive Expert Career & TechnicalA 3D interactive study guide for automotive training. Education Technology 21st Century Skills Technology in School Assessment Driven Curriculum STEM Education Augmented Reality

We won’t have any black Mark Zuckerbergs or Bill Gates till we do this

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So says a 2017 study published by the Institute of Policy Studies. Department of Education found that while HBCUs make up just 3 percent of colleges and universities, they graduate 27 percent of African-American students with bachelor’s degrees in STEM fields.

How to Integrate Multimedia and Writing Instruction With VR, Video and Digital Timelines


The National Council for the Social Studies urges us to find ways for our kids to “take informed action” based on what they have learned. Connecting emotion and content Jill Weber, a secondary school teacher in Cheney, Kansas, uses an effective ELA and social studies strategy called Note card confessions. While Jill’s lesson focuses on social studies, teachers can adapt confessions to their own content areas.

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7 ways schools can get creative with STEAM

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For a while now, schools have been slowly merging science and math lessons with visual arts as a way to add a hands-on component, and perhaps a dash of culture, to ordinary STEM curriculum. ” Featured on eSchool News Professional Development (PD) Resource STEM Top News

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Supply and demand: Getting low-income kids into better jobs by getting them into better schools

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Modeled in part on California’s High Tech High charter network, business-backed programs in Georgia and South Carolina and STEM programs in Massachusetts, the school are part of a growing push to more closely match the skills students gather in high school with workforce needs.

South Carolina adopts science video service

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Supplementary STEM videos serve to engage students in science learning. These supplemental STEM resources can enhance science curriculum connecting science teaching and learning to career and college readiness.

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The Sound of Inclusion: Why Teachers’ Words Matter

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No student (or teacher) leaves their language patterns at the door when they enter a classroom – even classes like math and science, where language is often seen as secondary. For the past decade, as professors who study the role of language and culture in education, we’ve been working to help educators understand these dynamics across all subject areas. We all use language,” one STEM teacher recognized, “whether it’s in the directions we give or the handouts we use.”.

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Trump’s Proposed K-12 Budget: Six Funding Themes

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Promoting innovation and reform around STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education. college and career counseling, STEM, arts, civics, International Baccalaureate/Advanced Placement). Promoting Innovation and Reform in STEM.


CA Computer Science Legislation with CUE Support Approved by Gov Brown


Ensure all pupils have access to computer science from K-post secondary education. Present computer science at the secondary school level in a way that can fulfill a computer science, math, or science graduation credit. CUE Advocacy Update.

What is Blended Learning? Tips from 3 Bett Speakers

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Pupils can continue their studies away from the classroom using the environment too. Dr. Neelam Parmar; Director of E-learning for Primary & Secondary Schools. This helps to promote independent study and develops an entirely new learning environment for students.

Game On: How Four Community College Professors Spawned the CUNY Games Network


BMCC associate professors of English Joe Bisz and Carlos Fernandez stimulated the formation of CGN when they were awarded a 2007/08 CUNY faculty development grant to study how. As part of their research in the field, Crocco, Offenholley and Hernandez conducted a study on GBL and co-wrote. “A A Proof-of-Concept Study of Game-based Learning in Higher Education,” published in the August 2016 issue of the journal Simulation & Gaming. When four professors from the.

OECD Releases Report on Automation and the Workforce

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The findings are interesting, as the 2013 study by Frey and Osborne suggested that 47 percent of jobs would become automated in the future. The OECD continued to build on the study and in 2018 has revised those numbers. In OECD’s most recent study, they suggest 14 percent of jobs in OECD countries are likely to be “highly automatable” which means that the probability of automation is 70 percent or higher.

Giving Students Flexibility With Competency-Based Education

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Asante Johnson is a technology integration coach and STEM teacher at District of Columbia Public Schools ’ Wheatley Education Campus. When I landed in New Hampshire, I was eager to see competency-based education in action at the secondary level. My hope is, one day, Wheatley Education Campus will host study tours for educators who want to learn how to successfully meet the needs of all learners

2016 Global Education Conference - Day One!

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Sunday, November 13th, is day one of the seventh annual Global Education Conference. We are ready for a great opening day of sessions and keynotes! IMPORTANT NOTES: If the conference site should experience any difficulties, a back-up site with session calendars and links is at [link].

Tennessee’s Hamilton County Schools Selects Discovery Education to Drive Inquiry-based Teaching and Learning Initiative in all Middle Schools and High Schools


Among the new resources soon to be available to district middle and high school educators are, Discovery Education’s innovative Science , Math , and Social Studies Techbook s. Discovery Education’s STEM Connect enhances core curriculum and brings STEM to life in classrooms.


Part 2 Starting PBL: 30 Amazing Resources To Help Plant A New PBL Idea

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I have some great posts coming your way involving PBL, STEM, tech integration, and a continuing series on PBL! PBL Social Studies Project Ideas by grade level. Seventeen Examples of STEM PBL – Take a look at this list of STEM activities that can be brought into PBL.

Genius Hour and the Global Cardboard Challenge

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secondary schools don’t require any coursework in the arts for graduation. He explains in an Adobe study on the creativity gap that “our educational systems don’t enable students to develop their natural creative powers.” Educator Innovator Blog Partners caine's arcade design genius hour global cardboard challenge imagination foundation STEM

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New Schools in Four States Partner with The Virtual High School


Schools expand their local course offerings by incorporating the VHS catalog into their program of studies. The VHS catalog consists of more than 200 unique online courses, including 23 AP® offerings, innovative STEM programs, and a wide variety of unique electives, including computer science.

Computer Science Educators Wanted: How This New Program Is Addressing the Shortage


STEMpath is a joint effort between multiple organizations, including the nonprofit mindSpark Learning; Couragion; Metropolitan State University; and Colorado Succeeds—which are all geared toward educators interested in pursuing STEM-CS credentials. AP computer science courses are for the final mile in secondary school. AP courses aren’t the biggest area of need,” adds Jennifer Capps, interim dean for the College of Professional Studies, Metropolitan State University of Denver.

This tool boosts science, engineering interest

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Hannah Strobl likes animals and dreams of becoming a veterinarian, and recently, she was clicking through a specialized online STEM teaching tool at a snappy pace. Learning Blade students are 37 percent more likely to consider a STEM career, she said.


Breaking the Mold – How VR Can Help Teachers


Benefits stemming from the integration of technology into classrooms has a direct relationship with pedagogy-supported use of that technology. The primary responsibility of teachers therefore is to fire up the latent strengths of a student’s imagination, everything else is secondary. Consequently, teachers can not only bolster the efforts of the best, but also motivate struggling students to persevere in their studies.

STEMxCon - Today Is the Final Deadline for Proposals; Great Keynotes + Sessions; Need Volunteers!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Paloma Garcia-Lopez - Executive Director, Maker Education Initiative - "Maker Movement: Making More Makers" Jeanne Century - Director of Research and Evaluation and Science Education, Outlier Research and Evaluation, CEMSE, University of Chicago - "Is it STEM or Just Good Practice?"


Starting PBL: 30 Amazing Resources To Help Plant A New PBL Idea, Part 2


To see Project Based Learning lessons sorted by subject go to: PBL Language Arts Projects by grade level PBL Science Lesson Ideas by topic PBL Math Project Ideas by topic PBL Social Studies Project Ideas by grade level 7.