CAE Presents Case For Authentic Assessment To Improve Student Outcomes At Beyond Multiple Choice Seminar

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She presented the case for using authentic assessment and CAE’s 20-year history of using performance tasks to measure secondary and higher education students’ college and career readiness skills. Experts in performance-based assessment share research on student engagement and effort.

How Using Slack Can Improve Socratic Seminars


If you’ve ever tried a Socratic seminar with your students, or know a colleague who has, this story may sound eerily familiar: After spending the semester shoring up students’ contextual knowledge through multimedia presentations and analyzing primary and secondary sources together, students file in for the big day and gently pick up their Socratic seminar prep packet.


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Flipgrid for every classroom

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Students can create and share a book talk or chapter reflection, discuss current events, delve into a topic, engage in an online Socratic seminar around a given topic, collaborate, verbalize their learning process, etc. What it is: Flipgrid is a video discussion platform for your classroom that lets you engage and capture learning in new and awesome ways. It’s simple (and free) to get started, just create a grid and add a topic to spark some discussion.

22 Strategies For Learning Through Conversation

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Paideia Seminar. You can read more about the Paideia Seminar here. Socratic Seminar. You can read more here in What Is A Socratic Seminar? ’ A secondary function of using podcasts to promote learning through conversation is that they document the conversation.

A Gullible Population Is a National Security Issue

The CoolCatTeacher

Army War College National Security Seminar that caused this response. For the curious, one requirement for attending the Army War College National Security Seminar is “non-attribution.” Digital Citizenship with Social Media: Participatory Practices of Teaching and Learning in Secondary Education. A Global Search for Education Reflection From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

Preparing Young Students for Home Row Keyboarding: An Unplugged Approach

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Then I ran into Dr. William Morgan on one of the education forums I frequent and was thrilled that he knows a lot about them and was willing to share his expertise to kick-off a mini-seminar in classroom keyboarding. If students wait to receive formal instruction in secondary grades they may already have too many bad habits engrained ( Bartholome ,1998).

Innovative Examples of Community Involvement in Schools

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Group talks with educators, such as “Math Fluency” and “Mindset Matters: A Growth Mindset Seminar,” give adults the opportunity to understand the theory behind what goes on in the classroom and ask questions about what their children are learning. High school students also have the chance to earn certifications and complete post-secondary education, which allows them to gain real-world skills.

Racial gaps in college degrees are widening, just when states need them to narrow

The Hechinger Report

At Metropolitan State University of Denver, or MSU, for example, low-income and racial and ethnic minority students this summer are taking an online “success seminar” to teach them time management and study skills as part of a new program called Pathways to Possible.

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Here’s What Happens When Every Student Gets a Personalized Learning Plan


Vermont’s Agency of Education (AOE) defines flexible pathways as “any combination of high-quality academic and experiential components leading to secondary school completion and postsecondary readiness.” Other students are enrolled in online courses at both the secondary and postsecondary level. High schoolers work on their plans once a week during Seminar, a 15-minute daily advisory period.

How Arts Education Teaches Kids to Learn From Failure


While art is a focus for students at this unique high school, they also must take traditional academic classes to get diplomas and move on to post-secondary education, sometimes at conservatories. The first year seminar helps them learn how to read their schedule and find their way around the building, but also gives them tips on study habits, time management and other key parts of success.

What Student Activists Want Teachers To Know About Virtual Learning and Reopening Schools


There was just kind of busywork to fill out the rest of the year,” he said during a youth voices panel at the Education Writers Association National Seminar in July. For Monterola, uncertainty around post-secondary plans was top of mind.

Facing uncertain futures, high school seniors weigh tough college options and alternate paths

The Hechinger Report

Liz Willen is editor-in-chief of The Hechinger Report, a nonprofit news organization that covers K-12 and post-secondary education. It’s not the same thing as being in a classroom or in a seminar.

3 apps that lead to improved executive functioning skills

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Executive functioning skills are the foundation of academic success in college, but similar to ‘soft skills’ in the workplace, are often not explicitly taught in secondary education. Recognizing the gap in EF skill development of incoming freshman, some universities embed EF language in freshman seminar courses or offer advising and coaching supports that focus on executive functioning skill development.

Come See Me at ASHA 16!


This presentation demonstrates examples of integrating routines with authentic materials for preschool to secondary students to maximize outcomes. I have an insanely busy few weeks.hope to see some of you at ASHA 16 in Philly!

The Power of Positive Climate and Culture


Classroom teachers can help facilitate that through the introduction of sentence stems, blogging, and Socratic seminars. She has a BA in English and Secondary Ed, an Elementary Certificate, and a Master’s in Educational Technology. As a coach assisting teachers with technology integration and personalized learning, I notice patterns arising from teacher to teacher.

Real Life Heroes – 30 Teachers Across India, Changing Lives and Societies


Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Delhi. Headmaster at the Nandikkara Government HSS, Thrissur, Rajan Thalore started a professional training center for swimming and disaster rescue in the secondary school in 2017. It’s a day dedicated to extra curricular activities like seminars, folk games and quizzes. Principal, Modern Senior Secondary School, TN. Mohana is the Principal of Modern Senior Secondary School, Tamil Nadu.

Social-Emotional Learning Is the Rage in K-12. So Why Not in College?


secondary schools and universities , where demand for counseling services is rapidly outstripping supply. freshman seminar on the successful transition from high school to college, where SEL competencies like relationship skills and emotional management are taught alongside academic skills like test taking, time management, and active learning. Whether you believe the.

Text Complexity? Helping Readers See The Whole Text

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Essential questions would frame cross-text debate and regular Socratic Seminars. (In In the ASCD DVD on Essential Questions , you can see me leading a seminar with high-schoolers using readings and activities linked by the EQ: Who Sees? Some obvious secondary-level text candidates include: Motel of the Mysteries, the mythic anthropological study of the “Nacirema” tribe , editorials and op-ed essays with unusual views on controversial topics. Text Complexity?

Text Complexity? Helping Readers See The Whole Text

TeachThought - Learn better.

Essential questions would frame cross-text debate and regular Socratic Seminars. (In In the ASCD DVD on Essential Questions , you can see me leading a seminar with high-schoolers using readings and activities linked by the EQ: Who Sees? Some obvious secondary-level text candidates include: Motel of the Mysteries, the mythic anthropological study of the “Nacirema” tribe , editorials and op-ed essays with unusual views on controversial topics. Text Complexity?

7 Steps to Stronger Student Collaborators in Your Classroom


Step 4 Socratic Seminar with Sentence Starters: Move to an on-the-spot, think-fast, response system that requires accountable talk or sentence starters. Socratic seminars are just the activity for this. If you are not familiar with Socratic seminars , they are basically student-led discussions with the requirement that everyone has to contribute something to the discussion. What’s All the Hubbub? Why is collaboration such a big deal all of a sudden?

Innovative Colleges That Give Students Real-World Experiences


Innovative models of education are not just limited to primary and secondary education, they are also scattered throughout higher education. The innovative colleges I’ve mentioned are very similar to one another in that they often have small class sizes, focus on interdisciplinary, seminar, and project-based classes, offer close contact between professors and students, and provide opportunities for students to do apprenticeships, real-world projects, or research for credit.

The Makings (and Misgivings) of a Statewide Effort to Personalize Learning in Massachusetts


Formed in December 2016 by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MESE) and the. Kenneth Klau, Director of Digital Learning, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Public and private sectors both shape how students are prepared for future jobs and career opportunities.

Goodbye, Long Nights of Lesson Planning: The Secrets to Successful Virtual Co-Teaching


An example of student-to-student collaboration that is only possible because of intentional teacher-to-teacher collaboration is our Socratic seminars. Our core classroom structure is a blend of our affinities for particular instructional practices, allowing each of us to specialize in the design of specific materials, like simulation tasks, primary and secondary sources, curated online content, and assessments.

How one university is luring coveted honors students with social justice

The Hechinger Report

We definitely want Newark students to feel like this is a place where they can come and succeed,” said Nancy Cantor, chancellor of Rutgers-Newark, which is playing a key role in the local drive to boost the share of city residents who hold college degrees and other post-secondary credentials from 12.2 Honors College students participate in seminars and service projects and take a freshman colloquium.

“Never give up, learn as much as possible, look for new scientific achievements and inventions and embody them immediately.” -Liudmyla Talashkevych, Ukraine

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This professional development program brings international teachers to the United States for six weeks of academic seminars at a host university. Participants observe classrooms and share their expertise with teachers and students, both at the host university and at local secondary schools. Liudmyla?Talashkevych Talashkevych ?. English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher. Novoyegorovka?School School ?. Novoukrainka, Ukraine ?. ekodek2007.

Flipping the teacher

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Once, during a chemistry lesson in secondary school, I was larking around and accidentally burnt a big hole in my teacher''s pretty floral dress with concentrated acid. The age old seminar is a great flipping method. If I''d suggested flipping the teacher while I was still at school, I would have been in serious trouble. Given my reputation though, it wouldn''t have been out of the ordinary.

WGU President Scott Pulsipher on Bringing Customer-Centric Culture to Universities


We run seminars specifically about competency-based education, our approach to it, how you design for it—everything from the program design to the instruction, assessment and evaluation. There are corporations that have large bodies of employees who need access to a post-secondary education, and they need to do so in an affordable, high-quality way. Former U.S.

Trends to watch in 2015: education and technology

Bryan Alexander

There’s now a movement to teach humanities seminars online. Primary and secondary schools are a battleground between iPads and Chromebooks, it seems. What can we expect in 2016 from the intersection of technology and education? Here I’d like to identify trends from 2015 which seem likely to persist or grow over the next year. I’m building on previous posts about trends in technology and educational contexts , plus my FTTE report, naturally.

Acquisition & the Teacher

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Textbooks all focus on it, seminars are dedicated to it and training programs will not pass you if you cannot demonstrate it in your classroom. This will first of all knock her confidence and will also set off a secondary process of trying to find when it is and is not appropriate to use this word. What is the teacher’s role in an acquisition-oriented learning model? Student Centred Learning is the goal du jour amongst teachers—especially those in the EFL/ESL world.

Nearly all the seniors at this charter school went to college. Only 6 out of 52 finished on time

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She sat in the front row for the sociology and biology seminars, but couldn’t concentrate in a room with more than 30 classmates. She graduated in 2017 and now works for Opportunities Academy, a post-secondary program that Marcovitz’s organization runs for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Rinata Williams was an “extraordinary” student, who always wanted to go to college.

How to thrive as an introverted teacher

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After almost a decade of teaching in the secondary ELA classroom in the United States and abroad in Bulgaria, Betsy started the Spark Creativity website and podcast. So I’ve learned that Harkness discussions, which are totally student-centered and very similar to Socratic seminar, or fishbowl discussions in literature circles, all allow me to teach students how to be good in discussion, how to be good group members, and how to pay attention to dynamics.

Magic of the Everyday: Southern CA Educators Share 10 Best Teaching, Technology Practices


First Comes Plans, Then Comes (Effective) PD Stephanie Avera, secondary TOSA, and John Morgan, Director of EdTech, of Capistrano Unified School District decided it was time to rethink technology PD. In English the teachers purchased long skinny conference tables ideal for socratic seminars. When driving into Riverside, Calif. for the Southern California Tech for Schools Summit, we were first struck by snow-capped mountains bordered by palm trees.

Week of February 27, 2011 - Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Adrian won the coveted Outstanding Secondary Teacher for Victoria last year. EPA WaterSense and WasteWater Education will present a free hour seminar to introduce home school, elementary and high school teachers to the curriculum materials available from USEPA to promote March 14-20, 2011 "Fix A Leak Week!" With Greek secondary education teachers, we are going to talk about evolution teaching, teaching practice issues concerning this problematic subject for many science teachers.

“Today’s child needs more than just a classroom filled with words, textbooks or school politics — they need a classroom that allows their style of learning to develop their understanding of what is around them.” – Jillian Mary Sigamoney, South Africa

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Throughout the year we host seminars and offer training to schools. Educational background: I studied in South Africa – Harmony Primary and Topaz Secondary during primary and senior education then went to Francis Marion University for University – BA in Mass Communications, continued to University of the Nations and attaining a Masters in Communications and PhD in communications and computer technology online.

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Week of February 7th, 2011 - Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

With Greek secondary education teachers, we are going to talk about evolution teaching, didactics issues concerning this problematic subject for many science teachers. Science and literacy instruction in the elementary grades is the focus of a new series of web seminars for the 2010-2011 school year. Below are this week''s public, free, and interactive Webinars through , the social learning network for education that I work on for Elluminate.

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