Fact or Fallacy: What’s the State of Digital Learning in Schools?

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A study released by Schoology this year tackled a few of the challenges that educators, students and families face with technology in the classroom. Fallacy: Social Media Has No Place in the Classroom. Fact or Fallacy: What’s the State of Digital Learning in Schools?

Who Should Truly Have the Power in K-12 Edtech Adoption?


Further, as the “Teachers Know Best” study revealed, including teachers in the buyer’s journey provides a level of assurance that the product will be used post-adoption, and reduce the likelihood of canceled contracts and technology turnover. Technology administrators are very busy people.

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A Guide to Picking a Learning Management System: The Right Questions to Ask


An example of a "narrative stream" on the Schoology LMS platform. Schoology) Lindsey Own, a STEM educator at the Evergreen School and lover of the Canvas LMS platform, agrees—though to her, the most important part of a simple design comes in the form of the long, narrative stream (like the one shown above). Pennsylvania social studies teacher Tami Flood adds that it’s worth checking to see “if there’s a parent app” to share information about student progress. #3:

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Google Apps for Education , Chromebooks, and digital resources such as Schoology and online textbooks have given students ownership over the time and space of their learning.

The Business of 'Ed-Tech Trends'

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There was a RAND study, funded by the Gates Foundation and released this summer , that did find modest gains for students in schools (that were funded by the Gates Foundation to utilize “personalized learning”) that tailored instruction to their needs, but the researchers cautioned against reading too much into the results and urged schools not to rush into buying new products or implementing new initiatives.

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While most of the headlines this week about Puerto Rico addressed the fact that a Harvard study found the death toll from Hurricane Maria hit almost 5000, Edsurge runs with a happy story about the island : “Months After a Devastating Hurricane, Puerto Rican Schools Turn to the Sun.” I think it’s called “social emotional learning” in education circles though.) ” Former Kaplan exec Justin Serrano has been hired as the president of Schoology.