Wonder Workshop’s Amazing Dash

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Education has many disruptors–3D Printing, AR and VR, 1:1 technology, STEM, and STEAM–but a recent and wildly popular one is robotics. One I discovered this summer is Wonder Workshop’s collection of three robots — Cue, Dash, and Dot. Before I dig into Dash, let me tell you about his creator, Wonder Workshop. What is Wonder Workshop? According to Wonder Workshop, Dash is. Robotics Competition. Wonder Workshop PD.

Looking for a Class Robot? Try Robo Wunderkind

Ask a Tech Teacher

There are a lot of options if you want to bring programmable robots to your classroom. It is a build-a-robot kit designed to introduce children ages six and up to coding and robotics as well as the fun of problem-solving and creative thinking. The robot starts in about thirty pieces (there are so many, I didn’t really count them). You don’t use all of them in one robot, just pick those that will make your robot do what you want.


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AI &Robotics, Remote Work, Open Innovation, Special talks, Awards, Competition & Investment workshops culminated an interesting Day 2 of COMEUP 2020!


AI and Robotics. Robotics has increasingly become part of our daily lives. Various global and Korean startups are capitalizing their talent to create robotics-based innovative products to tailor aspects of businesses and life. John Ha, about the future of robotics in hospitality.

Root Robotics–Great Way to Extend Hour of Code

Ask a Tech Teacher

Now that you’ve engaged your students with awesome Hour of Code fun, I’m thrilled to introduce the incredible Root Robotics for going far beyond the hour! Root’s a versatile, engaging robotics and coding program that grows with students from pre-K up through grade 12. Created by learning and robotics experts at Harvard University, Root is a hexagonal-shaped robot that climbs whiteboards and traverses tables. Wonder Workshop.

Wonder Workshop Launches Sketch Kit for Dash and Cue Robots


Wonder Workshop today announced the availability of Sketch Kit, a new accessory for its Dash and Cue robots. Available now on makewonder.com , Sketch Kit attaches directly to the robots, and comes with six color markers, dozens of drawing missions to challenge kids of all levels, and an optional whiteboard drawing surface. Sketch Kit snaps on to the base of Dash and Cue robots, and a connector to the robots’ head enables the manipulation of the markers.

Help Kids Learn to Code with Dash and Dot from Wonder Workshop

The CoolCatTeacher

We have 3d printing, robot making, and all kinds of building going on. These Wonder Workshop robots make it easy to learn to code in my STEM lab. This is a sponsored blog post by Wonder Workshop. So, out of all of the items I had available, Dash and Dot from Wonder Workshop were the ONLY ones which I didn’t have to help my students figure out. In moments they were driving the robots, adding attachments and playing the xylophone.

Integrating Coding and Robotics into the Classroom


Coding and robotics programs in classrooms reflect how integral technology is in our lives. In a recent edWebinar , Kalthoff and Bartel explain that they want to coach students and not just tell them what button to push or the correct sequences to move a robot across a mat. The best approach to introducing robots to K-8 students is as an exploratory program that will interestingly evolve into coding programs that challenge students with more complex projects.

Root Robotics–Great Way to Extend Hour of Code

Ask a Tech Teacher

Now that you’ve engaged your students with awesome Hour of Code fun, I’m thrilled to introduce the incredible Root Robotics for going far beyond the hour! Root’s a versatile, engaging robotics and coding program that grows with students from pre-K up through grade 12. Created by learning and robotics experts at Harvard University, Root is a hexagonal-shaped robot that climbs whiteboards and traverses tables. Wonder Workshop.

Acer Announces Alliance With Wonder Workshop


Acer America today announced an alliance with Wonder Workshop to deliver STEAM bundles in the United States that teach K-8 students coding, robotics and computer science as part of their STEAM initiatives. The bundles pair Wonder Workshop’s Cue, Dash and Dot robots with Acer Chromebooks, Chrome tablets, Window notebook PCs and Android tablets. Coding News Robotics Steam Ed Tech Ticker

My Three-Year-Old Triplets absolutely LOVE @Wonderworkshop Robots and now, so can your students!

My Paperless Classroom

Wonder Workshop's has recently released three new classroom packs of their famous Dot and Dash robots. The post My Three-Year-Old Triplets absolutely LOVE @Wonderworkshop Robots and now, so can your students! Robotics STEM Education Tech of the Week Robots in EducationLearn how you can bring STEM education into your classroom today! appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network.

LIVE: Students Are Being Engaged in Robotics and Coding thanks to WonderWorkshop | @WonderWorkshop


I was instantly charmed by Dash and Dot, the cute blue robots from Wonderworkshop. I was lucky June came along with them because after saying hello the robot just glanced around awkwardly. Before this conversation I had almost no idea what you could teach with robots and I was amazed at all the great ideas June shared with me about using these really engaging robots to support computer science learning in the youngest grades.

Creative Coding and Robots in the Classroom


Carrie Willis, Technology Director for Valley Preparatory School and Strategic Outreach Manager for Wonder Workshop, and Caitlin Arakawa, Kindergarten Teacher at Valley Preparatory School, dispel these misconceptions, during a recent edWebinar. Teachers do not need computer science degrees to engage, enhance and extend student coding experiences due to the abundance of easily accessible creative coding and robotics programs. This edWeb webinar was sponsored by Wonder Workshop.

Misty Robotics Launches Educator Program for New Misty II Programmable Robot


Misty Robotics announces the Misty II robot, a programmable and affordable personal robot made for developers, makers and STEM educators/students. edtech News Ed Tech Ticker RoboticsWith Misty II, educators and students can explore: Face/object detection and recognition (for a few students or a whole class) Computer mapping and navigation Human-computer interaction (How can you make Misty express joy or curiosity?)

5 real examples of coding and robotics in the classroom

eSchool News

Coding and robotics go hand-in-hand, and they’re becoming a more integral part of classrooms across the country. Aside from the excitement students muster when they see a robotics kit morph into a controllable arm or a tiny programmable vehicle, coding and robotics offer a little bit more than a fun classroom experience. Related Content: eSchool News Robotics Guide. The eSchool News Robotics Guide is here!

3 ways robots can help students tell stories

eSchool News

Though coding and robotics is new to almost all of the students coming into my workshops and classes, storytelling is something they’re familiar with. As the manager of educational programs for KID Museum in Maryland, I use narrative to help teach young students how to code and program robots. Introducing programming concepts using storylines and characters flips the mindset around robotics and technology from consuming to creating.

What it Takes to Integrate Robotics and Coding into the Classroom

EdTech Magazine

What it Takes to Integrate Robotics and Coding into the Classroom. It starts with a game of Robot Turtles, a board game by Thinkfun that’s being used at Hubbard Woods School in Winnetka, Ill., Within HWS and District 36’s other four schools, this is the first step of a journey that will touch on coding and robotics at each grade level. Schools Get Started in Robotics. District 36 started small with its robotics program. “We Ask ‘What can you make the robot do?’

Wonder Workshop Introduces New Applied Robotics Curriculum for Middle Schools that Gives Students Voice and Choice in STEM Learning


Wonder Workshop, creators of Dash & Dot robots used in over 20,000 elementary schools worldwide, has released a new applied robotics curriculum to help students discover their own pathways of STEM learning. The curriculum, tailored to middle schools using Wonder Workshop’s award-winning Cue robots, applies to Block-based coding, JavaScript, and state-machine-based Wonder programming interface. Learn more about Wonder Workshop’s middle school solution at.

TechShop launches maker space workshops for educators

eSchool News

Maker space workshop guides educators and librarians through the nuts and bolts. Seizing hold of the booming maker movement, a new four-day workshop will walk educators through the steps of designing, equipping, and operating successful, safe and inspirational public maker spaces. Called, the TechShop Maker Space Academy, the workshop is based on TechShop’s maker space model. Developing STEAM projects and workshops.

Robot Maker Wonder Workshop Raises a $20M Series B to Expand Internationally


Wonder Workshop is dashing towards new markets, especially China. The company’s flagship products are two round blue robots aimed at introducing students six to 12 to computational thinking. Students use an iOS or Android app to code commands for the robots. Wonder Workshop claims that more than 4,000 elementary schools in the US and 2,000 across the rest of the world have incorporated Dash and Dot into their curricula already.

Review of Robo™ Wunderkind Robotics Kit

Kathy Schrock

Pete Birkinshaw, Used Punchcard, [link] So, when Robo ™ Wunderkind asked me to review their Education Robotics Kit for elementary students, ages 6 to 12, they were happy to hear I was no expert, since the kit was so easy to use! The darker blue Motors helps a student's robot to move around.

Trashbots: How Some Students Are Helping Educate the World in Robotics


This post is about a pair of brothers and their inspiration approach to educating the world in the realm of robotics using a low-cost way that “up-cycles” existing everyday materials to build their creations. They are both Westlake High School students and, for the past several years, taken their love of robotics and combined it with an altruistic desire to help educate youth all over the world in a low-cost way. We have conducted teacher workshops at TCEA, ISTE, and SXSWedu.

Matching funds pair robots, underserved classrooms

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Dollar-for-dollar match brings robots to classrooms teaching computational thinking. Wonder Workshop aims to bridge this gap with its dollar-for-dollar match program for Dash & Dot projects through DonorsChoose.org. Wonder Workshop will match one dollar for every dollar donated towards funding projects that bring the Dash & Dot robots to schools in need. Dash & Dot are robots with personality and capability.

Structured Space: littleBits-NXT Smash & the Robot Flamethrower.

Cycles of Learning

This year is my first teaching a Robotics class in the curriculum, rather than as a team, club or after school workshop. As you can see, this template positions the learning of basic NXT programming, rather than as an individual project, in the context of the larger, more meaningful task to "smash" together the littleBits and NXT systems to do something that is currently difficulty and/or expensive to do: build a functional remote control for an NXT robot.

Coding for the Common Core – Apps for Integrating Coding With Math and ELA


Educational Games & Gamification Free Tools & Resources Future of Education Technology iPads and Other Tablet Devices iPhones and Smartphones Workshops & Conferences coding and robot apps coding tools for k-5 common core and programming ipad coding apps for young students robot coding apps ipad teach computer programming coding with common core teaching coding with common core

NXT Robots and #HourofCode

My Paperless Classroom

This Tutorial was originally published on T he Hausner Robotics Team Blog The Lego NXT robots use a visual programming interface that is object based. As part of a school wide Hour of Code event, we put together a workshop to get students experimenting with Code on the NXT robots. We built the rovers ahead of time and set up a simple challenge, can your robot go around the corner and greet an alien?

Multistate Initiative Aims to Help K-12 Teachers Integrate Coding and Robotics into Classroom


Wonder Workshop , creator of Dash, Dot, and Cue robots, today announced the Teach Wonder initiative, a collaboration with state-based nonprofit partners designed to give every educator the knowledge and skills needed to bring state-of-the-art coding and robotics experiences into the classroom. STEM News Robotics Ed Tech Ticker

All-Girls Team Wins International Robotics Competition


Wonder Workshop , maker of the award-winning robots now used in over 20,000 elementary and middle schools globally, today announced the winners of the 2017-2018 Wonder League Robotics Competition. More than 22,000 students, ages 6 to 12, participated in the international competition this year, utilizing coding and robotics skills to solve social impact challenges. The grand prize winning teams will each receive a $5,000 grant from Wonder Workshop. “By

After The Workshop: PD Comes to Life at PS 176

The Innovative Educator

From Summit & Workshops to Implementation Principal Elizabeth Culkin explains the idea for this work came after she brought a team of teachers to the annual # NYCSchoolsTech Summit the year Dale Daugherty spoke. From there Culkin and her staff attended more tech summits, faires, workshops, camps, and certification programs to hone their craft and bring their learning to life in their school. That makes teaching the workshop back at their school to even more teachers possible.

Multistate Initiative Will Help Elementary Teachers Integrate Coding and Robotics into the Classroom


Nonprofits in eight states are first to partner with developer of popular educational robots; Wonder Workshop initiative will provide teachers with professional development to support state-of-the-art coding and robotics education. Providing educators with training to teach coding and robotics is necessary for schools and districts to meet the growing demand for these skills from parents, teachers, and principals.

7 of the Coolest Humanoid Robot Toys You Need Right Now

Fractus Learning

In case you were unsure, a humanoid robot resembles a human, however basic or abstract. There is also a humanoid robot with a ‘face’, ‘eyes’ and a ‘mouth’, and there are male and female ones: the males are called Androids and the females are known as Gynoids. Young children who are exposed to robot toys that have lights, play music and have sound effects can have their sensory skills enhanced. 7 of the Coolest Humanoid Robot Toys.

K-12 Dealmaking: Brighteye Ventures, Wonder Workshop, Kano Raise Funds

Marketplace K-12

Wonder Workshop, a creator of robots designed to teach kids of all ages creative problem solving, coding, and robotics, has closed a Series C funding round and associated financing of $41 million. The post K-12 Dealmaking: Brighteye Ventures, Wonder Workshop, Kano Raise Funds appeared first on Market Brief.

How a Stereotype-Smashing Teen Founded the First All-Girl Muslim Robotics Team


Zaina Siyed answered that question by creating the FemSTEM Robotics Scholarship Program , a free STEM program for Muslim girls aged 10 to 14. Siyed was fed up with never seeing girls—especially Muslim girls like herself—competing in the robotics challenges she loved so much. In 2016, Siyed was fed up with never seeing girls—especially Muslim girls like herself—competing in the robotics challenges she loved so much. How did you become interested in STEM learning and robotics?

Using Robots to Teach Young Elementary Students to Code

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At my school, we've been teaching coding to our lower-elementary students for the past few years, and have incorporated robots from Wonder Workshop into the activities. The students in Pre-K through 2nd grade love it when I bring the robots to class. Their enthusiasm is palpable, and the Pre-K students show a particular attachment to our robots, Dash and Dot. This involves discovery-based play using the Wonder Workshop robots (Dash and Dot) and apps.

Robot teaching assistants help autistic children in the UAE.

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Robot teaching assistants help autistic children in the UAE. Robotic teaching assistants are being deployed into autism centres in the UAE to help children learn faster and better. The first robot, provided by ATLAB, a technology-based learning solutions company, is in use at the Umm Al Quwain Autism Centre. Robotic teaching assistants are changing the way the kids are taught.

How Do We Get More Girls Into STEM? Build Confidence (and Robots)


The Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation , organizer of the world’s largest robotics competition and leader in STEM education, is doing a careful examination of gender diversity. Participants in VEX Robotics World Championship 2019 (Source: REC Foundation) Girls in STEM: the Landscape The strategy seems simple: Include more female students in STEM subject areas like engineering and computer science, and positive changes will happen naturally over time, right?