The Great Learning Management System Debate: Featuring Canvas, Schoology and Google Classroom


With personalized learning at the forefront of many school initiatives, the use of learning management systems has become a hot commodity among schools. With so many choices on where to build your digital classroom, the questions often arise: “Why do I need a learning management system? Let’s examine three learning management systems aimed at personalizing learning and blended instruction. Edtech apps are partnered with, such as Turnitin, Respondus, and Clickers.

Automated Proctoring Swept In During Pandemic. It’s Likely to Stick Around, Despite Concerns


Some say the systems often lead to false-positives, add stress to the test-taking process and invade privacy. They used a feature of the Blackboard learning-management system to randomize questions for an exam in an introductory chemistry course. “We

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What is Cheating in the Digital Age?

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Here is my opinion why it seems more acceptable to students to work the system: Hacking is acceptable and seen as a skill. According to the Techopedia website, hacking is the ability to break into a system ( [link] ) but every single day as an instructional technologist I sit at my desk and wish for different educational platforms to be able to do certain things they cannot and I look for add-ons (or hacks) to make it happen.

How Colleges Can Improve Accessibility In Remote Courses


So we were able to extend our Respondus Monitor license, which monitors the students during an exam. Also, we're really fortunate to have Blackboard Ally at our institution as an add-on to our learning management system.

Digital Testing Safeguards

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Another option might be setting up your room for the task at hand by setting up desks in the following ways that allow you to quickly move around your room as you proctor an exam: Question banks/groups -By creating Question Banks in your learning management system you can very easily assign differentiate the same quiz to different students by allowing the system to choose questions out of a question bank.

Illuminate Education Joins Google for Education Partner Program as a Premier Partner


Integration of Google Classroom – Illuminate users will enjoy single sign-on, direct links to Illuminate’s Data & Assessment platform within Google Classroom’s interface, and syncs from Illuminate to Google Cloud around gradebook and assessment results to provide greater interoperability between the two systems. Assignments, assessments and grades will flow between the two systems and make life easier for both teachers and students as they feel like they are living in one platform.