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Now, you're probably wondering how YouTube could possibly be used to capture your learning in a Personal Learning Environment (PLE). PLE elearning learning YoutubeThis idea came to me after my daughter explained how she was using her YouTube Channel. Her school does not have a formal music program. However, she is very musically inclined, having sung before she could speak. She studied piano outside of school for 4 years.

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How edtech supports the success of the Nordic Education


Finnish kindergartens typically have the same measures and standards for variables such as staff ratio (required maximum is 14:1), infrastructure, training and curriculum requirements that primary and secondary schools have, although there is a large degree of latitude afforded municipalities, and administrators in terms of course design, timetables etc.

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Week of February 14, 2011 - Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

link] DISEÑO DE ENTORNOS PERSONALES DE APRENDIZAJE (PLE), REDES PERSONALES DE APRENDIZAJE (PLN) Y ENTORNOS ( Aula 2.0 ) Tue 15 Feb 09:00PM New York / Wed 16 Feb 02:00AM GMT / Wed 16 Feb 01:00PM Sydney Tomas Chaskel. El diseño de los PLE, PLN y PDE responde a la manera de cómo la gente utiliza la tecnología para conectar sus propias de redes de aprendizaje.

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